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Bulgaria’s Caretaker Deputy PM Demands Road Toll System

Ekaterina Zaharieva, Bulgaria’s caretaker Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Regional Development and Investment Planning, has underscored the need to introduce a road toll system.

Politics » Domestic | October 9, 2014, Thursday // 20:40 | Viewed: 1067

Ataka Leader Demands Trial Against Defence Minister

The caretaker Defence Minister Velizar Shalamanov deserves a court trial, Volen Siderov, leader of the left-wing nationalist party Ataka told the bTV national channel morning show.

Politics » Domestic | October 9, 2014, Thursday // 10:48 | Viewed: 1009

Executive Director of Bulgaria’s Port Burgas Removed from Office

Argir Boyadzhiev has been removed from the post of director and member of the Board of Directors of Port Burgas.

Politics » Domestic | October 7, 2014, Tuesday // 11:58 | Viewed: 804

Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council Fails to Elect Military Appellate Court Chair

Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) has failed to elect a Chair of the Military Appellate Court.

Politics » Domestic | October 2, 2014, Thursday // 14:23 | Viewed: 758

Bulgaria’s President: Failure to Form Govt Would Lead to Disaster

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev has suggested that a failure to form a Parliament and a government after the early elections on October 5 would be detrimental to the country.

Politics » Domestic | October 1, 2014, Wednesday // 16:59 | Viewed: 1227

Deputy PM Zaharieva: 78% of Regional Development Ministry Budget Spent in H1 2014

Bulgaria's Ministry of Regional Development budget lacks some BGN 10-11M needed for the maintenance of roads in the winter season.

Politics » Domestic | September 30, 2014, Tuesday // 10:17 | Viewed: 606

Witnesses Back Defendant in Bulgaria’s 2013 Illegal Ballot Papers Case

Workers at the “Multiprint” printing house have testified in court in favor of the sole defendant in the case concerning the illegal ballot papers discovered on the eve of the early elections on May 12, 2013.

Politics » Domestic | September 29, 2014, Monday // 17:31 | Viewed: 915

Liberals' Head Lyutvi Mestan Demands International Probe into KTB Affair

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS)'s leader called for an investigation into the recent developments at Bulgaria's Corpbank, media sources say.

Politics » Domestic | September 29, 2014, Monday // 16:15 | Viewed: 794

IntMin Employees to Stage Protest over Plans for Social Benefits Cut

The main union representing the staff of Bulgaria's Interior Ministry will take hundreds of employees to the streets if social rights of those working in the security sector are slashed.

Politics » Domestic | September 28, 2014, Sunday // 14:53 | Viewed: 819

Bulgaria Budget Miscalculated 'on Purpose' - President Plevneliev

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev called the gaps in the current state budget a product of "deliberate" mistakes.

Politics » Domestic | September 28, 2014, Sunday // 12:30 | Viewed: 1167

Bulgarian Trade Unions, Employers’ Organizations to Boycott Tripartite Cooperation Council Meeting

Trades unions and employers' organisations have refused to take part in the Monday meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation on the budget update proposals.

Politics » Domestic | September 26, 2014, Friday // 17:38 | Viewed: 1883

Bulgaria to Get EUR 105 M under EU Program for Youth Unemployment

The European Union will allocate EUR 105 M to fighting youth unemployment in Bulgaria, according to caretaker Labor and Social Policy Minister Yordan Hristoskov.

Politics » Domestic | September 26, 2014, Friday // 15:49 | Viewed: 1235

Expert: There Are Radical Islamist Supporters In Bulgaria

There are radical islamists and people in Bulgaria who support the Islamic State (IS), said the anti-terrorism expert Alex Alexiev in the Friday morning talkshow of the Nova TV national channel.

Politics » Domestic | September 26, 2014, Friday // 10:30 | Viewed: 1787

Bulgaria’s Judicial Council Fails to Elect Chair of Supreme Court of Cassation

Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) failed to elect a Chair of the Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS).

Politics » Domestic | September 25, 2014, Thursday // 17:55 | Viewed: 843

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry Is Deeply Politicized – Caretaker Minister

Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry is the most highly-politicized one, according to Yordan Bakalov, caretaker Interior Minister.

Politics » Domestic | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 10:40 | Viewed: 889

Bulgaria’s Caretaker Govt to Boost Intelligence Service Budget by BGN 1 M

Bulgaria’s caretaker government is to allocate Wednesday an additional sum of BGN 1 M to the National Intelligence Service.

Politics » Domestic | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 08:53 | Viewed: 844

3 Parties Certain to Make It into Bulgaria’s Next Parliament - Poll

Three political parties are certain to enter Bulgaria’s next Parliament, including center-right party GERB, the Bulgarian Socialist Party, and liberal party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS), according to a survey.

Politics » Domestic | September 22, 2014, Monday // 15:34 | Viewed: 1264

Filmmaker to Set Up Party on Bulgaria's Independence Day

A new political party, the Movement 22 September, is to be founded on the same date next week, filmmaker Rosen Elezov.

Politics » Domestic | September 18, 2014, Thursday // 15:40 | Viewed: 999

PACE Delegation Arrives on Pre-Electoral Visit to Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s caretaker Prime Minister Georgi Bliznashki is to receive Thursday a four-member delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

Politics » Domestic | September 18, 2014, Thursday // 09:36 | Viewed: 1487

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry Headcount May Increase by 1700

Bulgaria’s caretaker Interior Minister has argued that the Ministry needs to increase its total headcount by 1700.

Politics » Domestic | September 18, 2014, Thursday // 09:04 | Viewed: 1190

Gov't Grants BGN 28 M to Municipalities with Assets in KTB

Some BGN 28 M worth of interest-free loans have been allocated to Bulgarian municipalities having accounts at Corporate Commercial Bank, the Finance Ministry said.

Politics » Domestic | September 17, 2014, Wednesday // 17:39 | Viewed: 1125