Bulgaria Govt to Upload New Open Data Sets

As many as 304 data sets will be published by the end of 2016 on the Bulgarian government's open data website, the cabinet has announced.

Society | March 23, 2016, Wednesday // 13:36 | Viewed: 4214

Excavation of Bulgaria's Largest Thracian Mound to Begin in May

The excavation of the largest unstudied Thracian mound in Bulgaria and the Balkan peninsula will begin in May.

Society » Archaeology | March 23, 2016, Wednesday // 11:01 | Viewed: 7359

Some Sofia-Brussels Flights Cancelled on Wednesday

Sofia Airport has announced no Bulgaria Air flights to Brussels will take place on Wednesday, after the measure was in force the day before.

Society | March 23, 2016, Wednesday // 09:36 | Viewed: 3930

Bulgarian-Directed German Movie Wins Grand Prix Award at Sofia Film Fest

The German movie “Zhaleika” directed by Bulgarian Eliza Petkova won the grand prix award for best film in the international competition of the Sofia International Film Festival.

Society » Culture | March 20, 2016, Sunday // 16:11 | Viewed: 5569

Vatican's State Secretary Visits Bulgaria as Catholics Celebrate Palm Sunday

The Secretary of State of the Vatican, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, arrived in Bulgaria on Sunday as Catholics around the world are celebrating Palm Sunday.

Society | March 20, 2016, Sunday // 15:23 | Viewed: 5070

Bulgaria Honors St Theodore with Horse Racing

Bulgarians mark on Saturday the holiday known as Todorovden (the day of Todor or Theodore), also called the Horse Easter.

Society » Culture | March 19, 2016, Saturday // 12:38 | Viewed: 5571

Bulgaria Court Overturns Denial of Asylum to Iranian Woman

A court in the Black Sea city of Burgas has ruled an Iranian woman living in Bulgaria should be granted asylum.

Society | March 19, 2016, Saturday // 11:24 | Viewed: 4847

US Director Ted Kotcheff Granted Bulgarian Citizenship

Bulgarian Justice Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva on Friday granted citizenship to Ted Kotcheff, a US director born to Bulgarian parents.

Society » Culture | March 19, 2016, Saturday // 10:44 | Viewed: 4935

Bulgarian MPs Move to Make Higher Education Compulsory for High-Level Officials

The Bulgarian parliament adopted at first reading on Thursday amendments to the Administration Act, which will make it compulsory for high-level state officials to hold higher education.

Society » Education | March 17, 2016, Thursday // 14:02 | Viewed: 5075

Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra to Perform in Sofia on April 22

Renowned Balkan director and musician Emir Kusturica will perform with The No Smoking Orchestra in the Bulgarian capital on April 22.

Society » Culture | March 15, 2016, Tuesday // 15:51 | Viewed: 6732

Bomb Threat Interrupts Movement of Sofia Underground Trains

Bomb threat interrupted the movement of underground trains on section of Sofia metro's line 2 on Tuesday morning.

Society » Incidents | March 15, 2016, Tuesday // 10:03 | Viewed: 5734

Migrant Children in Bulgaria Amount to 1800

There are 1800 children of migrants in Bulgaria, for whom request for international protection has been submitted.

Society | March 15, 2016, Tuesday // 09:56 | Viewed: 4479

Poli Genova to Sing “If Love Was A Crime” at Eurovision 2016

The Bulgarian entry in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm in May will be called “If Love Was A Crime”, to be sung by Poli Genova, eurovision.

Society » Culture | March 14, 2016, Monday // 20:37 | Viewed: 7931

New Protest Against Ban on Beach Camping to Take Place in Sofia

A new protest against the ban on beach camping is expected to take place in the centre of the Bulgarian capital on Monday.

Society | March 14, 2016, Monday // 11:03 | Viewed: 4600

Record Number of Bulgarians to Apply to Foreign Universities This Year

A record number of Bulgarian high school graduates is expected to apply to foreign universities this year.

Society » Education | March 14, 2016, Monday // 10:09 | Viewed: 5455

Bulgaria Extends Public Debate on Controversial Changes to Tourism Act until March 28

Discussion of draft changes to the Tourism Act will be extended by two weeks to March 28 due to increased public interest, the Bulgarian Tourism Ministry has announced.

Society » Environment | March 13, 2016, Sunday // 16:29 | Viewed: 6341

Police Detain Suspected Author of False Bomb Threat to Sofia Airport

Bulgarian police have detained a man suspected of making a false bomb threat that had led to extra security measures at Sofia International Airport on Wednesday night, the Ministry of the Interior said on Saturday.

Society » Incidents | March 13, 2016, Sunday // 12:20 | Viewed: 5449

Bulgaria MoD to Raise Donations to Restore Aviation Museum after Fire

Bulgaria’s Defence Staff has launched a donation campaign to restore airplanes damaged by fire at the Aviation Museum in Krumovo, near Plovdiv.

Society » Incidents | March 13, 2016, Sunday // 10:53 | Viewed: 5153

Culture Ministry, Plovdiv Officials in Dispute over Demolished Warehouse

Bulgaria's Culture Ministry said on Friday it had warned local authorities in Plovdiv against the demolition or other actions affecting an old tobacco warehouse, which was bulldozed last weekend, prompting public outcry.

Society » Culture | March 12, 2016, Saturday // 17:09 | Viewed: 4930

Ban on Beach Camping 'Unconstitutional', Bulgaria President Says

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev will refer a ban on beach camping adopted by MPs to the constitutional court, his press office has said.

Society » Environment | March 12, 2016, Saturday // 15:17 | Viewed: 6444

US Director Ted Kotcheff to Work on Film about Bulgaria's King Boris III

US film director Ted Kotcheff, who is on a visit to Bulgaria for Sofia Film Fest events, on Friday said he would start work on a movie dedicated to the fate of Bulgarian King Boris III (1918-1943).

Society » Culture | March 12, 2016, Saturday // 14:18 | Viewed: 10021