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Bulgarian MEP Calls for Clamping Down on Organized Crime at Sofia Airport

Bulgarian MEP Antoniya Parvanova has urged Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov to take measures to counter the activities of the organized crime group looting passengers' luggage at Sofia Airport.

Politics » Domestic | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 17:59 | Viewed: 1728

Mystery Surrounds Presidential Bid of Bulgarian Ex-Agent Petrov

Former MEP from Bulgarian ruling center-right GERB party Dushana Zdravkova has refuted an earlier announcement Thursday that she will run as vice-president for controversial businessman and ex-secret agent Alexei Petrov's presidential bid.

Politics » Domestic | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 16:56 | Viewed: 1164

Bulgarian MPs Mull Registering as Firms to Disclose Spending

MPs from Bulgarian ruling center-right GERB party have disclosed they are considering legislative amendments to make MPs register as companies to allow transparency on their spending.

Politics » Domestic | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 16:04 | Viewed: 960

US Ambassador Engages in Dialogue with Bulgarian Independent MPs

10 independent MPs met Thursday with US Ambassador to Bulgaria James Warlick to discuss the creation of a new independent political project.

Politics » Domestic | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 15:04 | Viewed: 1895

Ex Secret Agent, Ex MEP Nominated for Bulgarian President, VP

Controversial former secret agent Alexei Petrov and former senior judge and ex MEP from Bulgaria's ruling party GERB, Dushana Zdravkova have been nominated to run for President and Vice President in Bulgaria's elections in October 2011.

Politics » Domestic | July 7, 2011, Thursday // 12:44 | Viewed: 1686

Bulgarian MPs Kill Opposition Bill for Merging Civilian, Military Intelligence

Bulgaria's Parliament has rejected at first reading a bill of the rightist opposition to create a State Intelligence Agency, merging the existing military and civilian intelligence services.

Politics » Domestic | July 6, 2011, Wednesday // 15:19 | Viewed: 1723

Socialist Leader: Borisov Cabinet Forces Bulgaria into Greece's Footsteps

Ruling party GERB has betrayed a vast majority of its pre-election promises made two years ago, according to Sergey Stanishev, leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2011, Tuesday // 17:46 | Viewed: 1518

Bulgarian Interior Minister Denies Discrediting Donations

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov has rejected allegations that donations received by the institution have strings attached, at the same time remaining elusive about whether the Ministry would return them.

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2011, Tuesday // 13:45 | Viewed: 1162

Senior Judges Obstruct Replacements at Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council

Judges from Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Casssation (VKS) obstructed Monday the appointment of two new members of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS).

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2011, Tuesday // 12:13 | Viewed: 1307

Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Demands Top Cop`s Head Over Intervention in Judiciary

The Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) has called for the resignation of Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov, vowing to seek the instant intervention of EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Redding with regard to his attacks against the judiciary.

Politics » Domestic | July 4, 2011, Monday // 14:10 | Viewed: 1215

Bulgarian Interior Ministry Reveals Suspicious Donations Statistics

Local units of Bulgaria's Interior Ministry have accepted donations from a range of large and small businesses, including from convicted persons and persons involved in criminal investigations, according to statistics for the period August 2009 - May 2011

Politics » Domestic | July 4, 2011, Monday // 13:08 | Viewed: 2209

Bulgarian Interior Min: Next Time We'll Be Arresting Judges

Bulgarian Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov spoke harshly of the Bulgarian judiciary, following a police operation against persons released by courts on bail.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2011, Saturday // 16:20 | Viewed: 1365

Lax Control, Clientelism Plague Bulgaria's Judiciary - Chief Inspector

The Bulgarian judiciary is plagued with numerous clientelist appointments, which is a major reason for its problems, according to Anna Karaivanova, Chief Inspector at the Inspectorate of the Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2011, Saturday // 11:28 | Viewed: 1748

Sofia International Airport CEO Dismissed

The executive director of Sofia International Airport, Asen Tanchev, who was appointed less than a year ago, has been dismissed.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2011, Friday // 19:38 | Viewed: 1877

Bulgarian PM To Cabinet: We'll Go Down in History as Highway, Sport Hall Heroes!

 Bulgarians will sooner or later recognize the importance of the ruling centrist-right GERB government, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov vowed Friday.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2011, Friday // 14:30 | Viewed: 1190

Bulgarian Specialized Court, Prosecutor's Office Postponed over Inexperienced Staff

Bulgaria's specialized court and prosecutor's office, which were supposed to facilitate the fight against organized crime, will not go into operation in August 2011 as previously planned.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2011, Friday // 11:54 | Viewed: 1424

Bulgarian Govt Meagerly Ups Social Benefits 'Pre-Election'

The Bulgarian center-right GERB government dispelled the intrigue it had created itself by deciding to up the minimum wage, but not retirement pensions in the country, starting September 1.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2011, Wednesday // 17:15 | Viewed: 1465

Allegations on Misuse of Bulgarian Party Funding Remain Unclear

The 3 renegade MPs from Bulgarian nationalist party Ataka declared Wednesday they have received no money from the ruling center-right GERB party for their support.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2011, Wednesday // 15:50 | Viewed: 1150

Bulgarian Supreme Judicial Council's Annual Report Approved Amid Renewed Criticism

The Bulgarian Parliament approved Wednesday the annual report on the activity of the Supreme Judicial Council VSS and the VSS Inspectorate amid renewed criticism.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2011, Wednesday // 15:39 | Viewed: 964

Priority Projects Under 'Bulgaria 2020' Included in Trans-European Road Network

 Regional Development Minister Rosen Plevneliev has termed "a big victory for Bulgaria" the fact that the priority projects under the Bulgaria 2020 strategy (seven highways, seven high-speed thor­ough­fares) are now part of the Trans-European road network

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2011, Wednesday // 12:54 | Viewed: 1347

Notorious Bulgarian Nationalist Snubbed Yet Again as Anti-Corruption Head

Volen Siderov, the controversial leader of the Bulgarian far-right Ataka (Attack) party, failed for the fourth consecutive time to become the head of the Anti-Corruption Committee in the country's Parliament.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2011, Wednesday // 10:47 | Viewed: 905