Ramazzotti Mega Show Sets Sofia on Fire

Eros Ramazzotti and his sensual pop made the night for thousands of Bulgarians at Sofia's Locomotiv stadium on Monday. The promised multimedia super-show didn't disappoint the fervent fans and they saw a dream come true for more than two hours.

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Sofia Weather Does Not Agree with Ramazzotti, PM Meeting Scrapped

Eros Ramazzotti scrapped his unofficial meeting with Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev after feeling sick, it emerged hours ahead of the Italian star's major multimedia show in Sofia. Stanishev had prepared a special gift for the Italian heartbreaker, repo

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Rotten Weather in Bulgaria Chases Away Nazareth

The torrential rains that disrupted the holiday of many tourists at the seaside on Sunday have now stricken a blow to all Nazareth fans in the country. The stadium where Nazareth's concert was supposed to be held on Wednesday has been flooded and there w

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Elite Model Look 2006 Prized in Sofia

Young Bulgarian ladies aged 13-21 took part Sunday night in the tenth edition of Elite Model Look 2006. Julia Chehleva, 16, came ahead of twenty-five finalists and will fly for Thailand, host of the world final round.

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Eros, Bulgaria's PM Meet for Cup of Coffee

Italian pop music star Eros Ramazzotti will meet for a cup of coffee Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev hours ahead of what is expected to be a unique multimedia show. Unofficial reports say Eros Ramazzotti, who arrived in Sofia last night, caught cold afte

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Eros Ramazzotti Already in Bulgaria

Bulgarian fans of Italy's pop star Eros Ramazzotti will have a hard time going to sleep Sunday night, knowing that their idol is already somewhere in Sofia. Ramazzotti landed Sunday with his private jet and is already settled in one of the capital's hote

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Sofia Zoo's Mountain Cat Introduces Cub to the World

The Felix lynx cub that was born in mid-May in Sofia Zoo is starting to explore its environment and win the hearts of visitors and staff alike.

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Bulgarian Ethno Diva Weds Former Minister in Secret

Bulgarian actress/singer Nona Yotova, famous for her ethno melodic pieces married Saturday long-time love Bogomil Bonev, former Interior Minister of the country. The bride and groom kept their ceremony in secret even from their family members, and only r

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Bulgarian Beach Guarded for July Morning

Security will be upped at the central beach of Burgas at Bulgaria's seaside throughout the night of Friday, as thousands are expected to gather waiting for the July Morning sunrays. A total of ten lifeguards will patrol the area in teams of two, ensuring

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The Cult Bring July Morning to Bulgaria

The Cult will hit Bulgaria's stage on the evening of June 30 thus heralding July morning to the country. The legendary band will play in the seaside town Kavarna that over the last year turned into Bulgaria's rock capital.

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Science: Tsunami Warning System Up

A tsunami warning system spreading on the Indian Ocean region is now "up and running", UNESCO announced.

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Health: Big Brother Eyes "Stir Honesty"

The feeling of being permanently watched makes people act more honestly, even if the eyes are not real, according to a recent study. A Newcastle University team monitored how much money people put in a canteen "honesty box" when buying a drink.

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Forks&Corks: Drunken Raspberries

Ingredients: 2 1/2-pint containers fresh raspberries

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Sofia Revels in Birthday of Lord Krishna

Followers of the Krishna movement in Bulgaria marched along one of capital Sofia's main boulevards to celebrate a major religious holiday - the birthday of Lord Krishna.

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Pregnant Britney Poses Nude

Pop princess Britney Spears who is five months pregnant has posed nude for a US magazine. Spears is seen kneeling on the floor and cupping her breasts with her hands on the cover of the August issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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Italian Designers Bring Light to Bulgaria

Italian designers shed some light on the art of making unique and stylish lighting fixtures in an exhibition in Sofia. Coming from Kiev, through Mumbai, New York and Montreal, the expo will charm Bulgarians until July 9.

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Three More Int'l Beauty Crowns for Bulgarian Kids

Two girls and a boy of Bulgaria swept beauty crowns at the international pageant Little Prince & Princess of the Universe 2006.

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Harry Potter Must Die, Says Rowling

Author JK Rowling has revealed that at least two characters will die in the seventh book, but gave no clue as to who would end up meeting their maker. In an interview, she explained the last chapter was written long ago and added: "One character got a re

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Violin Virtuoso Utto Ughi Charms Bulgaria Hall

A true catalogue of violin exploits was offered to classical music connoisseurs at Bulgaria Hall Tuesday evening, when outstanding Italian Utto Ughi played at a gala concert.

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Blondes Joyful over Playmate Bulgaria 2006

A blonde Playboy showgirl has won the crown of Playmate Bulgaria 2006 in hot rivalry with eleven finalists in the third edition of the contest. Playmate Bulgaria featured all the girls of local Playboy's cover for the last year, but 18-year-old Nikoleta

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Lordi Packs for Bulgaria Rock Gig

This year's Eurovision winners, Finland's hard rockers of Lordi will pin some of the greatest moments during Kaliakra Rock Festival 2006.

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