Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Launches Week of Art, Cultural Events

The Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, which will become European Capital of Culture in 2019, is embarking Monday on a week-long period of events highlighting its image as a centuries-old centre of arts, crafts and entertainment.

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Runaway Wolf Spotted Inside Zoo in Bulgaria’s Blagoevgrad

A female wolf that had sneaked out of her cage in the zoo in Blagoevgrad, in southwestern Bulgaria, has been located inside the zoo, Nova TV reported on Monday.

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Sofia History Museum Reopens after 72 Years

A museum exploring the history of Bulgaria's capital opened doors again on Thursday.

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Wolf Flees Zoo in Bulgaria's Blagoevgrad

A wolf fled the zoo in Blagoevgrad, Southwestern Bulgaria, news agencies report.

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Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry Urges Travelers to Avoid Kulata, Makaza Border Crossing Points

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry has advised people traveling to Greece to avoid the Kulata and Makaza border crossing points due to the kilometers-long queues of vehicles.

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Bulgaria’s Road Infrastructure Agency to Launch Real-Time Road App in October

A smart system featuring an application for mobile handsets will provide real-time information about the traffic environment in Bulgaria, according to Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova.

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Knowledge and Transfer Workshop Taking Place in Bulgaria's Borovets

From August, 31st to September, 2nd 2015 at the Euphoria Club Hotel in Borovets was held a workshop on "Knowledge and Technology Transfer " organized by the Institute of Solid State Physics (ISSP) with the assistance of the Joint Innovation Centre (JIC) a

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Two Bulgarians Die in Accident at Antwerp Port

Two Bulgarians died on Wednesday at the Port of Antwerp, Belgian and Bulgarian media outlets report.

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Bulgaria Unveils Architectural Theme Park Project

Bulgaria has launched a project to promote its architectural heritage both domestically and abroad.

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24h Library Opens in Downtown Sofia

A literary club offering a reading room opened in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Wednesday, after having been on demand for years.

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American-English Academy Kicks Off School Year with Fireworks

 With fireworks and celebrations, the American English Academy (AEA) has marked the beginning of the new 2015/2016 school year for the 24th time to admit pupils aged between 3 and 18.

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Bulgaria’s Health Minister Proposes to Introduce 'Junk Food' Tax

Bulgaria’s Health Minister Petar Moskov has proposed to introduce a new tax on producers of “junk food” to stimulate the use of healthy food, particularly by children and adolescents.

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2015-16 School Year Starts in Bulgaria

The school year starts today for nearly 758 000 students and 68 891 teachers in 2564 schools across Bulgaria.

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Syrian Migrant Killed in Downtown Sofia

A man reported dead earlier on Sunday in the Bulgarian capital Sofia's downtown area was a migrant from Syria, police have confirmed.

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East in the Park 2015 in Sofia: Music, Dance and Storytelling

A new edition of the annual East in the Park festival is due this Sunday afternoon in downtown Sofia.

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Bulgaria's Sofia Joins #RefugeesWelcome Initiative

Bulgarians on Saturday took to the streets of the capital Sofia to show solidarity with the hardship of migrants fleeing the war in Syria and seeking a better life in Europe.

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Sofia’s MBT Waste Processing Plant to Start Operating Monday

A newly-built waste processing plant in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia will begin operating on Monday, the city mayor has announced.

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Craft Beer & Music Fest Kicks Off in Sofia

A hundred craft beers and music from Southeast Europe will dominate this year's rtm+beer2015 festival in downtown Sofia on Saturday and Sunday.

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Saudi Arabia Opens Probe into Deadly Mecca Crane Collapse

Saudi Arabia has opened an investigation into the causes for the incident in Mecca, in which  at least 107 people were killed when a construction crane crashed into the Grand Mosque, the BBC reported on Saturday.

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Bomb Threat Evacuates Building of Bulgarian Presidency

A bomb threat necessitated the evacuation of the building of the Bulgarian Presidency in Sofia on Friday.

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Night Plovdiv Featuring over 100 Events on September 11-12

With the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv set to become European Capital of Culture in 2019, its annual night of culture is also growing into a bigger and bigger festival every year.

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