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Bulgaria to Get EUR 7 B from EU by 2014

During the next seven years, Bulgaria will receive close to EUR 7 B from the European Union, Finance Ministry officials have announced. The country had to prepare a certain set of papers for the cash and the Council of Ministers approved those papers las

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Bulgaria Elects First MEPs on May 20

Bulgarian voters will head to the ballot boxes on May 20 to elect for the first time their representatives in the European Parliament. This is envisaged by a presidential decree that was published in Friday's issue of the State Gazette.

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Bulgaria's PM Keeps Low Profile in Brussels over Closed Nuke Units

Bulgaria's prime minister has refused to put the closed nuke units issue on the table of the EU summit, which he is attending in Brussels. "There is no point in raising the issue in a way, which will provoke negative reactions only," Sergey Stanishev sai

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EC Grants Garbage Money to Bulgarian Municipalities

The European Commission will grant EUR 16 M to seven Bulgarian municipalities for managing with the waste products. Another EUR 2 M will be allocated from the national budget.

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Bulgaria Needs Bigger Budget Surplus - EC

Bulgaria needs to reach a bigger budget surplus than what the cabinet has planned for 2007, European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said Wednesday. Alumnia's commission took a look at Bulgaria, Romania and Latvia's convergence

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Italian Uni to Teach Immigrant Management after Bulgaria, Romania Accession

Italy's Sacro Cuore catholic university in Milan will reach a course on managing the flow of new immigrants following the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union earlier this year, news portal Pronto Sofia reported on Tuesday. The topics

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EC Blacklists 5 Bulgarian, 9 Russian Air Carriers

The European Commission has added five Bulgarian companies to the blacklisted air carriers that cannot service flights within the EU. The newly-published list of banned companies reflects the restrictions that Bulgaria and Russia have both placed on thei

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Bulgaria's President Oks Controversial MEP Bill with Pinch of Salt

Bulgaria's president approved, albeit tentatively, the bill for the election of the country's first members in the European Parliament. Georgi Parvanov signed the decree for promulgation of the law in the State Gazette, even though expressing fears that

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Bulgaria's Economic Initiative Union Names MEP Picks

Bulgaria's Union for Economic Initiative handed a list of nine persons, candidates for MEPs, to the Bulgarian parties on Monday. Chairman of the Union, Theodore Dechev, announced the news, but did not give the names of the nine candidates.

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Renegotiating Bulgaria's Nuke Opening Highly Unlikely

It is highly improbable that the EU reopens the energy chapter for Bulgaria's only nuke Kozloduy, MEP Vittorio Prodi said Monday in an interview for Darik News. From a technical point of view, the now closed units 3 and 4 of the power plant may be reopen

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Bulgaria's MEP Vote Set at BGN 12 M

Bulgaria's state administration minister set the cost for the country's first MEPs elections at BGN 12 M. Another BGN 20 M will be needed for the two rounds of local elections, due in the autumn.

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Washington to Lobby in Brussels for Bulgaria's Nuke Units

Bulgaria is hopeful that Washington officials will lobby in Brussels for bringing back to life its two decommissioned nuke units. Karen Harbert, Assistant Secretary for Policy and International Affairs with the US Department of Energy, is planning to put

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Bulgaria to Found National Centre for EU Youth Programs

Bulgaria's state agency for youth and sport prepared and introduced to the Council of ministers a project for founding a centre for European youth initiatives on Thursday. The project is for founding a National Centre "European Youth Programs and Initiat

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Bulgarian Gifts All MEPs Martenitsa for Health

Bulgarian MEP Martin Dimitrov had prepared a martenitsa for each of his 784 colleagues in the European Parliament. Made by students from Bulgaria's second city of Plovdiv, the red and white interwoven threads that are exchanged every year on March 1 for

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UK to Extradite Prisoners Back to Bulgaria, Romania - Report

The UK is planning on sending foreign criminals to serve their sentences in their homelands, because the country's jails are overflowing. Close to 9,800 foreigners will be moved, Romanian daily Zula reported, adding that the first to go would be Romanian

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EU Funds Decentralization Project Unveiled in Bulgaria

The Netherlands' Ambassador to Sofia Willem van Ee and the head of the Bulgarian Industrial Association Bozhidar Danev presented Monday a new EU funded project. Financed by the MATRA KAP program of the Dutch embassy, the initiative aims at decentralizin

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Bulgarians Dubbed the Most Unhappy Europeans

Bulgarians are by far the most unhappy nations in the European Union, a poll has showed. Held in November and December of 2006, the Eurobarometer poll portrays the Balkan nation as the bluest people in the Union, although it points out that the pre-acces

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Bulgaria to Join European Defense Agency Project

Bulgaria has been invited to join a EUR 5 M project of the European Defense Agency, the state information security commission announced at a meeting. Local defense companies will take part in the creation of a light armoured machine that could be transpo

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Bulgaria's Agro Parties Unite for MEP Elections

Bulgaria's Agro National Union (BANU) party approved the agreement signed with the Nikola Petkov party for uniting agro parties for the upcoming MEP and local elections in 2007.

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Bulgarian Municipalities Unprepared for Applying for EU Funds

Bulgarian municipalities do not have the administrative capacity to prepare their projects to apply for Euro funds financing, Deputy PM Emel Etem said on Saturday. Etem attended the forum "Preparing the local authorities for absorbing EU structural funds

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No Bulgarian Air Carriers in EASA's "Black List"

Bulgaria's State Air Administration presented the measures it has taken for improvement of the air policy of the country on Thursday on the sitting of the European Agency for Aviation Safety. The Agency was satisfied wit the measures and as result there

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