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Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Stages Last-Minute Reshuffles

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council (VSS), whose term in office expires on October 3, has given up on its summer recess to prepare the appointment of its successors.

Politics » Domestic | July 11, 2012, Wednesday // 13:23 | Viewed: 453

Bulgarian Parliament Prepares to Appoint 11 Supreme Judicial Council Members

Bulgaria's Parliament has set down the rules of procedure for the appointment of members of the Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) from the parliamentary quota.

Politics » Domestic | July 11, 2012, Wednesday // 12:05 | Viewed: 585

Bulgaria Ruling Party Proposes Permanent Central Electoral Commission

Center-right ruling party GERB has proposed amendments to Bulgaria's Election Code envisaging a permanent Central Electoral Commission (CEC) which keeps a permanent electoral registers.

Politics » Domestic | July 10, 2012, Tuesday // 18:05 | Viewed: 673

Bulgarian Conservatives Want Compulsory Voting for State Employees

Bulgaria's marginal conservative Law, Order and Justice party has proposed that compulsory voting be introduced for all state employees in the country.

Politics » Domestic | July 10, 2012, Tuesday // 16:17 | Viewed: 503

Bulgarian Interior Min Appears to Be 'Agent' of US Secret Service

Bulgaria's vice-PM and Minister of Interior Tsvetan Tsvetanov has been spotted sporting dress shirt cufflinks with the emblem of the US Secret Service.

Politics » Domestic | July 10, 2012, Tuesday // 12:46 | Viewed: 1466

Bulgaria Ruling Party: No Grounds for Snap Elections

Bulgaria's ruling center-right party has ruled out the possibility of snap elections as forecast by the opposition in the wake of electricity, gas and food price hikes.

Politics » Domestic | July 10, 2012, Tuesday // 10:19 | Viewed: 668

Opposition: Power Hike in Bulgaria Will Cause Snap Elections

Bulgaria will hold snap elections before the end of the coming winter as the raise of the price of electricity and natural gas will exhaust citizens, according to opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms vice-chair Rushen Riza.

Politics » Domestic | July 8, 2012, Sunday // 17:55 | Viewed: 757

Bulgaria PM: Many of My Mins Will Go Down in History

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has lavished praise on his cabinet members and policies during a youth conference of his ruling center-right GERB party Sunday.

Politics » Domestic | July 8, 2012, Sunday // 16:15 | Viewed: 758

Ruling Party Vice-Chair: GERB Breaks New Ground in Bulgarian Politics

Bulgaria's ruling center-right GERB party has created a veritable alternative to the political status quo in the country during the last 2 decades, argued GERB vice-chair Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Politics » Domestic | July 8, 2012, Sunday // 14:24 | Viewed: 573

Sofia Mayor Vows to Prevent Ski Lifts Closure Next Winter

The Sofia City Hall is going to approach legal experts to receive advice on possibilities to reexamine the concession contract of notorious Vitosha Ski company.

Politics » Domestic | July 6, 2012, Friday // 11:04 | Viewed: 904

Bulgaria's Parliamentary Committee Passes Draft Forestry Bill

Bulgaria's Parliamentary Agriculture and Forestry Committee passed Thursday the new amendments to the controversial Forestry Act on which consensus with eco activists has been reached.

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2012, Thursday // 19:16 | Viewed: 779

Bulgaria's GERB Attacks Corruption 1 Year before Elections

The ruling, center-right Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party GERB revealed Thursday plans about a new anti-corruption and anti-lobbyism legislation.

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2012, Thursday // 18:33 | Viewed: 928

Bulgaria's Ruling Party Marks 3 Years in Power

July 5 2012 marks three years since Prime Minister Boyko Borisov's centrist-right GERB swept to victory in the country's latest general elections and took over.

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2012, Thursday // 15:03 | Viewed: 569

Bulgarian PM: Journalists Serving Mafia Are Not Journalists

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, has reiterated his praise for firefighters, who took part in the effort to extinguish the wildfire in the Vitosha mountain, near the capital Sofia.

Politics » Domestic | July 5, 2012, Thursday // 13:41 | Viewed: 860

Bulgaria PM Orders FinMin to Reconcile with Scientists

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov wants a closer cooperation to be established between the country's Finance Ministry and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Politics » Domestic | July 4, 2012, Wednesday // 13:39 | Viewed: 575

Supreme Bulgarian Court Launches 'Confiscation Act Case'

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court has launched case number 6/2012 to rule on the new illegal assets forfeiture law under the request of 59 Members of the Parliament.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2012, Monday // 12:10 | Viewed: 957

Bus Carrying 20 People Catches Fire in Northeastern Bulgaria

A bus carrying 20 passengers caught fire and burned down early on Monday near Silistra in northeastern Bulgaria.

Politics » Domestic | July 2, 2012, Monday // 11:43 | Viewed: 840

Ex-EU Commissioner Heads Brand New Bulgarian Party

Former EU-Commissioner and 2011 presidential runner Meglena Kuneva was expectedly elected as chair of her own political project, Bulgaria for Citizens.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2012, Sunday // 13:37 | Viewed: 1070

Bulgarian Ex-EU Commissioner to Officially Launch New Party

Former Bulgarian European Commissioner and presidential candidate Meglena Kuneva is to officially launch her new political project, the Bulgaria for Citizens party, on Sunday.

Politics » Domestic | July 1, 2012, Sunday // 11:08 | Viewed: 677

Bulgarian PM Slams Incriminating Tageszeitung Story as 'Idiotic'

Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has finally spoken out against recent publications linking his past activities with the mafia, labelling them as "lies and idiocies.

Politics » Domestic | June 30, 2012, Saturday // 16:44 | Viewed: 1336

Bulgarian Liberals Call for Obligatory Voting

Marginal Bulgarian liberal party National Movement for Stability and Prosperity has proposed the introduction of obligatory voting in the country's electoral legislation.

Politics » Domestic | June 29, 2012, Friday // 13:22 | Viewed: 577