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Bulgarian Project Wins Natura 2000 Award

The Bulgarian project “For the Balkans and the people: Nature Protection and Sustainable Rural Development” has won the Socio-Economic Benefits Award in this year’s edition of the Natura 2000 Awards.

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Bulgaria IntMin Reports 30 % Drop in Number of Illegal Migrants in 2016

Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova said on Wednesday that the number of illegal migrants detained in Bulgaria this year has decreased by nearly 30 % compared to 2015.

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Bulgaria to Have 146-km Wire Fence along Border with Turkey in 2 Months

In about two months Bulgaria will have a wire fence built along 146 km of the country's border with Turkey, preventing illegal migration flow, Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has said.

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Bulgaria 'More Prepared Than Germany' to Tackle Migrant Inflow, FM Says

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov on Friday said his country was more ready to meet the inflow of migrants to a bigger extent than Germany "in a particular moment".

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Bulgaria Ranks among Top 5 in EU by Number of Victims of Trafficking in People

Bulgaria is among the EU countries with the greatest number of registered victims of trafficking in human beings, according to a new report by the European Commisson.

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Four EU Experts to Analyze Bulgaria's Prosecution

Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov has announced that four magistrates from different countries are expected to arrive in Bulgaria on May 30 to conduct an analysis of the national prosecuting authority.

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EC: Bulgaria Needs to Improve Labour Policies, Insolvency Proceedings

The European Commission recommended on Wednesday that Bulgaria take action to address several areas of macroeconomic imbalances in 2016 and 2017.

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Bulgaria, Romania 'Could Veto EU-Canada Free Trade Deal'

Bulgaria and Romania could possibly pose an obstacle to free trade between the EU and Canada, blocking a deal that is due for discussion in the autumn, officials have suggested.

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EU Experts to Aid Bulgaria in Implementing Its Judicial Reform

The first EU experts, who will aid Bulgaria in implementing its judicial reform, will arrive in the country by the end of May.

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148 IS Militants Passed Through Bulgaria En Route to Syria in 2015

A total of 148 people passed through Bulgaria last year on their way to Syria to join the ranks of Islamic State (IS).

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Bulgaria's PM Calls for EU Solidarity on Refugee Relocation Quotas

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has called on eastern European member states of the EU opposing the bloc’s quotas for relocation of refugees to share the burden with their richer partners in western Europe.

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Bulgaria to Spend BGN 3 M to Enhance Protection of Borders with Turkey, Greece

Bulgaria’s government on Wednesday gave the green light for spending BGN 3 M (EUR 1.

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Buildings in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna to Light up in EU Flag Colours on Europe Day

Three Bulgarian cities, which will be European Capitals in the next three years, will have one landmark buiding each lit in the colours of the EU flag in a light and sound show marking the Day of Europe later this month.

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Bulgaria Had Second Largest Drop in Unemployment in EU in March

According to the latest figures of Eurostat released on Friday, Bulgaria registered the second largest decrease in its unemployment rate in March 2016 preceded only by Cyprus.

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Bulgaria, Romania 'Not Closing In on Rest of EU'

Bulgaria's environment has deteriorated in terms of democracy and governance over the past year, lagging behind Romania and remaining last in the EU, an annual index comparing EU members and accession countries shows.

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CoE Warns of ‘Dwindling Trust’ in Institutions

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, has said that human rights, democracy and security are threatened across Europe.

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Bulgaria's Employment Rate Increased by 2 % Y/Y in 2015 - Eurostat

The employment rate of Bulgarians aged 20 to 64 increased by 2 % in 2015 compared to the previous year.

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Bulgaria Allowed to Finish 3rd Metro Line, Sofia Ring Road with EU Money

EU Commissioner for Development Corina Cretu has approved the vast part of the EUR 368 M in EU funding earmarked for the third metro line of Sofia, the Commission says.

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Bulgaria Calls for Equal Access to EU’s Entry-Exit System for All Member States

Bulgaria’s Interior Minister Rumyana Bachvarova has called for equal access of all member states to the proposed Entry-Exit System of the EU to boost the efficiency of the fight against organized crime and terrorism.

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Bulgaria Signs Istanbul Convention on Preventing Violence Against Women

Justice Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has signed on behalf of Bulgaria the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

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Bulgaria's Evropa TV Presents Van Rompuy with Pro-European Policy Award

Former European Council President Herman Van Rompuy is this year's holder of the annual award for pro-European policy of Bulgarian TV station Evropa (Europe).

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