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Summer Floods Caused Damages Amounting to EUR 400 M

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Veselin Vuchkov announced during the parliamentary control on Friday that the summer floods caused damages amounting to EUR 400 M.

Society » Environment | January 23, 2015, Friday // 18:10 | Viewed: 1008

Bulgarian Customs Prevent Smuggling of Two Million European Eels

Customs officers at Sofia International Airport have thwarted an attempt to smuggle into Bulgaria two million European baby eels, a critically endangered species.

Society » Environment | January 22, 2015, Thursday // 19:00 | Viewed: 1567

Mountain Rescuers Warn of Avalanches in Ski Resorts, Frostbite

There is real risk of freezing and avalanches in the mountains, Kamen Yakimov of the Mountain Rescue Service told the BNR public radio.

Society » Environment | December 31, 2014, Wednesday // 12:01 | Viewed: 1398

Extreme Cold, Strong Winds Grip Bulgaria for New Year

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) has issued a yellow code for extremely low temperatures and strong winds for the last day of the year.

Society » Environment | December 30, 2014, Tuesday // 21:40 | Viewed: 2237

Code Yellow Warning in Bulgaria for Snow, Gale-Force Winds

Bulgaria's national weather service has issued a code yellow warning for snow and high winds on Monday, December 29.

Society » Environment | December 29, 2014, Monday // 08:16 | Viewed: 1336

Bulgaria Warns of Snowfall, Rising River Levels

Bulgaria on Sunday issued a high water level warning for most rivers on its territory due to expected rain and snow.

Society » Environment | December 28, 2014, Sunday // 14:25 | Viewed: 1760

Spring for Christmas, Proper Winter for New Year

The unusually warm weather in Bulgaria will last throughout Christmas and the temperatures will remain spring-like, reports the bTV national channel.

Society » Environment | December 24, 2014, Wednesday // 15:05 | Viewed: 1855

Temperatures in Bulgaria Reach Unexpectedly High Levels

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) measured 19 temperature records in Bulgaria on Tuesday.

Society » Environment | December 23, 2014, Tuesday // 21:38 | Viewed: 1936

Meteorologists Warn Of Heavy Snowfall Before New Year

Unlike Christmas, when the weather in Bulgaria will be warm and sunny, on December 29, the winter will remind of itself, according to Petar Yankov of TV-MET.

Society » Environment | December 22, 2014, Monday // 17:30 | Viewed: 1710

18 Bulgarian Cities Have 'Extremely Polluted' Air

Eighteen Bulgarian cities have “extremely polluted” air in the past several days, shows data of the Executive Environment Agency, reports Nova TV.

Society » Environment | December 16, 2014, Tuesday // 15:32 | Viewed: 1294

Bulgaria Ranks Poorly In Climate Change Performance Index

Bulgaria's performance in the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) 2015 was ranked as “poor”.

Society » Environment | December 10, 2014, Wednesday // 13:00 | Viewed: 729

Extreme Weather Warnings Issued For Tuesday

Codes orange and yellow for wind, heavy rain, ice and snow on the entire territory of Bulgaria are issued for Tuesday.

Society » Environment | December 8, 2014, Monday // 19:25 | Viewed: 2280

Situation in Bulgaria's Flooded Regions Remains Adverse

The Ministry of Environment and Water warned on Sunday that the levels of Maritsa river, in its middle and lower course, and that of river Tundzha are to remain high until December 12.

Society » Environment | December 8, 2014, Monday // 08:34 | Viewed: 1096

Minor 2.5-Magnitude Earthquake Registered in Sofia

A 2.5-manginude earthquake was registered around 9 pm on Saturday in Sofia, according to reports of the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy, and Geography at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Society » Environment | December 7, 2014, Sunday // 10:32 | Viewed: 1260

Emergency Remains in Part of SE Bulgaria, Villages in North Covered in Ice

The state of emergency declared after heavy flooding in two Bulgarian municipalities this week is set to remain in force on Saturday, authorities say.

Society » Environment | December 6, 2014, Saturday // 13:01 | Viewed: 1520

Towns, Villages in SE Bulgaria Ready for Evacuation due to Flooding

The Mayor of the southeastern Bulgarian town of Elhovo, Petar Kirov, has urged locals to prepare for evacuation as the water level of the Tundzha River nears the critical level.

Society » Environment | December 5, 2014, Friday // 20:24 | Viewed: 1736

After Day of Heavy Rains, Floods Weather in Bulgaria Gets Back to Normal

Following a day of torrential rains, some parts in Bulgaria have been heavily flooded with several rivers and dams overflowing on Thursday.

Society » Environment | December 5, 2014, Friday // 07:36 | Viewed: 1417

Code Yellow Warning For Snow, Ice Issued In Northern Bulgaria

A code yellow warning for snow and ice in northern Bulgaria on Sunday has been issued.

Society » Environment | November 29, 2014, Saturday // 15:07 | Viewed: 1769

Minor Earthquake Rocks South Western Bulgaria

A minor earthquake measuring 2.

Society » Environment | November 29, 2014, Saturday // 11:37 | Viewed: 874

Expected December Temperatures Around Norm, Snow Likely For Christmas

The average temperatures in December will be around the norm – from around 4 to -5° in the various parts of the country, said Bulgaria's Meteorology Institute in its monthly forecast.

Society » Environment | November 28, 2014, Friday // 17:41 | Viewed: 1455

Bulgaria Lacks Official Data On Correlation Air Pollution - Health

Bulgaria has no official data on the correlation between air pollution and health, said the director of the Executive Environment Agency Vanya Grigorova, quoted by Dnevnik.

Society » Environment | November 28, 2014, Friday // 15:25 | Viewed: 753