Four FRONTEX Staff Injured in Sofia Tram Crash

An incident with four Polish officers with the European border protection agency FRONTEX has occurred in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia, the public TV station informs.

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Supermarket Blast Leaves 1 Heavily Injured in Bulgaria's Pleven

The owner of a supermarket in Pleven, north central Bulgaria, has been seriously wounded in an explosion, local media say.

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Bulgaria Marks Unification Day

Bulgaria is celebrating on Tuesday its Unification Day, with festive events expected throughout the country but mostly in Plovdiv, the second-biggest city.

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Large Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria’s Harmanli

A large wildfire is raging between the villages of Rogozinovo, Dositeevo, Kolarovo and Balgarin in the southern Bulgarian municipality of Harmanli on Sunday.

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Wildfire Near Bulgaria’s Galabovo Extinguished

The wildfire between the villages of Glavan and Madrets in the southern Bulgarian municipality of Galabovo has been extinguished after having raged for three days.

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Struma Motorway Cannot Bypass Kresna Gorge Entirely - Bulgaria PM

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Thursday ruled out that the construction of Struma motorway can completely go around Kresna Gorge, in southwestern Bulgaria.

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Wildfire in Bulgaria's Topolovgrad Largely Extinguished

The state of emergency in parts of Topolovgrad municipality, Southeastern Bulgaria, has been lifted after firefighters have put out much of a blaze that ravaged kilometers of forest land in three days.

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Businessman Detained for Insulting Bulgaria's PM

The head of a police department in Blagoevgrad, southwestern Bulgaria, has been removed in a row that began after the arrest of a construction company owner over an insult to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

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Bansko Bohemi Festival to Offer Music, Food and Wine Sept 3-4

Bansko Bohemi is bringing together musicians and national dishes and drinks from across the Balkan Peninsula this Saturday and Sunday.

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Wildfire near Bulgaria's Topolovgrad Not Yet Extinguished

Firefighters are still working to put out the flames that caught at least 9 km of forest area near Topolovgrad and Harmanli, Southeastern Bulgaria, authorities say.

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Emergency Declared in Bulgaria's Topolovgrad over Wildfire

Authorities in the southeastern Bulgarian town of Topolovgrad, Haskovo region, have declared a partial state of emergency for the village of Balgarska polyana and its surroundings, public broadcaster BNR reports.

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FRONTEX Head Warns of New Migrant Arrivals via Bulgaria

A stronger migratory pressure can now be felt on the EU's external borders, the head of the common border protection agency has said.

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Bulgaria Mulls Tightening Restrictions in Migrant Centers

Bulgaria is working to change the regulations at some of the migrant accommodation centers across the country to boost "discipline and security", Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has said.

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Romanian National Rescued after Getting Lost Near Bulgaria's Vladaya

A search operation is underway as a 22-year-old Romanian has disappeared in the area of Vladaya, not far from the capital Sofia, Bulgaria's Mountain Rescue Service says.

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Mass Brawl in Bulgarian Migrant Center Leaves 3 Injured

Three migrants have been injured in an accommodation center in Harmanli, Southern Bulgaria, the Bulgarian National Radio reports.

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Sofia Northern Bypass to Remain Closed until Friday

The Northern Speed Tangent of Sofia, a high-speed road bypassing the capital, is sealed off to traffic as of Monday, the Road Infrastructure Agency of Bulgaria has said.

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Extreme Risk of Fire in Bulgaria's Haskovo Throughout Monday

Bulgarian weather authorities are warning of an extreme risk of fire in the region of Haskovo, in the country's southeast, on Monday.

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Hristo Stoichkov Accused of Physically Attacking Journalists

An incident cast a shadow upon the wedding day of Hristo Stoichkov's daughter Mika.

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Thounsands of acres of Forrests Caught on Fire

Several thousand acres of pine woods, bushes and grass caught on fire earlier today near the village of Galabovo.

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Bulgaria Issues Warning of Forrest Fires

Warning of forrest fires has been issued in 9 regions across Bulgaria on Saturday.

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Bugaria Says Last Goodbye to Journalist Dimitar Tsonev

Days before he turned 57, famous Bulgarian journalist Dimitar Tsonev lost his life.

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