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Bulgarian Interior Ministry to Stage New Protests

Officers from the Bulgarian Interior Ministry are getting ready to stage yet another protest.

Politics » Domestic | July 4, 2015, Saturday // 14:38 | Viewed: 2046

Bulgaria MPs Pass Bill Allowing Expats to Vote in Referendums

Bulgarian lawmakers on Friday passed amendments to grant Bulgarians living abroad the right to vote in referendums held in the country.

Politics » Domestic | July 3, 2015, Friday // 14:19 | Viewed: 1967

Nationalist Alliance Patriotic Front to Keep Supporting Bulgaria’s Government

Nationalist formation the Patriotic Front (PF) has made clear that it will continue to back the government.

Politics » Domestic | July 3, 2015, Friday // 13:57 | Viewed: 1736

Bulgaria Needs to Focus Efforts on Completing Motorway Ring – Minister

Bulgaria needs to focus efforts on the completion of the motorway ring so that traffic along smaller roads can be alleviated, according to Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2015, Thursday // 17:42 | Viewed: 2061

Bulgaria Raises Retirement Age as Part of Pension Reform

The normal retirement age in Bulgaria will gradually rise to reach 65 years for both men and women in 2037, parliament has decided.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2015, Thursday // 17:35 | Viewed: 2608

Bulgaria Sets Up Animal Police Service

Bulgaria has made its first steps toward the creation of an animal police service, MEP Emil Radev has said.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2015, Thursday // 13:13 | Viewed: 2278

Bulgaria MP Committee Passes Questions in Voting Rules Referendum

Lawmakers in Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee have given the green light to questions due to be put to a vote in a referendum on election rules this autumn.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2015, Thursday // 08:30 | Viewed: 1628

Bulgarian Parliament Passes Labor Code Amendments

Bulgarian Parliament has approved the one day labor contracts specifically for seasonal agricultural work.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2015, Wednesday // 13:28 | Viewed: 1673

Bulgaria is Well Prepared for Greek Bank Crisis, Foreign Minister Mitov says

The Greek financial crisis will not have severe consequences for the Bulgarian financial sector and business, as stated by the Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov Tuesday in an interview for the Bulgarian National Television.

Politics » Domestic | June 30, 2015, Tuesday // 23:14 | Viewed: 2046

Five Illegal Residential Buildings Demolished in Bulgaria’s Garmen

The demolition of the illegal residential buildings in Garmen has now been completed, as reported by Focus information agency.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2015, Monday // 16:51 | Viewed: 2099

Roma People Start Demolishing Illegal Residences Themselves

After they had been given an hour to leave their illegal residential buildings, Roma people in Garmen started demolishing their houses by themselves.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2015, Monday // 11:59 | Viewed: 1770

Bulgaria Spent BGN 1.5 B to Boost Employment by 2% in 2003-2011

Subsidized job creation is costly and inefficient, according to a survey of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on the impact of the government money spent on boosting employment rates.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2015, Monday // 11:08 | Viewed: 1642

Demolition of Illegal Roma Buildings to Begin in Bulgaria's Garmen

The demolition of the first four illegal buildings in the Roma neighbourhood of the Bulgarian village of Garmen should begin on Monday.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2015, Monday // 08:34 | Viewed: 2231

Small Bulgarian Municipalities to Be Included in Special Investment Program for Lagging Regions

A set of draft amendments to Bulgaria’s Regional Development Act envisages targeted support for lagging regions.

Politics » Domestic | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 12:48 | Viewed: 1571

One Dead after Bulgaria Mine Collapse

A worker has died after the Erma Reka mine collapsed in Southern Bulgaria, the public broadcaster BNT reports.

Politics » Domestic | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 12:05 | Viewed: 1641

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council to Elect Sofia City Court Chair

The Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) will elect on Wednesday the chair of Sofia City Court (SGS) as the titular position has been vacant since February.

Politics » Domestic | June 24, 2015, Wednesday // 11:59 | Viewed: 4487

Bulgaria's Justice Ministry Cutting 700 Staff to Slash Spending

The Bulgarian government is due to adopt Wednesday a document which cuts the Justice Ministry's staff by 632, local media outlets report.

Politics » Domestic | June 24, 2015, Wednesday // 10:54 | Viewed: 3811

Bulgarian MPs Move Towards Easing Requirements for Initiating Referendums

Members of the parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee adopted on Tuesday amendments to the Referenda Act lowering the number of citizens' signatures required for initiating them.

Politics » Domestic | June 24, 2015, Wednesday // 07:52 | Viewed: 3786

Bulgaria's Fmr President Urges Talks on Ethnic Tensions

Bulgarian President (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov has called on his successor Rosen Plevneliev to trigger a national security council meeting over the developments related to Bulgaria-Roma tensions.

Politics » Domestic | June 23, 2015, Tuesday // 18:02 | Viewed: 3920

Botevgrad Mayor Makes Statement Following Corruption Suspicions

''My main salary is BGN 2,400 and when the bonuses are added it goes up to BGN 2,800,'' stated Botevgrad mayor Georgi Georgiev in an interview for bTV Tuesday morning.

Politics » Domestic | June 23, 2015, Tuesday // 11:23 | Viewed: 3776

Bulgaria’s Deputy Interior Minister: Number of Human Smugglers Went Up in 2014

Bulgaria’s Deputy Interior Minister Tsvyatko Georgiev has drawn attention to an increase in the number of human smugglers in 2014.

Politics » Domestic | June 23, 2015, Tuesday // 11:00 | Viewed: 3726