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Bulgaria PM among Ruling Party Candidates for President

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is among the candidates of the ruling GERB party considered to run in the upcoming presidential elections in the autumn, the interior minister said.

Politics » Domestic | May 4, 2011, Wednesday // 10:06 | Viewed: 1438

Bulgarian Right Wing Selects Presidential Nominee by End of May

The so-called "internal elections" for presidential and mayoral nominees of the Bulgarian right wing are going to be held no later than the end of May.

Politics » Domestic | May 3, 2011, Tuesday // 16:16 | Viewed: 1457

Sure Reelection for Incumbent Sofia Mayor Fandakova, Poll Predicts

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova is very likely to win a second term in the Bulgarian local elections in the fall of 2011, according to a fresh poll.

Politics » Domestic | May 2, 2011, Monday // 18:57 | Viewed: 1451

Bulgaria's Ex-EU Commissioner Vows to Be Non-Partisan President

Bulgaria needs a non-partisan President, Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's former EU Commissioner, stated Monday.

Politics » Domestic | May 2, 2011, Monday // 16:50 | Viewed: 1341

'Raging' Bulgarian Socialists Chant 'Djankov, GERB Go Home!"

Around 7,000 supporters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party gathered on a rainy May Day in Sofia for their traditional rally, this year in protest of Bulgaria's center-right GERB cabinet.

Politics » Domestic | May 1, 2011, Sunday // 14:27 | Viewed: 2204

Bulgarian Socialist Leader Begets First Child on Labor Day

Leader of the Socialist Party and Bulgarian ex-PM Sergey Stanishev became a father Sunday, when in the small hours his daughter was born.

Politics » Domestic | May 1, 2011, Sunday // 12:50 | Viewed: 1849

Bulgarian Socialists Launch 'Day of Rage' from Plovdiv

Supporters of the Bulgarian Socialist Party have started their nationwide string of protests on occasion of the International Labor Day in Plovdiv.

Politics » Domestic | May 1, 2011, Sunday // 11:20 | Viewed: 1340

Ex PM Stanishev: GERB Is Ruining Bulgaria

The rule of the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, GERB, party is damaging for the country, according to the leader of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP, Sergey Stanishev.

Politics » Domestic | April 30, 2011, Saturday // 15:08 | Viewed: 1756

Bulgarian PM Vows Severe Sanctions in Police Brutality Case

The officers implicated in police brutality during the arrest of the ex Secretary of the Finance Ministry, Tencho Popov, will be sanctioned.

Politics » Domestic | April 29, 2011, Friday // 13:02 | Viewed: 1681

Bulgarian Right Wing Leader Firmly out of Presidential Race

The leader of the Bulgarian right-wing Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, DSB, party, Ivan Kostov, declared Friday he was not disappointed by the fact he had not been nominated to enter the presidential race.

Politics » Domestic | April 29, 2011, Friday // 11:29 | Viewed: 1621

Bulgaria Presidential Hopeful Slams Parvanov

Georgi Parvanov, Bulgaria's current President, is not making good use of the mechanisms his authority provides, according to Svetoslav Malinov, one of the potential candidates to succeed him.

Politics » Domestic | April 29, 2011, Friday // 11:10 | Viewed: 1510

Eccentric Mayor: Bulgaria Declared War on Libya, Brace for Attacks!

Bulgaria has practically declared war on Libya by sending its frigate to enforce a UN arms embargo, according to the eccentric nationalist mayor of Plovdiv, Slavcho Atanasov.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2011, Thursday // 18:09 | Viewed: 2315

Ex Bulgarian PM Stanishev: Borisov Can't Scare Off EU

Ex Bulgarian PM Sergey Stanishev has slammed his successor Boyko Borisov for stating Bulgaria will demand sanctions for EU countries failing to obey deficit limits in response to being treated unfairly for the Schengen Area.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2011, Thursday // 16:07 | Viewed: 1329

Contestants Set for Bulgarian Right's Preliminary Presidential Election

Svetoslav Malinov, a Bulgarian MP from the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, is to run in the preliminary elections within the rightist Blue Coalition, which will determine a common presidential candidate.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2011, Thursday // 15:43 | Viewed: 1471

Notorious Party RZS to Run Solo in Bulgaria's 2011 Votes

A small conservative opposition party with links to shady figures from Bulgaria's transition has said it will not team up with partners in the upcoming local and presidential polls in the autumn.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2011, Thursday // 09:55 | Viewed: 1505

Bulgaria Rightists Fail to Name Common Presidential Runner

The Union of Democratic Forces and Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, the two parties composing the Bulgarian rightist Blue Coalition, could not come up with a common presidential candidate.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2011, Wednesday // 13:23 | Viewed: 1465

Bulgarian Rightist MEP Slams Own Party over Presidential Nominee

Bulgarian EPP MEP Nadezhda Neynsky severely criticised her own Union of Democratic Forces for the manner of nomination of their candidate for the fall presidential elections in Bulgaria.

Politics » Domestic | April 26, 2011, Tuesday // 19:15 | Viewed: 1985

Partner in Bulgaria's Blue Coalition Names Presidential Nominee

The Union of Democratic Forces, one of the two parties forming Bulgaria's rightist Blue Coalition, named Tuesday their vice-chair Rumen Hristov as their presidential candidate for elections in the fall.

Politics » Domestic | April 26, 2011, Tuesday // 15:10 | Viewed: 1797

Young Bulgarian Liberals Want Ex-EU Commissioner for President

The youth organization of the National Movement for Stability and Prosperity have nominated former EU Commissioner and Bulgarian minister Meglena Kuneva for the upcoming presidential elections in the fall.

Politics » Domestic | April 25, 2011, Monday // 14:42 | Viewed: 1532

Bulgaria's Media Are Place for Murky Politics - Analyst

Bulgaria suffers from a chronically malfunctioning media world which is servicing unclear political and economic interests, according to political analyst Tsvetozar Tomov.

Politics » Domestic | April 25, 2011, Monday // 11:26 | Viewed: 1467

Political Brawl Mars Sofia Easter Mass

The solemn Easter Mass at the St. Alexander Nevsky cathedral in Bulgaria's capital Sofia began with a political scandal Saturday evening.

Politics » Domestic | April 24, 2011, Sunday // 13:01 | Viewed: 2176