Parov Stelar Band To Swing In Sofia On October 3

The popular electro swing band Parov Stelar Band will play in Sofia's Arena Armeec hall on October 3.

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Flu Epidemic Most Likely To Peak In January – February

This winter's flu strains will most likely be the same as last year's, said Dr Mayda Tiholova, national consultant on infectious diseases, for the Bulgarian National Radio.

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Bulgarian Environmentalists Hold Protests Against Shale Gas

Bulgarian environment protection activists protested on Wednesday against prospecting for shale and coal gas and their extraction in Bulgaria’s northeastern Dobrudzha region.

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Fourth Edition Of Gorgon Fest To Take Place On Sept. 27

The fourth edition of Gorgon Fest will take place in Sofia's Terminal 1 club on September 27.

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European Researchers' Night To Take Place In 6 Bulgarian Cities

This year's edition of the European Researchers' Night will take place on September 26 in six Bulgarian cities from the early afternoon till around midnight.

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Eco Experts: Bulgaria's Zoos Don't Cover EU Standards

Bulgaria's zoos do not cover EU standards and most of them even work in violation of Bulgarian law, according to Yavor Gechev of the Four Paws foundation and Ruslan Serbezov of the Environment Ministry.

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Number of Refugees in Bulgaria Doubles in 2014

The refugee influx to Bulgaria doubled in the last few months, the State Agency for Refugees informs.

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Heart Disease Remains Leading Cause of Death in Bulgaria

Nearly one third of all deaths worldwide are caused by cardiovascular diseases, announced by the Bulgarian Society of Cardiology.

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32km Section of Kalotina-Sofia Motorway To Be Built in 3 Years

The motorway section from Kalotina to road junction Hrabarsko may be completed in 3 years, according to Lazar Lazarov, Chair of the Management Board of Bulgaria’s Road Infrastructure Agency.

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45% of Bulgarian Pensioners Still Working – Eurostat

Some 45% of Bulgarian pensioners continue to work, the European Union’s statistics arm Eurostat has claimed.

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Annual Revenues from Illegal Logging in Bulgaria at BGN 100 M - WWF

Revenues from illegal logging in Bulgaria amount to over BGN 100 M a year, according to a report of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

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KTBalive Group Slams at Bulgaria's Central Bank Governor

KTBalive Facebook group has accused Bulgaria's central bank governor of attempting to depict protests by frustrated depositors at troubled Corpbank (KTB) as being manipulated.

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Bulgaria's Interior Minister: We're Struggling With Immigrant Pressure

Bulgaria's caretaker Interior Minister Yordan Bakalov refused to divulge if there was an increased number of illegal immigrants after the strikes against the Islamic State (IS).

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First Snow Covers Petrohan Pass

The first snow covered the Petrohan mountain pass early on Tuesday morning, reports tribali.

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Archaeologists Uncover 7000-Year-Old Wall Near Provadia

During this year's excavation in Europe's oldest salt mines near Provadia, eastern Bulgaria, archaeologists discovered a wall from the fifth millennium B.C.E.

Society » Archaeology | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 14:34 | Viewed: 1400

Only 19 Refugees in Bulgaria Have Managed to Find Jobs in 4 Months

Bulgaria’s State Agency for Refugees has presented a humble report on its progress in finding jobs for refugees.

Society | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 13:59 | Viewed: 806

Archaeologists Uncover Church Treasure Near Dobrich

An archaeological expedition uncovered a church treasure of more than 1200 early Byzantine coins near the Dobrich village of Debrene, said the director of the Dobirch history museum Kostadin Kostadinov.

Society » Archaeology | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 13:57 | Viewed: 1541

Meteorologists: Winter Would Be Milder

This winter in Bulgaria would be milder than usual, meteorologist Ivailo Slavov told Nova TV, refuting forecasts that temperatures will drop to -40°C.

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Tsvetan Vasilev: KTB Recovery Turned into Mission of My Life

Corporate Commercial Bank majority shareholder Tsvetan Vasilev has pledged to do anything to rescue the troubled lender and has claimed to have irrefutable evidence of “manipulations” against KTB at disposal.

Society | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 12:25 | Viewed: 839

17 Boulevards, Streets in Sofia to Be Repaired under Projects worth BGN 100 M

An ongoing large-scale program for a major overhaul of streets and boulevards in Sofia will be extended into 2015.

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State of Emergency Lifted in Southern Bulgarian Hisarya Municipality

The state of emergency in Bulgaria's Hisarya municipality has been lifted, mayor Penka Ganeva told Darik radio.

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