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Serbia Proposes to Help Bulgaria Protect Border with Turkey

Serbia has offered to help Bulgaria protect its southern border with Turkey against a flow of irregular migrants trying to reach western Europe.

Politics » Domestic | August 8, 2016, Monday // 09:21 | Viewed: 7328

IntMins of Bulgaria, Serbia to Meet at Common Border

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova and her Serbian counterpart Nebojša Stefanović are set to meet on Sunday afternoon to discuss the situation at the common border and check security measures there.

Politics » Domestic | August 7, 2016, Sunday // 10:50 | Viewed: 2235

Bulgarian Consumer Confidence Dips in July - Survey

Bulgaria’s consumer confidence index has dropped by 0.6 percentage points in July compared to April, mainly due to increased pessimism among the urban population.

Politics » Domestic | August 5, 2016, Friday // 11:48 | Viewed: 6585

Bulgaria Arrests Three Suspected People Smugglers, 32 Migrants in Burgas

The Bulgarian police have detained three people suspected of running an organized group for the smuggling of refugees from Turkey to Europe.

Politics » Domestic | August 4, 2016, Thursday // 19:16 | Viewed: 2458

Bulgarian Air Force Chief Still Waiting for Discharge

Bulgarian Air Force Commander Maj Gen Rumen Radev has made clear he will refrain from public comments until authorities approve his request to be discharged from the military.

Politics » Domestic | August 4, 2016, Thursday // 08:36 | Viewed: 6392

Bulgaria's Deputy PM Donchev to Oversee Presidential Vote

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, who is in charge of economic policy and EU funds absorption, has also been tasked with coordinating thee preparation for this year's presidential vote.

Politics » Domestic | August 4, 2016, Thursday // 07:28 | Viewed: 1918

Bulgaria Ex-President Hints Air Force Chief Is Fit for Presidential Candidate

Maj Gen Rumen Radev, who resigned as Bulgaria's Air Force Commander on Monday, would be "more uniting" as a President than "any politician", President (2002-2012) Georgi Parvanov has said.

Politics » Domestic | August 3, 2016, Wednesday // 18:25 | Viewed: 5704

Close to 60% of Bulgarians Back Anti-terrorism Legislation - Poll

About 32% of Bulgarians believe that legislation like an anti-terrorism draft law now before Parliament is encroaching on civil rights, a new survey has shown.

Politics » Domestic | August 2, 2016, Tuesday // 20:47 | Viewed: 1768

Bulgaria’s Opposition Socialists to Consider Six Nominations for President

A Member of the European Parliament, an Air Force General, and the current Ombudsman are three of six potential candidates of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) for the forthcoming presidential elections, Socialist leader Korneliya Ninova has announced.

Politics » Domestic | August 2, 2016, Tuesday // 16:29 | Viewed: 1999

Number of Migrant Arrivals to Bulgaria On the Rise

Bulgaria's Interior Ministry has recorded an increase in the number of migrants who cross into Bulgaria, news website Dnevnik.

Politics » Domestic | July 31, 2016, Sunday // 16:04 | Viewed: 6955

Bulgaria's Socialists Mull Proposing Air Force Commander for President

Air Force Commander Maj Gen Rumen Radev is among the favourites of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) for a joint left-wing presidential candidate, daily 24 Chasa quotes high-profile party officials as saying.

Politics » Domestic | July 31, 2016, Sunday // 14:37 | Viewed: 2281

Tens of Thousands Attend Bulgarian Socialist Fest

As many as 50 000 reportedly joined the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP)'s leadership at the historic venue of Mount Buzludzha, the party itself estimates.

Politics » Domestic | July 31, 2016, Sunday // 10:33 | Viewed: 5178

Bulgaria's PM Says His Party 'Has No Candidate' for Presidential Vote

GERB, the party of Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, has abandoned its two options for a presidential candidate, Borisov has made clear.

Politics » Domestic | July 31, 2016, Sunday // 09:28 | Viewed: 2517

Bulgaria’s Reformist Bloc to Pick Its Presidential Candidate from Seven Nominees

Bulgaria’s right-wing Reformist Bloc will select its candidate for the fortcoming presidential elections from seven nominees, Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva has announced.

Politics » Domestic | July 30, 2016, Saturday // 18:40 | Viewed: 2105

Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge Four Police Officers with Migrant Smuggling

Bulgaria’s prosecuting authorities have charged four police offcers with smiggling of irregular migrants across the country’s border.

Politics » Domestic | July 29, 2016, Friday // 19:53 | Viewed: 4992

Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation Gives the Green Light to Registration of DOST Party  

Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) has overturned a lower court decision to deny registration to DOST political party founded by Lyutvi Mestan.

Politics » Domestic | July 29, 2016, Friday // 13:40 | Viewed: 2406

Parliament Reelects Biser Petkov as Head of State Social Security Agency

Bulgaria’s Parliament reelected Biser Petkov as Governor of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) on Friday.

Politics » Domestic | July 29, 2016, Friday // 10:48 | Viewed: 4684

Bulgaria to Vote for President on November 6

Bulgaria will hold presidential elections on 6 November 2016, Parliament decided on Friday.

Politics » Domestic | July 29, 2016, Friday // 10:33 | Viewed: 4897

Bulgaria’s Top Court Scraps Half of Questions in Referendum Proposed by Slavi's Show

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court on Thursday declared as unconstitutional three of the six questions in a referendum proposed by popular TV show host Slavi Trifonov, to be held alongsisde the presidential elections in the autumn.

Politics » Domestic | July 28, 2016, Thursday // 18:31 | Viewed: 2432

Bulgaria Tentatively Approves Anti-Terrorism Bill

Bulgaria's Parliament on Thursday tentatively approved a controversial anti-terrorism bill which allows the government to restrict civil rights in case of emergency.

Politics » Domestic | July 28, 2016, Thursday // 17:25 | Viewed: 4206

Bulgaria's Parliament Approves Deputy FinMin as Head of Finance Watchdog

Karina Karaivanova has been approved by Bulgarian lawmakers as the next head of the country's Financial Supervision Commission.

Politics » Domestic | July 28, 2016, Thursday // 13:08 | Viewed: 1719