Refugee Children Denied Access to School in W Bulgaria To Attend Classes in Sofia

The refugee children who were denied admittance to the school in the western village of Kalishte will be referred to a school in the town of Zemen or in Sofia, according to caretaker Education Minister Rumyana Kolarova.

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400 Doctors Left Bulgaria to Work Overseas since January

A total of 400 doctors have left Bulgaria to work abroad since the beginning of 2014, according to Dimitar Lenkov from the Bulgarian Medical Association.

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6 Bulgarian Districts under Code Orange Weather Alert over Heavy Rains

Code orange weather warning over heavy rains has been issued for six Bulgarian districts for September 16, including Montana, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Smolyan, Pazardzhik and Sofia district.

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Journalists, Teachers Drink Most Coffee – Survey

Journalists, teachers, police officers, plumbers, and trade workers were found to be consuming the most coffee sinking over four cups daily, a new study by shows.

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Some 5-10% of Bulgarian Children Abroad Go to Bulgarian Schools

There are more than 200 Bulgarian schools abroad and their number, as well as the number of their students is increasing, chair of the Association of Bulgarian Schools Abroad Dr.

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Sofia Mayor Orders Constant Monitoring of Waterbodies Over Heavy Rainfalls

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova has ordered constant monitoring of rivers, dams and critical sections due to the potentially dangerous weather conditions and heavy rains.

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Bulgarian Village Demands that Immigrants Leave Accommodation Site by end-October

Residents of the western Bulgarian village of Kovachevtsi have issued a declaration demanding that the immigrants accommodated at the National Children Ecological Complex leave by October 30.

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Parents Oppose Admission of Refugee Children to School in W Bulgaria

Parents of pupils from the Kovatchevtsi municipality have staged a protest in front of a school, opposing plans to allow 12 refugee children to attend classes.

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4 Bulgarian Districts under Code Orange Alert due to Heavy Rains

Code orange weather alert has been issued for four districts in northwestern Bulgaria for September 15 due to torrential rains.

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64 Thousand First Graders to Start School on September 15

Some 64,000 Bulgarian children will go to school for the first time on Monday, September 15.

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Protest Over Polling Stations in Turkey Staged Outside Election Commission HQ

Bulgaria's Patriotic bloc has staged a protest against the Central Election Commission over the large number of polling stations in Turkey, Sunday.

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Bulgarian Orthodox Church Marks Holy Cross Day

Today Orthodox Christians mark the day of the Holy Cross called in Bulgaria “Krastovden”.

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Bulgarian Firemen Celebrate Professional Holiday

Bulgarian firemen celebrate their professional holiday on Sunday, September 14.

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Berkovitsa Dam Overflowing since Monday, No Risk for People – Mayor

The dam near Bulgaria's north western town of Berkovitsa has been overflowing since Monday but it is under observation, Mayor Dimitranka Kamenova told Focus news agency.

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Environment Ministry Warns Of New Torrential Rains

Bulgaria's Ministry of Environment and Waters warns of new torrential rains in the beginning of next week, reports Vesti.

Society » Environment | September 13, 2014, Saturday // 16:08 | Viewed: 1376

Two Polish Tourists Disappeared In 'Golden Sands'

Two Polish tourists who have disappeared in Bulgaria's Black Sea resort Golden Sands, reports the Bulgarian National Radio.

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Bulgaria's Chief Mufti's Office Condemns IS

Bulgaria's Chief Mufti's office condemned the Islamic State and its actions, reports Club Z.

Society | September 12, 2014, Friday // 16:30 | Viewed: 932

Sofia City Court Rejects Appeal of Arrest Warrant for KTB Owner

The Sofia City Court has turned down the request submitted by the lawyer of Corpbank majority shareholder Tsvetan Vasilev that his arrest warrant be revoked.

Society | September 12, 2014, Friday // 13:33 | Viewed: 790

Experts Identify 535 Areas At Risk Of Flooding in Bulgaria

There are 535 areas at risk of flooding in Bulgaria, according to an analysis of the impact of the Rural Development Program on the environment published by the Agriculture Ministry.

Society » Environment | September 12, 2014, Friday // 11:00 | Viewed: 1412

Ombudsman: Duration Of KTB Saga Is Outrageous

Bulgaria's Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev expressed his concern with the dragging of the saga around troubled Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), reports the Bulgarian National Radio.

Society | September 11, 2014, Thursday // 14:41 | Viewed: 847

Ancient Episcopal Basilica Found in Bulgaria's Zaldapa Excavations

Archaeologists have found valuable artifacts and an episcopal basilica during excavations of the ancient fortress Zaldapa near the village of Abrit, northeastern Bulgaria.

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