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Bulgaria Ranks Last But One in Perceived Juducial Independence, EU Justice Scoreboard

Bulgaria ranked in the last but one spot in terms of perception of the judicial system's independence, according to the EU's Justice Scoreboard, released Monday.

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Bulgaria's Bond Sales Plan Causes No Concern - EU Budget Commissioner Georgieva

The European Commission isn’t concerned by Bulgaria’s decision to issue up to BGN 16 B (EUR 8 B) in new debt, Commission Vice-President for Budget and Human Resources said on Sunday.

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Bulgaria to Seek Funding under Juncker Plan for Stara Zagora Airport Upgrade

Bulgaria’s Economy Ministry has proposed three new projects to be included on the list of projects seeking funding under the Investment Plan of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

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National Campaign in Support of Bulgaria's Schengen Accession Launched

Deputy PM Meglena Kuneva, Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov and Culture Minister Vezhdi Rashidov joined efforts Thursday in the opening of Bulgaria in Schengen. It's Time! campaign.

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Save Sofia NGO Alarms Brussels on Poor Renovation Works Funded by EU

The non-governmental organization Save Sofia has sent a signal to Brussels on account of low quality renovation works in Bulgaria's capital. The project was executed with EU funds.

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Bulgaria Shows Gender Pay Gap Below EU Average

The gender pay gap varies significantly across EU Member States, the bloc’s statistical office said on Thursday.

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European Commission Celebrates Bulgaria's Liberation Day

The national holiday of Bulgaria – Liberation Day, which is celebrated on March 3, will be marked in the European Commission.

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Unemployment Registered Slight Drop in Bulgaria in January

Bulgaria registered an unemployment rate of 10.8 % in January, but still remains above the EU average of 9.8 %.

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Tackling Poverty Requires Holistic Approach- Romania’s EU Commissioner

EU Regional Policy Commissioner Corina Crețu has insisted that poverty betrays a systematic error of society that can only be remedied through a holistic approach.

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Bulgaria Is Not Among Worst Performers in EU Funds Absorption – President

Bulgaria’s operations with EU funds have improved substantially over the past few years, according to President Rosen Plevneliev.

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Bulgaria Gov't 'Wants to Jail at Least 30 Politicians'

At least thirty politicians and administration officials involved in corruption affairs should be sent to prison, under a new anti-corruption strategy cited by Bulgarian media outlets.

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EU Commission Warns Bulgaria on Implementation of Three Directives

The European Commission made three demands towards Bulgaria in terms of complying with the legislative norms of the Union Thursday.

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EU Steps Up Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure Against Bulgaria

The European Commission will step up its procedure against Bulgaria due to the excessive macroeconomic imbalances the country has experienced.

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European Commission to Present Energy Union Blueprint

The European Commission is to present Wednesday a blueprint for the future Energy Union.

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European Commission Restarts Payments to Bulgaria under Regional Development OP

The European Commission has notified Bulgaria that payments under operational program Regional Development 2007-2013 can now restart.

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Bulgaria 23rd in EU by EU Funds Absorption

Bulgaria ranks 23rd by EU funds absorption in the 28-nation bloc, according to statistics published by the European Commission's Directorate General for Regional Policy on the 2007-2013 programming period.

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Bulgaria Climbs 2 Places Up in EU Funds Absorption Ranking

Bulgaria has outpaced Italy and the Czech Republic in the rate of EU fund absorption, EU statistics show.

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EC OKs Bulgaria’s Good Governance, Science&Education Operational Programs

The European Commission has approved operational programs Good Governance and Science and Education for Smart Growth for the 2014-2020 programming period, according to the press office of the Bulgarian government.

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Bulgaria to Be Granted EUR 336 M for Addressing Judicial, Administrative Reforms

The EC approved on Thursday the Operational Programme Good Governance, which foresees the allocation of EUR 336 M for improving the public administration and transparency of the judiciary in Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria to Attend White House Anti-Terror Summit

Nine states including Bulgaria will represent the EU at a summit on countering terrorism, to be held in Washington, D.C.

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EU Commission Approves EUR 216 M Program On Romania and Bulgaria's Border Regions

EU Commissioner on Regional Policy Corina Crețu has approved the new Interreg trans border program, aimed at assisting 15 border regions across Bulgaria and Romania.

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