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Bulgarians as Miserable as after 1997 Catastrophe - Ex EU Commissioner Party

After five years of EU membership the majority of Bulgarians feel as miserable as during the banking crisis in 1996-1997 when many lost their savings, according to the new opposition party of the country's former EU commissioner.

Politics » Domestic | September 18, 2012, Tuesday // 10:19 | Viewed: 1397

Stanishev: Bulgaria Is Tragic Country Plundered by Rulers

Bulgaria is facing a hapless future at the hands of ruling center-right GERB party and citizens should brace for a change, stated PES and opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey Stanishev.

Politics » Domestic | September 15, 2012, Saturday // 13:55 | Viewed: 1217

First Members of Bulgaria's New Judicial Council to Be Elected

The first members in the new composition of Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council are set to be elected Saturday.

Politics » Domestic | September 15, 2012, Saturday // 09:48 | Viewed: 750

Ruling GERB Courts Bulgaria's Ethnic Turks

The ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party, GERB, is set to open an office in Istanbul or Bursa in neighboring Turkey, months before the 2013 general election.

Politics » Domestic | September 14, 2012, Friday // 15:18 | Viewed: 1090

Bulgarian Nationalists to Unite in Eve of 2013 Elections

Bulgarian nationalists are mulling the establishment of a large coalition to tackle the 2013 parliamentary elections.

Politics » Domestic | September 14, 2012, Friday // 08:42 | Viewed: 1570

Key Supreme Judicial Council Hearing Held in Bulgaria

The hearing of the candidates for Bulgaria's new Supreme Judicial Council, VSS, from the parliamentary quota is being held Tuesday.

Politics » Domestic | September 11, 2012, Tuesday // 09:35 | Viewed: 821

Kuneva Slams Bulgarian Govt, Vows No Dirty Deals

Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's former EU Commissioner who is now the leader of her own political party "Bulgaria for Citizens", has promised not to cheat her voters with "covert, dirty deals".

Politics » Domestic | September 10, 2012, Monday // 14:09 | Viewed: 1081

Bulgarian Left-Wingers Determined to Overthrow Ruling GERB

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey Stanishev has reiterated that his left-wing formation "should stop" the country's ruling centrist-right GERB government.

Politics » Domestic | September 9, 2012, Sunday // 19:29 | Viewed: 920

Bulgarian President: Communist Regime Betrayed Nation

Bulgaria's President, Rosen Plevneliev, voiced Sunday serious alarm from recent attempts to restore the image of the Communist regime in misinterpreting history.

Politics » Domestic | September 9, 2012, Sunday // 14:06 | Viewed: 1453

Stanishev: Cabinet Promises to Raise Salaries Are Arrogant

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader Sergey Stanishev has criticized as "populist" recent promises by center-right GERB cabinet to raise budget pensions and salaries ahead of elections.

Politics » Domestic | September 8, 2012, Saturday // 18:09 | Viewed: 1029

Bulgarian PM Deems Job Creation Cabinet's 'Only Problem'

The creation of new jobs is "the only problem for the Bulgarian government", Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov believes, according to the record of the weekly Cabinet sitting released Friday.

Politics » Domestic | September 7, 2012, Friday // 16:07 | Viewed: 1076

Right-Wing MP Wants Tsar Liberator Monument Moved from Hearth of Sofia

The monument of Tsar Osvoboditel (Liberator King) should be moved from its central location in front of the building of the Parliament, the Member of the Parliament from the right-wing Blue Coalition, Lachezar Toshev, proposes.

Politics » Domestic | September 7, 2012, Friday // 13:57 | Viewed: 14441

Bulgaria No Longer Poorest in EU, PM Vows on Unification Day

Beginning 2013, Bulgaria will no longer be the poorest country in Europe, Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, has promised.

Politics » Domestic | September 6, 2012, Thursday // 14:04 | Viewed: 1876

Bulgarian MPs Scrap 'Expat' Bill

The Bulgarian Parliament has decided to withdraw the first reading of the much-debated Act for Bulgarians and Bulgarian Communities Abroad.

Politics » Domestic | September 5, 2012, Wednesday // 14:52 | Viewed: 1489

Bulgarian MPs Reject Job Curb for Communist Security Agents

By abstaining from voting the Members of the Bulgarian Parliament rejected Wednesday the proposal to temporary ban agents and collaborators of the former Communist State Security from holding high-ranking State posts.

Politics » Domestic | September 5, 2012, Wednesday // 12:10 | Viewed: 1162

Bulgarian Argi Minister Assuages Price Hike Fears

Bulgarian Agriculture Minister, Miroslav Naydenov, has countered data about a serious price hike of grocery and produce, released by the State Commission for Commodity Exchanges and Market Places.

Politics » Domestic | September 5, 2012, Wednesday // 11:31 | Viewed: 881

Stanishev: Ruling Party GERB, Borisov Make Fools of Bulgarians

Sergey Stanishev, ex PM and chair of the opposition Bulgarian Socialist Party, was devastatingly critical of the ruling center-right party GERB and Cabinet of Boyko Borisov at the first fall session of the Bulgarian Parliament.

Politics » Domestic | September 4, 2012, Tuesday // 17:43 | Viewed: 1036

Bulgaria's Parliament Back to Work

Bulgaria's lawmakers are to hold a parliamentary sitting on Tuesday, as their summer break is now over.

Politics » Domestic | September 4, 2012, Tuesday // 09:45 | Viewed: 661

Bulgarian Socialists Up in Arms over AIDS Comparison

Members of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) are staging Monday evening a protest rally at the party's headquarters demanding the resignation of Anton Kutev as media policy secretary

Politics » Domestic | September 3, 2012, Monday // 13:16 | Viewed: 711

Bulgarian Leftist Predicts Collapse of Borisov Cabinet

The Bulgarian cabinet of PM Boyko Borisov and the ruling center right party GERB will end up kicked out by street protests, Tatyana Doncheva, a former key member of the Bulgarian Socialist Party leadership, has predicted.

Politics » Domestic | September 3, 2012, Monday // 10:40 | Viewed: 710

Bulgaria's Rulers Prepare to Work Miracles Years On

Bulgaria's deputy PM and deputy chair of ruling GERB party Tsvetan Tsvetanov argued Saturday that GERB is in a very good position for winning a new term in power after summer 2013 elections.

Politics » Domestic | September 1, 2012, Saturday // 17:41 | Viewed: 928