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Bulgaria OKs Return of 3613 Migrants from Other EU States

As many as 3163 migrants with either humanitarian or refugee status are to be sent back to Bulgaria after Sofia has issued the respective number of approvals, government officials have revealed.

Politics » Domestic | January 6, 2015, Tuesday // 09:01 | Viewed: 1230

Bulgaria's Border Police Has New Director

Milen Penev was officially announced as the new director of Bulgaria's Border Police on Monday.

Politics » Domestic | January 5, 2015, Monday // 12:53 | Viewed: 920

Tasking Defense Ministry with Guarding Bulgaria’s Border 'Deemed Unthinkable'

The problem with migration is Bulgaria is systemic, not sporadic, according to Gen Miho Mihov, Chair of the parliamentary defense committee and MP from the ABV Movement (Alternative for Bulgarian Revival).

Politics » Domestic | January 5, 2015, Monday // 11:38 | Viewed: 1179

Bulgaria to Strive to Make up for Delays in Motorway Construction in 2015

Bulgaria’s Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova has presented details about planned motorway construction in 2015.

Politics » Domestic | January 5, 2015, Monday // 10:01 | Viewed: 1354

Deputy PM Calls Interinstitutional Meeting on Refugees

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva summons the ministers of interior, defence and regional development on Monday to discuss the problems the country faces with the influx of refugees.

Politics » Domestic | January 5, 2015, Monday // 07:46 | Viewed: 800

Sofia Mayor Fined BGN 31 500 over Failure to Implement Court Decision

The Administrative Court Sofia-City has imposed Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova a fine of BGN 31 500 for repeat failure to implement a court decision on a case concerning implied decision refusing access to public information.

Politics » Domestic | January 4, 2015, Sunday // 16:43 | Viewed: 1237

Bulgaria’s Deputy PM Recommends In-Depth Analysis of Economic Legislation

Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva has recommended examining the legislative framework regulating businesses in Bulgaria.

Politics » Domestic | January 4, 2015, Sunday // 14:41 | Viewed: 1174

Past Year Is Poor for Refugees' Integration in Bulgaria – UNHCR

The speaker of UNHCR in Bulgaria Boris Cheshirkov said on Tuesday that the past year has been unsuccessful for the integration of refugees in the country.

Politics » Domestic | December 30, 2014, Tuesday // 19:36 | Viewed: 1352

Chief of Bulgaria's Border Police Resigns

The Director of Border Police Zaharin Penov has resigned due to the accident with the truck carrying border police officers that overturned on Friday and resulted in the death of the driver.

Politics » Domestic | December 29, 2014, Monday // 15:43 | Viewed: 1454

Bulgarian Government Dismisses Chief of Refugee Agency

The Council of Ministers announced on Monday that the President of the State Agency for Refugees Nikolay Chirpanliev has been dismissed.

Politics » Domestic | December 29, 2014, Monday // 14:57 | Viewed: 1585

Four Bulgarian MPs Leave BWC Party Due to Barekov's Incosistency

Four Bulgarian members of parliament leave the Bulgaria Without Censorship (BWC) party due to the inconsistency of their leader Nikolay Barekov.

Politics » Domestic | December 29, 2014, Monday // 13:50 | Viewed: 998

Bulgaria's Prison Officers Go on Strike

Employees from all prisons in Bulgaria go on strike on Monday in order to protest the misapplication of the Interior Ministry Act.

Politics » Domestic | December 29, 2014, Monday // 11:48 | Viewed: 2001

Ex-PM Oresharski: 2014 'Was Year of Disappointment' for Bulgaria

Bulgaria's former Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski has described 2014 as "a year of disappointment, hopes and expectations which do not come true.

Politics » Domestic | December 29, 2014, Monday // 09:49 | Viewed: 1164

Defense Minister Attends Memorial Service for Bulgarian Rangers Killed in Kerbala in 2003

Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev has attended a memorial service for the 5 Bulgarian rangers killed in Kerbala, Iraq.

Politics » Domestic | December 27, 2014, Saturday // 15:50 | Viewed: 910

Bulgarian Ministries, Universities Owe BGN 23 M to Sofia Municipality

Public institutions and universities owe the Sofia Municipality some BGN 23 M in unpaid garbage fee and property tax installments.

Politics » Domestic | December 27, 2014, Saturday // 12:56 | Viewed: 990

Bulgaria's DPS Leader Mestan Warns New Early Elections Could Be Looming

Bulgaria could be heading for a new snap poll unless the main ruling party, center-right GERB, distances itself from the nationalist formation supporting the cabinet, a key political leader has warned.

Politics » Domestic | December 26, 2014, Friday // 16:45 | Viewed: 1332

Junior Coalition Partner ABV Demands Debate on Judicial Reform

ABV, the junior partner in Bulgaria's coalition government has demanded a debate with the participation of the three branches of power on the issues of judicial reform.

Politics » Domestic | December 23, 2014, Tuesday // 19:14 | Viewed: 1054

Deputy PM: Coalition Partners Have Retained Knee-Jerk Oppositional Reaction

Deputy Prime Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has accused the coalition partners of center-right party GERB of acting like opposition parties.

Politics » Domestic | December 23, 2014, Tuesday // 13:57 | Viewed: 768

French Ambassador Asks Social Policy Minister about Pension System Changes

France's Ambassador to Bulgaria Xavier Lapeyre de Cabanes has asked Ivaylo Kalfin, Minister of Labor and Social Policy, to explain in detail the pension reform adopted on Friday.

Politics » Domestic | December 23, 2014, Tuesday // 12:32 | Viewed: 938

Nikolay Barekov Leaving Leadership of His Party's Coalition

Nikolay Barekov, a journalist-turned-politician and currently MEP, is leaving the leadership structures of the Bulgaria without Censorship coalition he created last year.

Politics » Domestic | December 23, 2014, Tuesday // 09:41 | Viewed: 714

Tsvetan Vasilev: KTB Became Victim of State Institutions, Private Interests

Tsvetan Vasilev announced in an exclusive interview for Novinite news agency that he was blackmailed to give away part of Vivacom in March.

Politics » Domestic | December 22, 2014, Monday // 15:01 | Viewed: 1446