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GP Fee in Bulgaria No Longer Tied to Minimum Wage

The general practitioner (GP) fee in Bulgaria will no longer be determined on the basis of the minimum wage, according to amendments to the Health Insurance Act passed on second reading Wednesday.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2012, Wednesday // 20:13 | Viewed: 1116

Bulgaria's Customs Agency Fires 14 Officials Overnight

At least 14 officials of Bulgaria's Customs Agency have reportedly been fired overnight.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2012, Wednesday // 18:52 | Viewed: 964

Thorniest Bulgarian Forestry Act Text Dropped at 2nd Reading

The Bulgarian Parliament passed at second reading the most controversial paragraph five in the Forestry Act, submitted by MPs from the ruling GERB party.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2012, Wednesday // 13:23 | Viewed: 732

Bulgarian MPs Call Emergency 'Terror Act' Hearing

The Bulgarian Parliament is holding Friday a behind closed-doors hearing of senior security and intelligence officials in connection with the terror act in the Black Sea city of Burgas.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2012, Wednesday // 12:23 | Viewed: 696

Bulgaria's Interior Min Sees Silver Linings in Crushing EU Report

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov has argued during Tuesday's parliamentary debates on a no confidence vote of the Borisov Cabinet that last week's devastatingly critical EC monitoring report on Bulgaria had registered progress.

Politics » Domestic | July 24, 2012, Tuesday // 17:54 | Viewed: 791

Bulgaria Govt Braces for 4th No Confidence Vote

Bulgaria's ruling centrist-right GERB government faces its fourth no confidence vote since it took over in 2009.

Politics » Domestic | July 24, 2012, Tuesday // 09:01 | Viewed: 570

Ex-Commissioner Kuneva: Bulgarians Perish from Incompetence

Bulgaria and Bulgarians are gradually perishing from the incompetence of those in key positions, stated former European Commissioner Meglena Kuneva.

Politics » Domestic | July 21, 2012, Saturday // 19:14 | Viewed: 912

Bulgarian Socialists Need EUR 8 M to Restore 'Forget Your Past' Monument

The Bulgarian Socialist Party would need about BGN 15 M to repair the badly aged and abandoned Buzludzha Monument, announced leading socialist politician Yanaki Stoilov.

Politics » Domestic | July 21, 2012, Saturday // 18:07 | Viewed: 1417

Bulgarian Regional City Mayor Found to Be in Conflict of Interests

Zlatko Zhivkov, mayor of Bulgarian north-western regional center Montana, was found to be in conflict of interests by the official state body for the investigation of such instances.

Politics » Domestic | July 21, 2012, Saturday // 14:32 | Viewed: 638

National Security Agency Denies Active Terrorist Cell in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's State Agency for National Security (DANS) has no information about an active terror unit that could have provided assistance for the July 18 terror attack against Israeli tourists at the Burgas airport.

Politics » Domestic | July 20, 2012, Friday // 18:20 | Viewed: 1076

Bulgaria's National Security Agency Clueless about Terror Attack - Rightist Leader

Rightist leader Ivan Kostov has insisted that the Bulgarian government and the State Agency for National Security (DANS) must explain as soon as possible why the country was hit by an international terror attack.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2012, Thursday // 18:51 | Viewed: 1020

Bulgarian Nationalist Slams Security Agency after Terror Act

The State Agency for National Security, DANS, was caught completely unprepared to react to the terrorist attack in Bulgaria.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2012, Thursday // 18:44 | Viewed: 943

Bulgarian President Calls National Security Council

Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev, is calling a meeting of the Consultative Council on National Security, KSNS.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2012, Thursday // 16:37 | Viewed: 770

Opposition Tables No-Confidence Vote for Bulgarian Govt

Opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party and Movement for Rights and Freedoms have tabled to Parliament a no-confidence motion for the center-right GERB cabinet of PM Boyko Borisov.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2012, Thursday // 16:18 | Viewed: 633

Bulgarian President's Website Stirs Outrage with Ethnic Slur

The name of a file uploaded on Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev's website stirred public outrage in Bulgaria, as it contained an ethnic slur.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2012, Thursday // 15:46 | Viewed: 1182

Bulgaria Right-Wingers Bash Govt over Disastrous CVM Report

Bulgaria's right-wing Blue Coalition has declared that the European Commission's highly critical report on Bulgaria's justice reform and the fight against corruption and organized crime equals a "no confidence vote" for the country's government.

Politics » Domestic | July 18, 2012, Wednesday // 16:25 | Viewed: 550

Nearly 80% of Bulgarians Unable to Save EUR 1

Nearly 80% of Bulgarians admit they cannot save as much as EUR 1 and the same percentage of people feel insecure in their jobs, according to a survey of International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) conducted among citizens of different European countrie

Politics » Domestic | July 18, 2012, Wednesday // 12:07 | Viewed: 1287

Bulgarian Right-Wingers Demand Top Cop Ousted

Bulgaria's right-wing oppositional Blue Coalition has demanded that Prime Minister Boyko Borisov immediately fire Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Politics » Domestic | July 18, 2012, Wednesday // 11:01 | Viewed: 488

Bulgarian Left-Wingers Threaten No-Confidence Motion

The opposition left-wing Coalition for Bulgaria is launching consultations for a non-confidence motion against the GERB government, according to the formation's press office.

Politics » Domestic | July 17, 2012, Tuesday // 20:39 | Viewed: 659

Bulgaria's Top Cop Sentenced over Inaction

A three-judge panel of the Supreme Administrative Court (VAS) has sentenced Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov over inaction.

Politics » Domestic | July 17, 2012, Tuesday // 19:51 | Viewed: 1164

Bulgarian Left-Wingers: Most Disastrous EC Report Ever!

The draft of the European Commission's Monitoring Report on Bulgaria's Justice System and Home Affairs is extremely negative for the country's government, according to Sergey Stanishev, leader of the oppositional Bulgarian Socialist Party.

Politics » Domestic | July 17, 2012, Tuesday // 15:22 | Viewed: 1124