Bulgarian Doctor Treats Brain Tumors With Rabies Vaccine

Bulgarian associate professor cures brain tumors with a vaccine, preventing rabies illness, local 24 Hours daily reported. Doctor Philip Philipov discovered after many years of research that aluminum stimulates the growth of cancer cells because it is an

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Bulgaria-Slanting Porn Director "To Change His Ways"

The director of a French porn movie titled "Little Bulgarian Sluts" (Petites Cochonnes Bulgares) has changed the name of the movie and redesigned its Bulgaria-desecrating cover, Darik News reported. Bulgaria's crest has been removed from the cover after

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Bulgaria's National Theatre Stages All That Jazz Premiere

Bulgaria's National Theatre Ivan Vazov staged the pre-premiere of the first time ever theatre performance of the musical "All That Jazz" on Thursday. This is the first theatre performance of the 1979 film musical of Bob Fosse ever done in the whole world

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Black Dahlia on Screen with Sofia Premiere

Red carpet, gloss-sparkling limelight and a flock of stars marked the Sofia premiere of The Black Dahlia - the most expensive movie ever made in Bulgaria. The production of Nu Image, premiered at City Centre International (CCI), has brought together onto

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Horror Strikes Due on Oct 13 - German Professor

This Friday could be a day of horror for numerology believers who dread the number 13, says a German professor, as cited by DPA.

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Alarming TB Crisis Threatens European Union

Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis in Eastern Europe and central Asia are putting EU states at risk of a deadly outbreak, health officials have warned.

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Bulgarian Patriarch Honours St George Relics

The Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim honoured the revered relics of Saint George, Darik News reported. For the ceremony, the Patriarch, together with Archimandrite Naum, sang the antiphon of Saint George the Victor in the Lozenetz Hospital, where Maxim recovers

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Bulgaria's Ex-King Son Unveils Secret to Successful Marriage

Carla Roya-Villanova and Kubrat of Panagyurishte, former king Simeon Saxe-Coburg's third son, lift the curtain on their flourishing marriage in Prof. Dr.

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Bulgarian Beauty Grabs Mini Miss World Title

Bulgarian teen beauty Antoniya Zapryanova triumphed at the Mini Miss World 2006 contest, grabbing the crown for the most charming young lady in the world. Young Zapryanova first started modeling five years ago when her father signed up for some catwalk c

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Snakes, Tattoos Spice Up Sofia Coiffeur Fest

A coiffeur fest gathered Bulgaria's most talented and extravagant stylists in Sofia at what can be described as hair Never Never Land. Bulgaria's masters spared no imagination on their models, creating futuristic and flamboyant hairdos.

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Joe Cocker Sings at Fairy-Tale Wedding in Sofia

English blues legend Joe Cocker arrived in Sofia for a night of singing his hear out at the posh wedding of industrial mogul Nikolay Banev and tourist boss Evgeniya Gencheva.

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Hundreds Bow before St George Relic in Sofia

Hundreds of Sofia citizens joined a huge procession to take the relics of St George to the rotunda church by his name in Bulgaria's capital. The relics are a gift from Rome, and were presented to Neofit, Bishop of Ruse, who will take them to the Danube c

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Sacred Relics Arrive for New Church Opening in Sofia

Newly built St Konstantin and Elena church in Sofia was the first temple in Bulgaria to see the relics of Saint George, brought from Rome late Saturday night. The sanctification of the church coincided with the arrival of the revered relics that will onl

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Disabled Gather to Dance, Walk on Live Coals in Bulgaria

Disabled people from all over Bulgaria gathered Saturday evening for a ball night of laughs, dancing and talent showing in Sofia. The national ball of the disabled is an important step towards building a tolerant society in the country, organizers from t

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John Cusack To Become "Hitman" in Bulgaria

Hollywood Star John Cusack will arrive in Sofia next week to embody an emotion-loaded hired killer in Nu Image Bulgaria's latest production War Inc. Cameras will start rolling for the USD 10 M production in two weeks, the movie-making company announced,

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Bulgaria's Thracian Gold Leaves for Paris

Four of Bulgaria's world-famous golden treasures dating back to Thracian times will leave for exhibition at Paris' Jacquemart-Andre Museum.

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Health: Genetic Discovery Sweeps Nobel

The Nobel Prize for medicine in 2006 have been awarded to two US scientists for their pioneering work in genetics. The achievements of Dr Andrew Fire and Dr Craig Mello could lead to new treatments for a range of illnesses, including viral infections and

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Science: Cosmos Light Takes Nobel Prize

Two US scientists, John Mather and George Smoot, have won the 2006 Nobel Physics Prize for peeping into the deep of Universe's history. Mather, 60, is a senior astrophysicist at US space agency Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland.

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Forks&Corks: Apple Galette

Ingredients: 1 3/4 cups all purpose flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) chilled unsalted butter, cut into 1/2-inch cubes, 2 tablespoons (or more) ice water, 1 1/2 pounds Granny Smith apples, peeled, cored, cut into 1/8-inch-thick slices, 4

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Bulgarian Symphony Voices Get Japanese Boost

The Symphony Orchestra at the BNR will play at brand new instruments after Japan made a generous donation to the state-run media. The Japanese and the Bulgarian governments signed and exchanged Thursday diplomatic notes on the allotment of USD 450,000 to

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Bulgarian Band Mixes up Promotion on mp3

The popular Bulgarian musicians from Gravity Co. have surprised the local fans with pre-premiere launch of their next album.

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