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Bulgarian PM Lauds Ex Diaspora Minister's Work

The opening of new Bulgarian schools abroad, donations for them, alleviating the procedure for granting Bulgarian citizenship, are among the achievements of the Minister without Portfolio for Bulgarians Abroad, Bozhidar Dimitrov, while in office.

Politics » Domestic | April 1, 2011, Friday // 11:03 | Viewed: 1680

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister Still under Fire from Right, Left

Both Bulgaria's right and left wing are unwavering in demanding the resignation of Agriculture Minister, Miroslav Naydenov, over alleged scams at the State Fund Agriculture.

Politics » Domestic | March 31, 2011, Thursday // 16:51 | Viewed: 1637

Bulgaria's Special Tribunal to Receive BGN 2 M for Salaries

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) will provide BGN 2 M for salaried to all 134 people that will work in the special tribunal for high-profile organized crime cases.

Politics » Domestic | March 31, 2011, Thursday // 14:26 | Viewed: 1391

Alleged Corruption Scandal Rattles Bulgaria's State Agriculture Fund

The Bulgarian government has replaced the entire senior management of the State Agriculture Fund, the institution in charge of distributing EU agricultural funding.

Politics » Domestic | March 31, 2011, Thursday // 12:34 | Viewed: 1899

Bulgarian Govt Bails Out Sofia Municipality for New Metro Trains

Bulgaria's Cabinet has provided the Sofia Municipality with BGN 11 M in order to pay for the delivery of three new trains for the subway.

Politics » Domestic | March 30, 2011, Wednesday // 19:19 | Viewed: 1266

Right-Wing Leader: Recession Feels at Home in Bulgaria

The cartel agreements have destroyed the economic competition in Bulgaria, as well as the small and medium business, according to right-wing leader Ivan Kostov.

Politics » Domestic | March 30, 2011, Wednesday // 10:06 | Viewed: 1803

Head: Bulgaria's Anti-Corruption Unit Cannot Fight Corruption

The newly established Center for Prevention of Organized Crime and Corruption (BORKOR) cannot fight corruption, according to the unit's head, Rumen Milanov.

Politics » Domestic | March 30, 2011, Wednesday // 09:17 | Viewed: 1465

Bulgarian Socialists Claim More Anti-Govt Protests to Come

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will continue to organize protests against the government of the ruling party GERB not only in the capital Sofia, but in other cities as well.

Politics » Domestic | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 17:56 | Viewed: 1570

Line of Birthday Gifts Awaits Bulgaria's Ethnic Turkish Leader

Members and supporters of the Bulgarian ethnic Turkish party DPS have went Tuesday to its headquarters to greet the leader Ahmed Dogan for his 57th birthday.

Politics » Domestic | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 17:02 | Viewed: 1930

Bulgarian Right Wing Demands Ousting of Agriculture Minister over Corruption

Bulgaria's right-wing Union of Democratic Forces (UDF) presented Tuesday evidence of corruption practices in the Agriculture Ministry and the State Fund "Agriculture" - the agency dealing with payments from the EU SAPARD program.

Politics » Domestic | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 15:27 | Viewed: 1897

Facebook Group Shakes Bulgarian Ethnic Turkish Party Leadership

The former Deputy Chair of the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Kasim Dal, who recently resigned,and was later expelled from the party, has gathered support from 4 300 Facebook users.

Politics » Domestic | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 12:30 | Viewed: 2039

Bulgarian GERB MP Accused of Lobbying

The Member of the Bulgarian Parliament from the ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party, Emil Radev, has been accused of lobbying in favor of his spouse's boss.

Politics » Domestic | March 29, 2011, Tuesday // 11:36 | Viewed: 1758

Bulgarian President Launches Appointment of Electoral Commission

Bulgaria's President, Georgi Parvanov, has established April 12 as the date to begin consultations for appointing the country's Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

Politics » Domestic | March 28, 2011, Monday // 15:31 | Viewed: 1394

Nearly 4000 Bulgarians Named Secret Police Agents since 07

А special panel, investigating Bulgaria's communist-era police files, said it has exposed 3800 Bulgarian nationals as state security agents and collaborators since its establishment four years ago.

Politics » Domestic | March 28, 2011, Monday // 12:51 | Viewed: 1431

Bulgarian Conservatives Deny They'll Nominate Ex Agent for President

The Bulgarian conservative "Order, Law and Justice" (RZS) party will have its own tandem for the upcoming presidential elections, candidates for mayors in all municipalities and municipal councils in more than 3000 villages.

Politics » Domestic | March 27, 2011, Sunday // 19:36 | Viewed: 1871

Controversial Party Asks Whole Opposition to Leave Bulgarian Parliament

Controversial Order, Lawfulness and Justice (RZS) party has requested all other opposition parties to leave Parliament in order to show their opposition to the GERB cabinet and their earnest request for snap elections.

Politics » Domestic | March 26, 2011, Saturday // 17:34 | Viewed: 1463

Bulgarian PM: I Regret I Didn't Let Socialists Drown

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has commented disparagingly on criticism and calls for resignation voiced at a 16,000-strong socialist rally in Sofia Saturday.

Politics » Domestic | March 26, 2011, Saturday // 15:15 | Viewed: 1761

Socialist Leader: Bulgarians Don't Eat Asphalt!

Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party and ex-PM Sergey Stanishev has slammed the cabinet of successor Boyko Borisov at a thousand-strong rally in central Sofia Saturday.

Politics » Domestic | March 26, 2011, Saturday // 14:27 | Viewed: 1946

Thousands of Bulgarians Led by Socialists Give 'Red Card' to Govt

More than 16,000 Bulgarians have rallied in central Sofia gathered by the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party in protest against PM Boyko Borisov's government.

Politics » Domestic | March 26, 2011, Saturday // 12:15 | Viewed: 1929

Bulgarian Socialists Accuse Statistics Institute of Falsifying Data

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) have accused the National Statistics Institute (NSI) of falsifying data on the number of employed people in the country.

Politics » Domestic | March 23, 2011, Wednesday // 09:34 | Viewed: 1631

Ex-EU Commissioner Still Hesitates on Bulgaria Presidential Bid

Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's former EU Commissioner, said Tuesday she has not decided yet whether she will run for President in the upcoming elections in the fall of 2011.

Politics » Domestic | March 22, 2011, Tuesday // 17:40 | Viewed: 1363