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Bulgarian President Asked to Help with BDZ Strike Deadlock

The two major syndicates in Bulgaria have requested from outgoing President, Georgi Parvanov, to call the Consultative Council on National Security over the railways strike.

Politics » Domestic | December 8, 2011, Thursday // 09:29 | Viewed: 1141

Bulgaria's Interior Gets Third Extra Subsidy Under Budget 2011

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry will get an additional subsidy of BGN 6.5 M under Budget 2011 to meet running costs.

Politics » Domestic | December 7, 2011, Wednesday // 15:57 | Viewed: 1351

Business Sees Bulgaria as Corrupt - Justice Minister

The business perceives Bulgaria as a country in which corruption prevails, newly appointed Bulgarian Justice Minister Diana Kovacheva has admitted.

Politics » Domestic | December 7, 2011, Wednesday // 11:04 | Viewed: 1497

Bulgarian Transport Minister Upbeat about Chances for Railway Strike Ending

An agreement may be reached on Wednesday which will lead to the end of the ongoing strike in the Bulgarian State Railways (BDZ), the country's Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski reckons.

Politics » Domestic | December 7, 2011, Wednesday // 09:24 | Viewed: 1200

Bulgarian Parliament to Vote State Budget 2012 on 2nd Reading

The Bulgarian Parliament will vote on second reading Wednesday and Thursday legislation relating to Bulgaria's state budget for 2012.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 20:48 | Viewed: 1181

Bulgarian Cabinet Firm on Not Surrendering to Farmers

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, refused to meet Tuesday with protesting grain producers, who spent over an hour in front of the Council of Ministries building.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 18:13 | Viewed: 1123

EC Green-Lights Reduced Excise Duty Rate for Bulgaria's Agricultural Producers

The European Commission has approved the notification for the reduced excise duty rate for fuel used for agricultural purposes, said Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naydenov at a press conference on Tuesday.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 17:30 | Viewed: 1165

Bulgarian PM Bans Ministers from Blaming Predecessors

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, declared Tuesday that he had banned all ministers from the cabinet to find excuses for poor performance in their predecessors.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 16:50 | Viewed: 972

Bulgarian Left-Wingers Make Use of Protests, Demand Minister Resignations

Bulgaria's oppositional Bulgarian Socialist Party has officially demanded the resignations of Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naydenov as a result of the ongoing protests in the country.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 16:03 | Viewed: 1066

E-Govt Finally Makes Headway in Bulgaria

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski launched on Tuesday an electronic document exchange platform at five state administrations.

Politics » Domestic | December 6, 2011, Tuesday // 15:00 | Viewed: 1096

Syndicates: FinMin Is Detrimental for Bulgaria

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, is detrimental for the country with his poor job performance.

Politics » Domestic | December 4, 2011, Sunday // 13:29 | Viewed: 1113

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister: Road Blocks Are Futile

Blocking cross border checkpoints and roads is counterproductive, according to Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister, Miroslav Naydenov.

Politics » Domestic | December 4, 2011, Sunday // 12:38 | Viewed: 1263

New Bulgarian 'Special Court' Faces Legal, Staffing Hurdles

Newly elected Bulgarian Specialized Court president Georgi Ushev has commented that the court will face significant difficulties once its starts working beginning of 2012.

Politics » Domestic | December 3, 2011, Saturday // 15:21 | Viewed: 1527

EC to Grant BGN 28 M for 'Bulgarian Louvre'

The European Union will grant BGN 28 M for the construction of a Sofia-based museum dubbed the Bulgarian Louvre, said Regional Development Minister Lilyana Pavlova.

Politics » Domestic | December 2, 2011, Friday // 14:49 | Viewed: 1129

Bulgaria's PM: FinMin Says Right Things But in American

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, declares that mistakes in the retirement system in the country are 20-year-old.

Politics » Domestic | December 2, 2011, Friday // 11:18 | Viewed: 1228

PES Leader Stanishev: Bulgarian Govt's Retirement Reform Is Illegal

Bulgaria's ruling centrist-right GERB is violating the law with the retirement reform it has proposed, according to Sergey Stanishev, the newly elected interim president of the Party of European Socialists.

Politics » Domestic | December 2, 2011, Friday // 10:14 | Viewed: 843

Bulgarian PM Admits Designing Controversial Retirement Reform

Bulgaria's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov revealed that the sudden upping of the country's retirement age with one whole year starting January 2012 was his idea.

Politics » Domestic | December 2, 2011, Friday // 09:30 | Viewed: 826

Bulgarian Posts Stay on 'No-Privatization' List - GERB MP

State-owned Bulgarian Posts will definitely stay on the "no-privatization" list, said Valentin Nikolov, Deputy Chair of the parliamentary group of ruling center-right party GERB on Thursday.

Politics » Domestic | December 1, 2011, Thursday // 15:11 | Viewed: 926

First Attempt of Judicial Council to Elect Sofia Appellate Prosecutor Collapses

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) failed to elect a Sofia Appellate Prosecutor at its Thursday session.

Politics » Domestic | December 1, 2011, Thursday // 12:18 | Viewed: 926

Bulgaria's GERB Yields to Retirement Age Protests

Bulgaria's ruling centrist-right GERB has yielded to Wednesday's massive protest against the sudden retirement age upping in the country with one year in 2012, proposing a more gradual increase over the next three years.

Politics » Domestic | December 1, 2011, Thursday // 08:13 | Viewed: 1242

Bulgaria's New Justice Minister to Observe 'Good Traditions'

Bulgaria's new Justice Minister, Diana Kovacheva, has said that she will put the focus on cooperation and maintaining constant dialogue.

Politics » Domestic | November 30, 2011, Wednesday // 15:45 | Viewed: 1113