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Survey Shows Bulgaria Out of Step with EU, Closest to Russia

A survey of 11 EU member states, as well as US and Turkey, shows Bulgarians do not share the concerns of their fellow countries in bloc with the same strength, and is also the least wary of potential threats from Russia. The Bulgarians rank among the mos

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Bulgarian Youngsters to Fulfil European Dreams in EC Competition

Bulgarian youngsters will be given the opportunity to realize their European dreams by taking part in the new competition, opened by the EC Representation in Bulgaria on Monday. "Creating Europe" project is part of the information and communication progr

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Bulgaria's Medics Demand Joint EU Plan for Their Protection

A month after the Bulgarian medics and the Palestinian doctor, wrongly accused of deliberately infecting hundreds of Libyan children with HIV, returned home, they demanded a joint European plan for their protection. The medics voiced their demand at a me

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Bulgaria Launches EU Transparency Web Site

European Affairs Minister Gergana Gruncharova presented Wednesday a new web site, devoted to transparency as one of the EU's strategic policies. The launch took place during a press conference in the Foreign Ministry.

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FT: European Migrants in UK Choosy about Jobs

Eastern and central European migrants have started to move up the jobs chain in the United Kingdom and are occupying more professional positions, shows data of the Home Office, as cited by the Financial Times.

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Bulgaria's Interior Minister Signs 1st EU Coop Agreement for Crime Fight

Bulgaria's Interior Minister Rumen Petkov signed Tuesday the first agreement for cooperation with the European Commission in the framework of the prevention and fight against crime program. The program aims at the building of a strong and active partners

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FT: Bulgaria is EU's Most Islamic Country

Bulgaria is the European Union's most Islamic country with its one million Muslims accounting for about one-seventh of the population, the Financial Times wrote in its latest issue.

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EU Sends 40 Youngsters to Deserted Island to Play Robinsons

A total of fourteen youngsters from European Union member countries, including Bulgaria will be sent to an inhabited island for 12 days to take part of a EU project, the Turkish Radikal newspaper reported Monday. The teenagers will have to spend the whol

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Bulgaria Loses BGN 3,6 M EU Funding for Milk Production

Bulgaria lost the first BGN 3,6 M financing for milk and milk production, which the country had to receive as subsidies from the European Union, the Bulgarian National Radio reported Wednesday. The EU milk subsidies for 2008 will also be lost, because th

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Bulgaria Appoints Permanent Representative to European Union

Bulgaria's president appointed Tuesday Deputy Interior Minister Boyko Kotsev as a permanent representative of the country to the European Union.

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The Economist: Bulgaria is in Honeymoon Stage of EU Membership

Bulgaria is in the honeymoon stage of EU membership with a construction boom from the Black Sea to Sofia and a projected economic growth by over 6% this year, The Economist commented eight months after the country joined the bloc.

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Bulgaria to Ask EU for Permission to Import Duty Free Grain

Bulgaria will ask the European Commission for permission to import duty free grain from EU member states, 24 hours daily reported.

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EU Mulls Online Authorisation System for US Travellers

The European Union is considering the introduction of an electronic travel authorisation system after the United States recently passed a similar screening for passengers. "We are considering introducing this [system] here.

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Bulgaria to Face EU Punishment if It Fails to Curb Illegal Alcohol Production

Bulgaria's alcohol business as a whole may face severe sanctions from the European Union if the country's government fails to curb the illegal production of alcohol beverages.

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Eastern Europeans Slammed as UK Rural Roads Killer Drivers

Immigrants from Eastern Europe are responsible for nearly 15 per cent of fatal crashes on rural roads, Daily Mail reported, citing official data.

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Green Card Checks on Bulgarian, Romanian Drivers Suspended in EU

Bulgarian and Romanian drivers, traveling in European Union member states, will not be checked on green cards, the international certificate of insurance, as of August 1.

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Bulgaria to Ask for EU Financial Help to Cover Wildfire Damages

Bulgaria may get financial help from the European Union to cover the damages from the wildfires that blackened the country in the past two weeks, the Spokesperson on Regional Policy Eva Kaluzynska said Tuesday. The EU money will come from the European So

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Bulgarian Minister: EU's SAPARD Most Successful in Agriculture Area

The SAPARD program is European Union's most successful program in the area of agriculture, Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister Nihat Kabil said Sunday in an interview for the Macedonian A1 TV.

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Sofia Mayor Complains to EU about Steel Mill Pollution

Sofia mayor Boyko Borissov lodged on Friday a complaint with the European Union's directorate general for environment about the high level of pollution from the Kremikovtzi steel mill in the suburbs of the city. "It is the biggest polluter of the air, gr

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Bulgaria Seeks EU, NATO's Help in Fires Fight

Bulgaria's Disasters and Emergencies Ministry has officially asked the EU, NATO and Russia for help in the fight against the blazes that continue raging across the country. The plea was sent to the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre as w

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Bulgaria's EU Affairs Minister: I Rely on Information Exchange with MEPs

Bulgaria's EU Affairs Minister Gergana Grancharova said she relies on the exchange of information with the country's MEPs at a meeting on Wednesday. "It is very important to synchronize our efforts in the name of popularizing the European topic and espec

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