Expected December Temperatures Around Norm, Snow Likely For Christmas

The average temperatures in December will be around the norm – from around 4 to -5° in the various parts of the country, said Bulgaria's Meteorology Institute in its monthly forecast.

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Bulgaria Lacks Official Data On Correlation Air Pollution - Health

Bulgaria has no official data on the correlation between air pollution and health, said the director of the Executive Environment Agency Vanya Grigorova, quoted by Dnevnik.

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Forest Guard Discover Dead Immigrant Near Bulgarian-Turkish Border

Forest guards discovered the dead body of an immigrant near the Bulgarian-Turkish border in the Malko Tarnovo region, reports the Burgas police.

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Police Arrests 35 Illegal Immigrants in Sofia

Sofia Police arrested 35 illegal immigrants during an operation on Wednesday evening, reports the Focus news agency.

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Bulgaria Has Too Many Universities - Education Minister

Education Minister Todor Tanev has backed amendments to the Education Act aimed at depriving specialized higher education institutions of the title university.

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Bulgaria to Build Accommodation Centres for Elderly

The Minister of Regional Development Lilyana Pavlova said that Bulgaria plans on investing BGN 200 million in the construction of accommodation centres of family type during the next programme period 2014-2020.

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Bulgaria Marks 95 Years of Neuilly Treaty after WWI

Bulgarians around the country marked Thursday what is believed to be one of the most sinister dates in the country's history - the signing of the Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine.

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UNESCO Adds Production of Chiprovtsi Carpets to ‘Intangible Heritage’ List

The production of Chiprovtsi carpets has been inscribed on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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Bulgarian Parliament Boosts Healthcare Budget with BGN 100 M

The National Assembly increased the budget of the National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) with further BGN 100 million.

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Bulgarian TPP Carries Highest Pollution Cost in Europe

The Maritsa Iztok-2 Thermal Power Plant (TPP) is topping by far a European list of the continent's most pollutive industrial facilities, a report published Tuesday shows.

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Google, bTV 'Best Brands in Bulgaria'

Global search giant Google is the best-known brand in Bulgaria, a yearly Top 20 ranking shows.

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Bulgaria Deputy PM Calls for Minumum Wage Increase in 2015

Social Minister and Deputy PM for social policy Ivaylo Kalfin has announced he will join trade unions' calls and insist on increasing the minimum wage by BGN 40.

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UNHCR Calls on Bulgarians to "See Refugees Through Different Eyes"

The United Nations refugee agency has launched an anti-xenophobia media campaign calling on Bulgarians to "see refugees through new eyes".

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Traffic Police Will Not Pull Over Motorists Unless Necessary

Bulgaria's traffic police will not pull over motorists for speeding and all contacts between drivers and police on the road will be filmed.

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Interior Ministry To Present New Anti-Corruption Measures

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry will present on Tuesday new rules for the work of police officers, aiming to combat corruption, especially among traffic police.

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Bulgaria ex-IntMin Awarded for Response to Sarafovo Bus Bombing

Bulgaria's former Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov has received an award from Chabad, the world's largest Jewish organization, for his reactions in the aftermath of the 2012 Sarafovo terror attack, the ruling GERB party has said.

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Education Minister Labels Schoolbooks' Content as Powder Keg

The Minister of Education Todor Tanev has compared the content of the schoolbooks to that of a powder keg.

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Refugees in Bulgaria 'Segregated Like Roma'

Refugees living in Bulgaria are segregated like the local Roma population and do not wish to learn Bulgarian, the Bulgarian Refugee Agency (DAB)'s Chairman Nikolay Chirpanliev has said.

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Woman Finds Live Worms in Cookie Package

A Bulgarian woman who bought two packages of cookies for her baby found worms inside, a Bulgarian TV station reports.

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Bulgaria Ready to Support International Criminal Court – Chief Prosecutor

Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov has met with a delegation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) which has arrived in Bulgaria at his invitation.

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BAS To Investigate UFO Claims

The Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) Institute for Space Studies recently held its first official conference on the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence, Prof.

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