Debris of Germanwings Plane Located near Village in French Alps

Wreckage from the Airbus A320 that fell down in the French Alps has been located, a French Interior Ministry spokesman says.

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French President Says 'Probably No Survivors' in Germanwings Plane Crash

French President Francois Hollande has said in a televised address that probably there are no survivors of the crash of a Germanwings plane in the French Alps.

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Passenger Jet Crashes in France

A Germanwings airliner with 148 people on board has crashed in the French Alps.

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Bulgarian Fantasy Animation Based on Traditional Folklore to be Released Soon

Bulgarians are making the first of its kind animated series. As explained by the creators, the movie will be based on traditional Bulgarian folklore and mythology.

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Blast at VMZ Sopot's Ammo Warehouse Seems 'Caused on Purpose'

The explosion at a ammunition depot of the VMZ Sopot military plant in Iganovo would have been impossible without any deliberate action, according to the mayor of Sopot, the town where the plant is based.

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Interpol, Europol to Join Investigation on Murdered Boy Found in Suitcase

Interpol and Europol will assist the Bulgarian Interior Ministry in the investigation on the murdered baby boy, found in a suitcase Saturday.

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Small 2.9-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southern Bulgaria

An earthquake measuring 2.

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38-Year-Old Worker Crushed to Death By Heavy Machine in Ruse

A 38-year-old man was crushed to death by a 40-tonne machine in a unit of the former heavy machine production plant in the Danube city of Ruse.

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Bulgarian Ammo Warehouse Blast Destroys 300 RPG Launchers

The blast at the ammunition depot of military plant VMZ Sopot in Iganovo has incinerated about 300 hand-held launchers for unguided anti-tank rocket-propelled grenades (RPG), 24 Chasa daily reported on Monday.

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Novinite Group Gives 2014 Personality in the News Awards

“We are very happy that the media are our very, very passionate partner in bringing the awareness in our Bulgarian society, which awareness is saying ‘No’ to the institutionalization of children,” Ivanka Shalapatova, Executive Director of For Our Children

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Bulgarian Breastfeeding Mother Sues Mall on Discrimination Charges

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee will represent Denitsa Panayotova in a lawsuit in defense of the right of women to breastfeed in public places.

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Patients Will Need ID Cards to Be Admitted to Hospital in Bulgaria as of April

As of April 1, patients will need to show an identity document in order to be admitted to hospital in Bulgaria.

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Thracian Treasures Arrive in Paris's Louvre for Three-Month Exhibition

The invaluable treasures from the Fund of the National History Museum in Bulgaria have been transported to Sofia International Airport early on Monday morning.

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Bulgaria Police Show Sketch of Dead Boy Found in Suitcase

A sketch of the 5-year-old boy whose body was discovered in a suitcase near the village of Pasarel, Western Bulgaria was released by Bulgaria's Interior Ministry on Sunday.

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No Risk for Citizens after Bulgaria Ammo Warehouse Blast

The situation in the village of Iganovo, Southern Bulgaria, is under control after a series of explosions that rocked an ammo warehouse on Saturday evening, officials say.

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Explosion at Bulgarian Military Plant VMZ Sopot, Nobody Hurt

An explosion occurred at a warehouse of Bulgaria's largest arms factory, VMZ Sopot, located near the southern village of Iganovo, Karlovo Municipality, on Saturday evening.

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Blast Rocks Ammo Plant in Bulgaria's Iganovo

A munitions plant in Southern Bulgaria is on fire after an explosion that occurred early on Saturday evening.

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Olympic Champion Milen Dobrev Probably Died of Heart Attack

The athlete was found dead in his home in Plovdiv on Saturday afternoon, and the emergency call on account of the incident has been received at 1:38 pm.

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Bulgarian Olympic Champion in Weightlifting Found Dead

Former Olympic Weightlifting champion Milen Dobrev has been found dead in his home.

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Dead Body of 5-year Old Child Found in Suitcase Near Bulgaria's Pasarel

The Sofia Directorate to the Ministry of the Interior is currently working on an investigation regarding a severe criminal case.

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Andrey Zvyagintsev's Acclaimed Movie Leviathan Premieres at Sofia International Film Festival

Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated movie Leviathan will have an official premiere at Sofia International Film Festival this March.

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