Thracian Tomb Taken to Pieces, Removed to Save from Forays

A unique removal of a 2,600-year Thracian tomb was carried out in the town of Borovo, near the city of Russe. Archeologists decided on the transfer to the center of Borovo to save the ancient tomb from forays.

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Bulgarian Women, Food Please Morgan Freeman

Bulgaria's many beautiful women are what impressed me the most, acting ace Morgan Freeman said in Sofia Friday. The celebrity, who is now shooting "The Contract" in Sofia, held his first official meeting with the press since arriving last month.

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Bulgarian Plans to Turn the Red Planet Green

Bulgarian Margarita Marinova, a graduate student at the California Institute of Technology and co-author of a NASA study, is planning to turn the Red Planet into a green one, one that could support life.

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Science: NASA postponed Mars Mission

NASA has put off the launch of a probe to Mars. Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) was due to take off Thursday, after a previous delay.

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Forks and Corks: Potato Pouches

Ingredients: 4 large red potatoes

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Erotic Fest Entertains Varna

Bulgaria's main seaside city has entered a second day of sexy entertainment. The city is hosting the Eros Show, the first of its kind to be held in the country.

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Hunting Season Opens up Saturday

Bulgaria will open up the official hunting season on Saturday, August 13, the chief o the National Hunting and Fishery Association Hristo Mihaylov told Bulgarain News Agency. More than 100 hunters and fishermen will be allowed to go for their game - dove

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3,000-Year-Old Artefacts Displayed in Sofia Gallery

The National Gallery for Foreign Art presented Wednesday part of the donations made by Ivan Drenikov, a prominent Bulgarian researcher living abroad.

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Rap Star Shamara Arrested

Bulgaria's most popular rap artist Misho Shamara has been arrested because he played music too loud. The performer was handcuffed because unlawful decibels were measured at his Varna nightclub.

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Ancient Labrys Unearthed in Bulgaria

Bulgarian archeologists accidentally unearthed a bronze labrys, a double headed ritual axe, symbol of the King's authority in the history of the Thracian tribes. The labrys was found during rescue opearions at the Ada Tepe hill, near Krumovgrad.

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Jazz Fiesta Kicks off in Bulgaria's Bansko

The Eight International Jazz Fest Bansko 2005 kicked off Monday evening in Bulgaria's top winter resorts. Artists from Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Serbia and Montenegro are joining Bulgarian colleagues in t

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Bulgaria's Bansko Resort Jazzed Up

Performers from all over Europe are coming together Monday in Bansko, Bulgaria's top winter resort. The place opens the eight edition of the International Jazz Festival.

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Bulgaria Sees Koprivshtitsa Folklore Fest End

Bulgaria's Culture Minister Nina Chilova put the end of the 9th National Festival of Bulgarian Folklore in Koprivshtitsa on Sunday. Minister Chilova expressed her respect to the talent of all 17,000 participants.

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Bulgarian Astronomers Join Thracian Tombs Excavations

Bulgarian astronomers have joined the archaeological team TEMP excavating the Valley of Thracian Kings near Bulgaria's city Kazanlak. The astronomers are set to make a spatial photo of the 15 found graves found at the valley so far.

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Buena Vista Legend Ibrahim Ferrer Dies Aged 78

Ibrahim Ferrer, the mild-mannered singer of the Buena Vista Social Club group that took him from shining shoes to world fame late in life, has died in Havana at the age of 78. The Grammy winner known for his trademark cap and grey moustache died of multi

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Orthodox Bulgarians Commemorate Transfiguration

Orthodox Bulgarians celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on August 6, commemorating his transfiguration on Mount Tabor, when he appeared before the Apostles Peter, James, and John. August 6 goes halfway through the fasting period pr

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Science: Discovery Spots Damaged Earth

The Earth's environment destruction is highly visible from the Discovery space shuttle, the crew have said. "Sometimes you can see how there is erosion, and you can see how there is deforestation," Discovery Commander Eileen Collins said during a convers

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Fashion: Being a Bronze Goddess

If holiday is over, then you sun-kissed body and face need a touch of cosmetics to turn you into an exotic diva. Find yourself a shimmering body lotion that will make your tanned skin look smoother and healthier.

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Forks and Corks: Apricot Muffins

Ingredients: 1 cup chopped dried apricots

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Mike Tyson Set for Porn Debut

Retired boxing hero Mike Tyson is about to get naughty again, but this time outside the fighting arena. The 39-year-old has been invited to a porn film with X-rated prima donna Jena Jameson.

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Bulgarians See Unique 2nd Century AD Statues

Renowned Bulgarian Professor Nikolay Ovcharov, who has been working at the Thracian town of Perperikon and Tatul, southern Bulgaria, for two years, presented to journalists unique bronze statues of Orpheus, Apollo and Dionysius. The statues date back to

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