Bulgarians Celebrate Midsummer Day

Bulgarians mark on Sunday the Midsummer Day, widely known as Enyovden, a holiday related in traditional beliefs to herbs and their healing power.

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Relics of St. Joan the Baptist Brought to Bulgaria

Part of the relics of Saint Joan the Baptist has been brought to Bulgaria for the first time ever on Saturday. The relics were carried in the town of Bratsigovo at a grand procession and brought to the local church, whose patron is Saint Joan.

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Bulgaria's Rila Monastery Opens Renewed Church-Historic Museum

Bulgaria's Rila Monastery opened Saturday its church-historic museum after eight months of renovation works. The precious collection, has been extended and some of the exhibits were restored, including a Glagolhic sheet of paper from 12th century and a p

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Homeless Animals Adopted at Charity Exhibition in Bulgaria

An exhibition of homeless dogs and cats was held Saturday in downtown Bulgaria's capital city of Sofia. The people, who want to adopt some of the animals, were given the opportunity to get a pet paying the modest sum of BGN 20.

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Chicken Paprikash

Ingredients: 4 teaspoons paprika

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Japanese Scientists Release Blue Collar Android Worker

Japanese scientist presented Friday their newest invention - a humanoid robot that can work in heavy weather conditions and on dangerous terrains.

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Unusual Mirrors to Point at World's Capitals in Sofia

Sofia may soon sport with a zero kilometre as the vanguard artist Dobrin Peychev installed special mirrors at the very centre of the city on Friday. His project consists of installing four oval metal mirrors in the shape of the number zero on a round sto

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Sizzling Hot Weather Hits Bulgaria, Balkan Peninsula

Bulgarians and visitors to the country were in for a scorcher on Friday as the mercury zoomed up to 40?° C.

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Prehistoric Agriculture Tool Unearthed in Bulgaria

Bulgaria archaeologists made a unique finding of the prehistoric times near the Ohoden village, the Bulgarian National Radio reported on Friday. The find is a rare agriculture tool, which is made of volcanic material.

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Julio Iglesias to Thrill Bulgarian Fans September 17

The best-selling Spanish singer of all time Julio Iglesias is to enchant Bulgarian audience with a grand concert on September 17 in Sofia's National Palace of Culture. That will be the third visit to Bulgaria of the star.

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Big Ben Replica Clock Unveiled at Sofia Business Park

A replica of the Big Ben clock was unveiled at the Sofia Business Park on Wednesday, as part of Beefeater Gin's new worldwide advertising campaign. The campaign, whose motto is "Forever London", focuses on the brand's traditional roots in the English cap

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Counter to Track Bulgarians' Sexual Satisfaction

A unique counter, which will keep track of Bulgarian couples sexual satisfaction, was opened Wednesday in downtown Sofia by the pop-folk diva Kameliya. The facility's construction is part of "Sex Flames" campaign leaded by Bulgaria's Sexual Medicine Asso

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Christina Aguilera Buys Osbournes' Mansion

The US pop diva Christina Aguilera bought the house of the Osbournes, showed in the popular series of the family. "I do not want to live in this home any more.

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Bulgarian Schoolchildren Prized for Essays on Radichkov

Bulgarian schoolchildren were once again challenged in a yearly competition to write essays on one of the literary miscellanies of prominent writer Yordan Radichkov. The author seen as living classic of Bulgarian literature passed away on January 21, 200

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Julia Roberts Gives Birth to Third Child

The world famous movie star Julia Roberts has given birth to her third child in a Los Angeles hospital on Monday. The little boy was named Henry Daniel Moder.

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Hugh Grant to Ring Wedding Bells

The UK's movie star Hugh Grant has asked for his girlfriend's hand, a friend of the actor announced. Grant and Jemima Khan are together again after they split up in February this year.

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Sofia Mayor Backs Healthy Living Initiative

Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov threw his support for a series of events promoting healthy living that will be held in the Bulgarian capital on July 1. Thousands of the city's residents are expected to join in a march from Sofia landmark National Palace of Cu

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Torrential Rains Turn Sofia Streets into Impassable Rivers

Torrential rains hit Sofia on Saturday, turning most of the city's streets into deep, impassable rivers.

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Elite Models Chooses its Next Super Model in Bulgaria

For eleventh consecutive year, one of the most prestigious models agencies in the world Elite Models, searched its next super model in Bulgaria on Saturday.

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Bulgaria's Ex-King Simeon II Celebrates 70th Birthday

Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, the leader of the Bulgarian National Movement for Stability and Progress, and the country's ex-king celebrated on Saturday his 70th birthday.

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Week in Advance

SATURDAY ***Bulgarian Socialist Party congress meets to discuss future government policies***

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