Nokia-Inspired Fashion Sold For Charity

Three gowns created in Bulgaria to celebrate Nokia's L'Amour series have sold for EUR 2,100. The money will be granted to a children medical and social care center in Pernik, south of Sofia, organizes of the tender announced.

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Paco Pena's "A Compas" Brings Flamenco Rhythm to Sofia

The latest offering from flamenco supremo Paco Pena, "A Compas", filled with tenderness and passion the National Palace of Culture in Sofia Wednesday evening. The concert took place within the framework of the European Music Festival and marked the anniv

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Bulgaria's HIV Number Grows to 605

Bulgaria's HIV-positive patients on record were 605 in February, an official report has shown. The fatal disease has been spreading mostly among men, younger people and residents of larger cities.

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Sofia Singing of Bocelli with Bulgarian Soprano

Bulgaria's soprano Tsvetelina Maldzhanska will line up angel-voiced Andrea Bocelli in his concert on May 21, confirming earlier rumours about her appearance on stage.

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Bulgarian Museums Open Doors Free of Charge

More than 30 museums in Bulgaria will meet visitors free of charge on May 18, the International Museum Day. In some places history lovers will be offered to see brand new exhibitions, Rumyan Ganchev, from the National Centre on Museums, Galleries and Art

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Berbatov Crowned Bulgaria's Most Stylish

Football star Dimitar Berbatov was named Bulgaria's Most Stylish Man in a traditional ceremony on Monday night. The blue-eyed charmer, who moved from the Bundesliga to London just recently, was nominated for the award together with pop veteran Orlin Gora

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Bananas in Danger of Extinction

Much love banana fruit is threatened with extinction, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned. It says wild banana species are rapidly going extinct as Indian forests are destroyed, while many traditional farmers' varieties are also disapp

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Sofia Prima Provokes with Mozart? Spectacle

Fantasy, madness, grotesque, beauty and horror mingle in the latest spectacle of the former Sofia ballet prima donna Masha Ilieva, unveiling the wanderings of the mind of a genius. "Mozart?" is the provocative name of the performance, inspired by the 250t

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Salsa Festival Sweeps Sofia in Full Swing

A three-day festival gathered a horde of salsa stars at the centre of Sofia. More than 4000 participants from Bulgaria, USA, UK, Holland, Germany, Spain, France, Romania and Turkey swirled through passionate dances during the practical lessons that feat

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Democracy Killed Bulgarians' Rocking Sex Life - Expert

Experts have mercilessly dismantled the myth of Bulgarian men's sexual prowess, saying that more than half of them try to beat erectile dysfunction. To the dismay of Bulgarian women, data shows that the sexual power of Bulgarian men now equals that of an

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Bulgaria's Galinel: Sexy with an Oriental Edge

The latest collection of fashion house Galinel reaffirmed its long-time message - women are at their coolest and sexiest when they are most audacious.

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Bulgarian Promoters to Sue JLo for Cancellation

Bulgarian promoters Pick and More have teamed up with their colleagues from the rest of the cities where Latin diva Jennifer Lopez cancelled her tour to sue her. Apart from the star's fee, the organizers of her Bulgarian gig admitted that they had spent

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Under-3 Babies Watch Own TV Channel

A first-of-its-kind TV channel has premiered in the US this week designed specifically for babies under the age of three.

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Pets: Dolphins "Name" Each Other

Dolphins communicate in a manner similar to humans by calling each other by "name", scientists have found. The human-friendly mammals are able to recognise themselves as well as other members of the same species as individuals with separate identities, u

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Science: Plankton Foresee Quakes

Concentrations of the natural pigment chlorophyll in coastal waters have been found to rise prior to earthquakes.

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Forks&Corks: Strawberry Clouds

Ingredients: 3 large egg whites, at room temperature 30 minutes

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Sofia University Starts Recycling with Paper Party

Sofia University held a special paper party to celebrate its accession to the eco-waste-collection family in Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria Awaits US Rap Megastar

Next month hip-hop idol 50 Cent will have a live show in Bulgaria, the local media say. The megastar, who has released super hits like "In Da Club" and "Candy Shop," is expected on June 16.

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Slip in KariZma 1st Album Fails to Damp Fans' Joy

Pop duet KariZma finally released their first album after seven years on stage and six mega hits that topped the local music charts for months. The album, long awaited by many fans, grabbed the attention with its name, which unfortunately was marred by a

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Bulgarian Pop Star Works with "Barbie Girl" Producers

Bulgarian pop starlet Petia Pavlova returned to her homeland with brand new songs, created by the producers of Aqua's hit "Barbie Girl". After four months in Los Angeles, Pavlova appeared before Bulgarian audience with photos taken at Malibu and Zuma Bea

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Mini Beauty of Bulgaria Conquers World Pageantry

Ahinora Lyubomilova and her younger sister Konstantina have reaped rich harvest on the international catwalk sweeping several beauty crowns. In hot rivalry with 40 girls from all over the world, the 11-year-old Konstantina was crowned Miss Princess Inter

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