Bulgaria Expresses Concern over EU’s ‘Unrealistic’ Emission Reduction Commitments

Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva expressed Bulgaria’s concerns over the overly ambitious and unrealistic emission reduction commitments of the EU after 2030 at a meeting of the Environment Council in Luxembourg.

Society » Environment | June 15, 2015, Monday // 21:28 | Viewed: 1885

Bulgarian Businessman Establishes His Own Country on Island in Pacific Ocean

Bulgarian businessman Vladimir Balanov that had expressed his wish to give Bulgaria its very own island in the Pacific Ocean has now established his own county.

Society | June 15, 2015, Monday // 17:12 | Viewed: 3059

US Rock Band Godsmack Arrives in Bulgaria

The rock band Godsmack arrived in Bulgaria Monday.

Society » Culture | June 15, 2015, Monday // 15:45 | Viewed: 1963

Star of Ancient Sozopol 'Possibly Served as Model for Macedonia's Coat of Arms'

Archaeological excavations in the Bulgarian seaside town of Sozopol on Sunday revealed an interesting find – a leaden bucranium with an eight-ray star, which possibly served as model for the coat of arms of Macedonia.

Society » Archaeology | June 15, 2015, Monday // 12:58 | Viewed: 2917

Illegall Landfills Near Plovdiv Now Investigated

Specialized teams will be removing the illegal landfills in the Plovdiv neighborhood of Stolipinovo.

Society | June 15, 2015, Monday // 12:52 | Viewed: 1379

Several Injured as Tensions Escalate at Protest in Sofia Neighbourhood

Several people were injured after tensions escalated at a protest in the Orlandovtsi neighbourhood in the capital of Bulgaria on Sunday.

Society » Incidents | June 15, 2015, Monday // 07:57 | Viewed: 2528

Bulgarian Village Hosts Fifth Edition of Meadows in Mountains Festival

Nearly a thousand foreigners, mainly British citizens, flocked to the Bulgarian village of Polkovnik Serafimovo for the fifth edition of the Meadows in the Mountains festival, which began on Friday.

Society » Culture | June 13, 2015, Saturday // 15:08 | Viewed: 2065

Evacuated Passengers Return to Varna Airport, No Bomb Found

The flight schedule at Bulgaria’s Varna Airport hasn’t been disrupted despite a security alert that triggered the evacuation of passengers from one of the aiport's terminals, BGNES reported on Friday.

Society » Incidents | June 12, 2015, Friday // 19:19 | Viewed: 2184

Syria is in Bulgaria’s List of Banned Countries for Military Trade

Syria is in the list of countries that Bulgaria is not allowed to export weapons to according to the Bulgarian legislation.

Society » Incidents | June 12, 2015, Friday // 15:57 | Viewed: 1858

Bulgaria’s Varna Airport Now Evacuated

Varna Airport has been evacuated.

Society » Incidents | June 12, 2015, Friday // 15:35 | Viewed: 3671

Minister Foresees Likely Rise in Salaries of Bulgarian Teachers in Autumn

Bulgarian Education Minister Todor Tanev announced on Friday that the salaries of teachers were likely to increase in the autumn.

Society » Education | June 12, 2015, Friday // 12:04 | Viewed: 1564

Photo of Winter Plovdiv Voted Best Picture in Nat Geo Russia Contest

A photo of the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv in the winter was voted the best picture by National Geographic Russia.

Society » Culture | June 12, 2015, Friday // 11:01 | Viewed: 4451

Chinese City Shenzhen Shoots Movie Dedicated to Bulgaria’s Plovdiv

Two teams from the Chinese Shenzhen Media Group will be making a movie dedicated to the new European Capital of Culture – Plovdiv.

Society » Culture | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 15:58 | Viewed: 1907

Reuters: US Says Contractors Hit in Bulgaria Blast Worked on Syria Task

The US embassy in Sofia has said the three US contractors hit by last week’s explosion at a firing range in Bulgaria were employees of a firm hired to work on programme to support moderate opposition forces in Syria, Reuters reported.

Society » Incidents | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 09:34 | Viewed: 3860

Archaelogists Discover Roman Kilns, Water Well in Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni

Four kilns and a water well from the Roman period have been discovered in the town of Pavlikeni, in northern Bulgaria.

Society » Archaeology | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 21:37 | Viewed: 4628

Bulgaria's Ruse Hosts Sand Festival Dedicated to Cinema

The Bulgarian city of Ruse hosts an international sand sculpture festival dedicated to cinema between June 9 and 20.

Society » Culture | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 17:56 | Viewed: 4100

Bulgarian Band Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs to Perform at EXIT Music Festival in Serbia

Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs are the Bulgarian band listed at the upcoming EXIT Festival.

Society » Culture | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 16:29 | Viewed: 4283

Bulgaria's Lovech Boasts Europe's First Virtual Museum of Water

The first virtual museum of water in Europe was officially unveiled in the Bulgarian town of Lovech.

Society » Culture | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 16:04 | Viewed: 4107

Illegal Roma Buildings to be Torn Down Near Bulgaria's Stara Zagora

The municipality of Stara Zagora is preparing to tear down 60 illegally set up residential buildings in the Roma neighborhood of Lozenets, located on the territory of Borova Gora Park.

Society | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 13:05 | Viewed: 4306

Govt Employee Fired Following Drunk Driving, Car Crash

An employee of the Council of Ministers was fired Tuesday.

Society » Incidents | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 10:19 | Viewed: 1672

Cars With Cameras To Assist Bulgarian Roadside Police

Hundreds of Bulgarian drivers will be joining the battle against violators of road traffic rules.

Society | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 21:45 | Viewed: 4299