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Bulgaria Govt Launching Validity Check for Drivers' Licenses

The Bulgarian government has said it is starting checks of driving licenses that could be "subject to manipulation".

Politics » Domestic | April 1, 2016, Friday // 14:10 | Viewed: 6276

Ansbach Attacker Was to Be Deported to Bulgaria - German Officials

The Syrian man who blew himself up in Germany wounding 12 people was supposed to be sent back to Bulgaria after his protection request had been rejected, German officials say.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2016, Monday // 13:34 | Viewed: 1138

Bulgaria's Last King 'among Presidential Nominees' of Socialist Party

Bulgaria's last King and former Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is among those who received nominations to become presidential candidates of the socialist opposition, news website Dnevnik.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2016, Monday // 13:16 | Viewed: 855

Court to Sit on Bulgarian DOST Party's Denied Registration

A high-instance court is to hold a sitting on Monday on the appeal submitted by DOST leader Lyutvi Mestan after his party's registration request was turned down.

Politics » Domestic | July 25, 2016, Monday // 08:46 | Viewed: 704

Bulgarians Expect Situation in Turkey to Worsen after Failed Coup Attempt - Poll

Bulgarians fear that the situation in Turkey will deteriorate after the failed coup attempt in Turkey on 15 July, a survey conducted by Gallup International shows.

Politics » Domestic | July 23, 2016, Saturday // 14:10 | Viewed: 2228

Bulgarian PM Warns of Rising Migration Pressure along Southern Border

Bulgaria is bracing for a possible surge in migration pressure on its southern borders, the country’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said.

Politics » Domestic | July 22, 2016, Friday // 09:25 | Viewed: 2876

Chief Prosecutor: 'Thin' Line between Anti-Terror Measures, Human Rights

Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov has admitted the line between anti-terror measures and violation of human rights is "thin".

Politics » Domestic | July 20, 2016, Wednesday // 12:50 | Viewed: 1471

Bulgarian Police Detain 45 Migrants Crossing into Serbia

As many as 45 migrants have been detained trying to cross into Serbia from Bulgaria, officials from the latter country say.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2016, Tuesday // 13:58 | Viewed: 2317

Bulgaria Nationalist Leader Welcomes Turkey Coup

The co-chair of Bulgaria's nationalist Patriotic Front coalition has welcomed the actions of the "praiseworthy men" who carried out a foiled coup d'etat in Turkey.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2016, Tuesday // 12:02 | Viewed: 2631

Bulgaria, US to Boost Exchange of Data on Terrorism, Financial Crime

Bulgaria and the United States have agreed to a "more active" exchange of information between their security and counter-terrorism services, the country's Interior Ministry says.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2016, Tuesday // 09:37 | Viewed: 1813

Bulgaria MPs to Hear Security, Law Enforcement Bodies over Turkey Coup

Intelligence and security services, police and foreign ministry officials are to brief Bulgaria's Parliament on the situation in Turkey following the attempted coup d'etat last week.

Politics » Domestic | July 19, 2016, Tuesday // 09:13 | Viewed: 1651

Bulgaria Envoy to Turkey Barred from Public Comments after Coup

The Foreign Ministry in Sofia has instructed Nadezhda Neynski, Bulgaria's Ambassador to Ankara, not to comment on the situation in Turkey in the aftermath of a foiled coup attempt, a national newspaper writes.

Politics » Domestic | July 17, 2016, Sunday // 16:28 | Viewed: 3911

Bulgaria's PM: No Increased Migration from Turkey after Coup Attempt

There are no indications of an increased flow of migrants following the attempted coup in neighboring Turkey, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said on Saturday.

Politics » Domestic | July 17, 2016, Sunday // 10:33 | Viewed: 2258

Bulgarian Opposition Demands Demilitarization of Black Sea

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) has submitted to Parliament a draft resolution calling on the government to declare the Black Sea a demilitarized zone.

Politics » Domestic | July 14, 2016, Thursday // 11:50 | Viewed: 2633

Demolition of Illegal Roma Dwellings Begins in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

The first two illegal Roma dwellings in the neighbourhood of Stolipinovo in Bulgaria's second largest city of Plovdiv were demolished on Wednesday.

Politics » Domestic | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 18:08 | Viewed: 3493

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Elects New Head of Specialised Prosecution

The college of prosecutors of Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council (VSS) elected Ivan Geshev as the new head of the specialised prosecutor's office.

Politics » Domestic | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 16:44 | Viewed: 1631

Bulgarian Lawmakers Approve Cap on Polling Stations Abroad

Parliament has passed restrictions to the number of polling stations for Bulgarian expats taking part in general and presidential elections.

Politics » Domestic | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 12:30 | Viewed: 2115

Bulgaria MPs to Decide on Controversial Curbs to Voting Abroad

Bulgarian lawmakers are set to have a final vote on amendments to the Electoral Code that introduce restrictions to the number of polling stations that could be used by nationals living abroad.

Politics » Domestic | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 09:08 | Viewed: 2011

Bulgaria's Left-Wing Parties to Join Forces for Presidential Vote

The three main left-of-center parties in Bulgaria vowed on Tuesday to work together to prevent a candidate of the biggest governing party GERB from winning the forthcoming presidential elections.

Politics » Domestic | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 07:49 | Viewed: 1736

Ex-EconMin Is Among Possible Presidential Candidates of Bulgaria's Reformist Bloc

Former Economy and Energy Minister, Traicho Traikov, is among the possible candidates of Bulgaria's junior coalition partner, the Reformist Bloc (RB), to run in the forthcoming presidential elections in the autumn.

Politics » Domestic | July 12, 2016, Tuesday // 21:45 | Viewed: 1491

Bulgaria's Mestan Appeals Court Refusal to Register His Party

Expelled DPS leader and current DOST head Lyutvi Mestan has said he appealed on Monday the ruling of a Bulgarian court which turned down his party's registration request.

Politics » Domestic | July 12, 2016, Tuesday // 09:06 | Viewed: 1582

Bulgaria's Left-Wing Parties to Talk over Presidential Candidate

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) is to meet with two other left-wing organizations on Tuesday, in an attempt to mend fences and seek a joint nomination for this autumn's presidential elections.

Politics » Domestic | July 12, 2016, Tuesday // 07:58 | Viewed: 1623