24-Carat Gold Stamps Displayed at Bulgaria's Bulkolekto 2016

Post stamps made of 24-carat gold were displayed for the first time in Bulgaria on Friday at the International Fair in Plovdiv during the opening of the exhibition Bulkolekto 2016.

Society | October 21, 2016, Friday // 16:38 | Viewed: 509

Union of Armenians in Europe To Hold Charity Ball in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

The Union of Armenians in Europe has selected Plovdiv for its first charity ball in Bulgaria, which will be held on October 23 at 20:00 hrs.

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Thousands Convicted for Homosexuality To Be Pardoned Posthumously in Britain

Thousands of British men sentenced for homosexuality before it was decriminalised will be pardoned under the Turing Law, named after the famous scientist in the 1940’s Alan Turing, announced the government in London, cited by BGNES.

Society | October 20, 2016, Thursday // 21:54 | Viewed: 930

So Independent Festival To Host Sundance, Tribeca, Cannes Movies in Sofia

Independent American and European movies from the latest editions of the Sundance, Traibeca and Cannes festivals will be shown in Sofia as part of the So Independent Festival which begins on October 27.

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Bulgarian Orthodox Christians Honor St. Ivan Rilski

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church honours on October 19 Saint Ivan Rilski, honored as the patron of the Bulgarian people.

Society | October 19, 2016, Wednesday // 11:08 | Viewed: 1424

Stage of Centuries Opera Season To Be Launched in Bulgaria's Tarnovo in 2017

The preparation for the Second Summer Season of Bulgarian Opera Theatres “Stage of Centuries” has begun with a working meeting of the mayor Veliko Tarnovo Daniel Panov, and the directors and representatives of the state operas in Varna, Plovdiv, Stara Zag

Society » Culture | October 18, 2016, Tuesday // 22:02 | Viewed: 1629

Bulgaria's Health Insurance Fund To End 2016 With BGN 50 M Deficit

The National Health Insurance Fund (NZOK) will end 2016 with a deficit of about BGN 50 M, which it will transfer and pay via the budget next year.

Society » Health | October 18, 2016, Tuesday // 19:01 | Viewed: 1521

Heating in Sofia to Be Turned On Gradually from Monday

Sofia's heating utility Toplofikatsiya has announced it is starting to turn on the heating across the city.

Society | October 17, 2016, Monday // 09:44 | Viewed: 2283

Strong Winds Expected along Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Bulgaria's weather service has issued a Code Yellow warning over heavy winds along the Black Sea coastline on Monday.

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Over 40% of Children in Bulgaria at Risk of Poverty or Social Exclusion

More than forty percent of children in Bulgaria are facing a risk of poverty or social exclusion, according to national statistics published ahead of the world anti-poverty day.

Society | October 16, 2016, Sunday // 18:13 | Viewed: 1660

Bulgarian Activists to Protest against EU Trade Deals with US, Canada

A demonstration against the EU's prospective free-trade agreements with the United States and Canada is to be held in Bulgaria's Sofia on Sunday.

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World's Biggest Plane to Arrive in Bulgaria

The world's biggest passenger aircraft is set to land at Sofia Airport on Sunday.

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Most of Bulgaria Braces for Rain on Sunday

Many areas in Bulgaria will see rainfall throughout Sunday, with low temperatures especially in the north of the country, according to the national weather service.

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200 Nations Agree on Greenhouse Gases Reduction

Nearly 200 nations have accepted a deal for the reduction of greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air-conditioners, reported Reuters.

Society » Environment | October 15, 2016, Saturday // 13:31 | Viewed: 1544

Unique Golden Heart Discovered in Bulgaria's Veliki Preslav

A team of archeologists in Veliki Preslav has discovered a unique golden heart previously applied to the garment of a high-ranking person.

Society » Archaeology | October 14, 2016, Friday // 14:49 | Viewed: 1797

Bulgaria’s Pavlikeni To Revitalise Antique Ceramics Centre

A project to the amount of BGN 1.

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Bob Dylan Awarded 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature

Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for 2016, announced Reuters.

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One Dance Week Features Performances from France, Korea on Oct 13-14

International One Dance Week festival will bring to the audience two events on Thursday and Friday at Boris Hristov House of Culture in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, organizers say.

Society » Culture | October 13, 2016, Thursday // 14:33 | Viewed: 1437

Protesting Bulgarian Coal Miners Barred from Receiving Wages

Protesting workers at the Babino pit, Bobov Dol mine, have been denied payment of salaries unless they sign an agreement with their employer, private NOVA TV station has announced.

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Minor Quake Near Macedonia's Border with Bulgaria

A minor earthquake has been registerеd in Macedonia, not far from the border with Bulgaria, local media report.

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New Asylum Seekers' Number in Bulgaria Drops in September

The number of people who sought protection in Bulgaria last month has dropped by nearly a quarter compared to August, the refugee agency has said.

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