Sofia Judges Protest over Changes to Bulgaria's Judicial Reform

Judges from several city courts and the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) demonstrated in front of Sofia Court House on Friday evening to show their anger at last-minute amendments to judicial reform proposals passed by Parliament earlier this week.

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Protest Called in Sofia over Bulgaria's 'Failed' Judicial Reform

A new protest in support of the judicial reform backed by former Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov is due in Bulgaria's capital Sofia this evening.

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Sofia Hosts International Short Film Festival on 8-13 December

The capital of Bulgaria will host for the first time IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival, which will take place at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) between December 8 and 13.

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Suspicious Luggage Evacuates School in Sofia

The pupils at 134th school Dimcho Debelyanov, located on Pirotska street in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, were evacuated on Tuesday morning due to the presence of a suspicious luggage left on the outside of the building.

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Bulgaria among World's Top 20 Countries for Best Public WiFi

A specialized website has ranked Bulgaria among twenty countries offering the world´s best WiFi services.

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43rd International Book Fair Takes Place in Sofia from December 8 to 13

The 43rd edition of the Sofia International Book Fair will take place at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) in the Bulgarian capital between December 8 and 13.

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Dense Fog Hampers Visibility in Sofia

Bulgaria's capital Sofia is covered by thick fog again on Tuesday morning, as the area is being hit by a cold spell over the past days.

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Bulgaria among Countries Most Affected by Extreme Weather Events in 2014

Three Southeastearn European states are among the six countries in the world most affected by extreme weather events last year, according to Germanwatch's Global Climate Risk Index (CRI).

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Uncertainty over Cause of Shooting Near Central Sofia

A man was detained on Monday evening after a shootout in a boulevard not far from the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia left two people injured.

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Construction of Sofia Metro's Third Line to Begin in Spring

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova has announced that work on the third subway line of Bulgaria's capital is to start in the spring of 2016.

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New Protests against Rise in Vignette Stickers' Prices Held in Bulgaria

Bulgarian citizens took to the streets on  Saturday to demonstrate against plans to rise prices for motorway vignette stickers.

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St Nicholas Day Celebrated in Bulgaria on Sunday

The Days of St Nicholas (Nikola), the patron of fisherman, sailors, merchants and bankers, is being marked nationwide in Bulgaria on Sunday, December 06.

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Code Yellow Issued in 22 Bulgarian Regions over Dense Fog

A code yellow warning has been issued for 22 of Bulgaria's 28 regions over dense fog across the country, meteorogical authorities have said.

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Former Bulgarian PM Dimitar Popov Dies at 88

Former Bulgarian Prime Minister Dimitar Popov died at the age of 88.

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Jews among Berbers: a Moroccan Exhibition

A photo exhibition titled Jews among Berbers was officially opened at the Bulgarian Academy of Science in Sofia on Thursday.

Society » Culture | December 4, 2015, Friday // 13:38 | Viewed: 4845

Owner of Bus That Triggered Bomb Scare at Sofia Airport Released

Bulgarian police have released an Armenian man who took off from Sofia Airport Terminal 1 leaving his minivan parked in front and fueling bomb suspicions.

Society » Incidents | December 4, 2015, Friday // 07:50 | Viewed: 2939

Bulgaria’s Surva Folk Feast Joins UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List

A UNESCO committee has inscribed Bulgaria’s Surova folk feast on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, UNESCO announced on Wednesday.

Society » Culture | December 2, 2015, Wednesday // 19:29 | Viewed: 3862

Number of Live Births, Life Expectancy Record Increase in Bulgaria

The increasing number of live births and the growing average life expectancy are the positive trends in the demographic development of the Bulgarian population.

Society | December 2, 2015, Wednesday // 15:15 | Viewed: 2460

Suspicious Luggage at Sofia Airport Might Have Been in Contact with Explosives

Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry Georgi Kostov did not exclude the possibility that the suspicious luggage found in a minibus parked outside terminal 1 of the airport in the Bulgarian capital on Tuesday had been in contact with explosives.

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Terminal 1 of Sofia Airport Restores Normal Operation after False Bomb Threat

Terminal 1 of the airport in the Bulgarian capital is again functioning as normal after it remained closed for hours on Tuesday due to a false bomb threat.

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Sofia Airport: No Bomb Found after Security Check, Bulgaria PM 'Furious'

Specialized anti-terror squads have found no explosive device inside a minivan parked in front of Sofia Airport Terminal 1 building, the Interior Ministry says.

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