Iraqi Girl’s Body Found in Danube River

The body of another of the victims who drowned in the Danube on September 9 was discovered in the river.

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900 Fewer First-Graders in 2016

A total of 66,611 children will be first-graders in 2016.

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Number of Protection Candidates in Bulgaria Nearly Doubled in August

Migrants who sought protection in Bulgaria have nearly doubled in numbers over the past month compared to July, statistics show.

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Bulgaria's Security Agency Deemed 181 Asylum Candidates 'Dangerous' in 2015

The deputy head of Bulgaria's domestic security and counter-intelligence agency has said as many as 181 asylum candidates were considered a "threat to national security" last year.

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Last Section of Sofia Ring Road's Western Arc to Be Officialy Launched

The Western arc of the Sofia Road will be complete as of Tuesday, with a 2 km stretch that was in construction to be unveiled and opened for use.

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Serbia Relaunches Extradition Trial for Bulgarian Businessman Vasilev

An appellate court in Serbia has relegated a trial on the extradition of entretreneur Tsvetan Vasilev to a lower instance, private bTV station reports.

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Sofia to Host Charity Run in Support of Tolerance

The traditional Tole-Run is to take place in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Sunday, September 18, at 09:00 local time.

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Maxim Behar Appointed to the Board of PR Museum in New York

ICCO President Maxim Behar has been appointed to the Advisory Board of the Museum of public relations, was announced yesterday in New York.

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Emergency Declared on Greece's Thassos Island over Wildfire

A state of emergency has been declared on the island of Thassos in Greece over a wildfire raging since Saturday, the Bulgarian National Radio reports.

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Extreme Risk of Fire in 5 Bulgarian Regions on Sunday

Bulgaria's weather service has issued the strongest alert for a risk of wildfires in five of the country's twenty-eight regions.

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Sofia Residents to Protest against Construction Projects in Borisova Garden

A protest is to be held in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on Sunday amid reports of a project to cut down part of the trees and begin construction works in a key city park.

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Vacant Places at Bulgarian Universities for Another Consecutive Year

For another consecutive year, large universities in Bulgaria announced additional listings in order to fill vacant places.

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Extreme Risk of Fire Declared in 10 Bulgarian Regions

Bulgaria's weather service has warned of an "extreme" risk of fire in ten of the country's twenty-eight regions.

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Miners Stage Roadblocks over Lack of Layoff Compensation

Nearly a hundred miners staged on Wednesday a blockade of the road linking Burgas and the resort town of Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) by the Black Sea.

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Fire Allegedly Caused by Migrants Rages On in SE Bulgaria

A fire that broke out on Tuesday in the area of Gramatikovo, not far from the Bulgarian-Turkish border, has been spreading for 24 hours, firefighters say.

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Varna Hosting Annual Animated Film Fest

The World Festival of Animated Film begins in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Varna, offering an international selection for the 12th time.

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Heavy Traffic at Greece, Turkey Borders as Bulgarians Return from Holiday

Kilometers-long queues have been formed at the borders of Bulgaria with Turkey and Greece as Bulgarians are coming back from their holidays, border police officials say.

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Four FRONTEX Staff Injured in Sofia Tram Crash

An incident with four Polish officers with the European border protection agency FRONTEX has occurred in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia, the public TV station informs.

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Supermarket Blast Leaves 1 Heavily Injured in Bulgaria's Pleven

The owner of a supermarket in Pleven, north central Bulgaria, has been seriously wounded in an explosion, local media say.

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Bulgaria Marks Unification Day

Bulgaria is celebrating on Tuesday its Unification Day, with festive events expected throughout the country but mostly in Plovdiv, the second-biggest city.

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Large Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria’s Harmanli

A large wildfire is raging between the villages of Rogozinovo, Dositeevo, Kolarovo and Balgarin in the southern Bulgarian municipality of Harmanli on Sunday.

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