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Bulgarian Parliament to Hold First Sitting after Easter Recess

The Bulgarian Parliament is to hold its first plenary sitting on Wednesday after the Easter recess, which lasted for twelve days.

Politics » Domestic | April 22, 2015, Wednesday // 07:57 | Viewed: 1090

Report on Activities of Bulgaria's State Agency for National Security Missing

The report on the activities of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) in 2013 containing information on the financial stability of Bulgaria has not been presented in the Council of Ministers to the National Asembly.

Politics » Domestic | April 21, 2015, Tuesday // 21:30 | Viewed: 1149

Electronic Government - Key Element of Reforms, Bulgarian PM Borisov says

Fast development of the electronic government is among the priorities of the current center-right GERB administration, as stated by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

Politics » Domestic | April 21, 2015, Tuesday // 15:40 | Viewed: 1161

Poll: 2nd Term of Bulgarian PM Borisov Has Higher Approval Rating

According to the latest opinion poll of Exacta, the first months of the second term of Boyko Borisov as Prime Minister garnered a higher approval rating among Bulgarians than his first tenure.

Politics » Domestic | April 21, 2015, Tuesday // 14:48 | Viewed: 1189

Bulgarian PM Borisov Receives High Public Approval Rating

Bulgarians deem most successful the government policies connected to infrastructure (38%), culture (29%) and foreign policy (25%).

Politics » Domestic | April 20, 2015, Monday // 13:57 | Viewed: 2127

Regional Minister Expects No More Delays to Launch of Maritsa Motorway

Bulgarian Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova announced on Saturday that no more delays were expected to the completion and launch of the Maritsa Motorway.

Politics » Domestic | April 18, 2015, Saturday // 14:04 | Viewed: 1711

Bulgaria's Nedelino Has New Mayor as Court Removes Former Holder

Rumen Rusanov from the Reformist Bloc (RB) became the new mayor of the Nedelino municipality in the region of Smolyan after his predecessor was removed from office.

Politics » Domestic | April 18, 2015, Saturday // 11:14 | Viewed: 1366

Bulgaria’s Environment Ministry Files BGN 180 000 Lawsuit against Concessionaire of Bansko Ski Zone

Bulgaria’s Environment Ministry has initiated a lawsuit against Yulen AD, the concessionaire of the Bansko ski zone, and is seeking BGN 178 482 in unpaid sums from the company.

Politics » Domestic | April 17, 2015, Friday // 21:03 | Viewed: 1795

Bulgaria’s President Backs Judicial Reform through Constitutional Changes

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has praised the decisiveness of the attempts of the Prime Minister and the government to trigger a profound and comprehensive judicial reform, including through changes to the Constitution.

Politics » Domestic | April 17, 2015, Friday // 18:52 | Viewed: 2708

Bulgarian Socialist Party to Try to Appeal New Debt of BGN 16 B at Constitutional Court

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has drafted an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the new debt of BGN 16 B.

Politics » Domestic | April 17, 2015, Friday // 17:22 | Viewed: 1127

Increased Consumption of Cigarettes and Alcohol in Bulgaria

Over the course of 2014 Bulgarian households have decreased the consumption of bread and bakery products but have increased the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

Politics » Domestic | April 17, 2015, Friday // 08:00 | Viewed: 1407

Cabinet Considers Judicial Reforms Through Constitutional Changes

The Bulgarian government proposed on Thursday amendments to the constitution, which foresee the division of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) into two colleges.

Politics » Domestic | April 16, 2015, Thursday // 18:51 | Viewed: 1265

Bulgarian Deputy PM Proposes State Social Insurance to Increase from 2017

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Ivaylo Kalfin proposed the contributions to state social insurance to start increasing from 2017.

Politics » Domestic | April 11, 2015, Saturday // 13:09 | Viewed: 1480

Traffic Jam Blocks Road to Greece Along Struma Highway

An impressive traffic jam has been formed along the Struma highway close to Dupnitsa as more and more cars are heading to Greece.

Politics » Domestic | April 10, 2015, Friday // 13:56 | Viewed: 1736

Bulgaria Parliament Elects Audit Office Deputy Heads

Goritsa Grancharova and Toshko Todorov are the new deputy heads of the National Audit Office of Bulgaria followig a Thursday vote in the National Assembly.

Politics » Domestic | April 9, 2015, Thursday // 10:31 | Viewed: 1255

Bulgaria PM to Seek Merger of Revenue, Customs Agencies

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on Wednesday he could table next week a proposal to merge the National Revenue Agency and the Customs Agency.

Politics » Domestic | April 9, 2015, Thursday // 08:08 | Viewed: 1335

Bulgaria Adopts Five-Year Plan to Fight Graft

Fighting top-level graft will be key priority in the period 2015-2020, according to a anti-corruption strategy blueprint adopted by Bulgaria’s government on Wednesday.

Politics » Domestic | April 8, 2015, Wednesday // 18:15 | Viewed: 1989

Bulgaria’s Govt Increases Interior Ministry Staff by 700 People

Bulgaria’s government has adopted a decision to increase the staff of the Interior Ministry to 50 200 from a rate of 49 500.

Politics » Domestic | April 8, 2015, Wednesday // 15:56 | Viewed: 1378

Oleg Petkov Appointed Deputy Chair of Bulgaria’s National Security Agency

Bulgaria’s government has appointed Oleg Petkov Deputy Chair of the State Agency for National Security (DANS).

Politics » Domestic | April 8, 2015, Wednesday // 15:28 | Viewed: 1361

Border Police Officers Stage Protest

Border police officers in Elhovo will be protesting on Wednesday on 12 pm members of the Syndicate of the Interior Ministry Employees will express their dissatisfaction with the policies of the Regional Directorate Border Police.

Politics » Domestic | April 8, 2015, Wednesday // 10:57 | Viewed: 1339

Bulgaria’s Labor Minister Presents Bill on Gender Equality

The share of employed women in Bulgaria is decreasing and women’s average earnings continue to be below that of men, according to data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), as cited by Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Policy.

Politics » Domestic | April 7, 2015, Tuesday // 13:20 | Viewed: 1378