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Bulgarian Authorities, Europol Chief Discuss Burgas Bus Bombing Probe

The Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright, has praised the work of the Bulgarian authorities on the investigation of the 2012 Burgas bus bombing.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 16, 2014, Friday // 16:49 | Viewed: 1654

Bulgaria to Send Water Pumps, Rescue Workers to Flood-Hit Serbia

Bulgaria was among the first countries to offer Serbia assistance for coping with the damage caused by the heavy rains, according to EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 16, 2014, Friday // 13:56 | Viewed: 1976

Bulgarian, Romanian Workers' Number in UK Down in Q1

Some 3000 fewer workers from Bulgaria and Romania are presently in the United Kingdom than in end-2013, the country's Office of National Statistics has revealed.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 14, 2014, Wednesday // 13:42 | Viewed: 1569

Bulgaria to Face New Trial in Strasbourg over Poor Prison Conditions

The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg is preparing a new pilot-judgment procedure, the third in a row, against Bulgaria over poor prison conditions.

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Bulgaria To Get A EUR 1.5 B Increase from the EU Social Fund

Bulgaria will get a EUR 1.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 13, 2014, Tuesday // 17:32 | Viewed: 1308

Commissioner Laszlo Andor Concerned with Bulgarian Gray Economy

Bulgaria maintains significant levels of unemployment and gray economy, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion Laszlo Andor believes.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 13, 2014, Tuesday // 11:01 | Viewed: 1290

Bulgaria to Ask EU for Refugee Integration Aid

Bulgaria will demand that EU funds be allocated for the integration of people which have been granted refugee status, the State Agency for Refugees announced.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 10, 2014, Saturday // 15:43 | Viewed: 1491

UKIP Blames PM Cameron for 'Opening Door to Bulgarians'

The anti-immigrant UK Independence Party (UKIP) has lambasted PM David Cameron over what it calls a pro-European policy "opening [the UK's] to Bulgarians and Romanians.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 9, 2014, Friday // 11:41 | Viewed: 1287

Bulgaria Marks Europe Day, Victory Day

Bulgaria will mark on Friday the Day of Europe, also known as Schuman Day, after the historic Schuman Declaration of May 9, 1950.

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Bulgaria's EU Funds Absorption Is Improving – EC Official

Bulgaria has registered progress in EU funds absorption, according to Shirin Wheeler, Spokesperson for Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | May 6, 2014, Tuesday // 15:32 | Viewed: 4185

President Plevneliev: Bulgaria Backs EU Decisions on Ukraine

President Rosen Plevneliev has emphasized the clear and unambiguous support of Bulgaria for all decisions of the EU and the European Parliament in an interview for Deustchlandfunk.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 27, 2014, Sunday // 17:22 | Viewed: 1647

Bulgaria Invests BGN 1 M Daily in Transport Infrastructure - Minister

Transport Minister Danail Papazov has argued that a sum of over BGN 1 M is invested in transport infrastructure in Bulgaria on a daily basis.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 25, 2014, Friday // 15:51 | Viewed: 2090

Sofia Appelate Court Chair to be Tried over EU Funds

Veselin Pengezov, Chair of the Sofia Appelate Court, has been summoned by Sofia Military District Prosecutor's Office to de indicted over misuse of European funds.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 24, 2014, Thursday // 11:45 | Viewed: 1109

Environment Ministry to Fine 87 Municipalities over EU Program

Eighty-seven Bulgarian municipalities are to be fined over infringements related to the Environment Operational Program.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 23, 2014, Wednesday // 12:51 | Viewed: 1504

15 Parties, 6 Coalitions, 6 Independent Candidates Run in EU Elections

15 political parties, 6 coalitions and 6 independent candidates submitted documents for participating in the European Parliament elections in Bulgaria on May 25.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 23, 2014, Wednesday // 09:19 | Viewed: 1479

50 Bulgarian Municipalities Face Bankruptcy over Financial Corrections

The managing authority of operational program Environment has imposed financial corrections worth BGN 129M on 50 municipalities due to newly discovered public procurement flaws.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 22, 2014, Tuesday // 11:57 | Viewed: 1660

MEPs Oppose South Stream, Seek Sanctions against Russian Energy Firms

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution opposing the South Stream gas pipeline and recommending a search for alternative sources of gas supplies for the EU.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 17, 2014, Thursday // 16:46 | Viewed: 3378

EC Rejects Suspending Rural Development Payments to Bulgaria

The European Commission has not suspended rural development payments to Bulgaria, according to Roger Waite, EC Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Development.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 16, 2014, Wednesday // 15:56 | Viewed: 1509

Bulgaria "Could Remain EU's Poorest Country Even after 2020"

Bulgaria could still have to catch up with average European levels of economic and social development after 2020, a report by the National Audit Office argues.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 16, 2014, Wednesday // 14:23 | Viewed: 2047

MEPs Seek Mandatory "Made-in" Labeling to Boost Product Safety

The European Parliament voted Tuesday to make "Made-in" labelling mandatory for non-food products sold on the single market.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 16, 2014, Wednesday // 12:12 | Viewed: 1133

EP Approves Right to Basic Bank Account for All EU Residents

Anyone legally residing in the EU would have the right to open a basic payment account, under a new law passed by European Parliament on Tuesday.

Politics » Bulgaria in EU | April 15, 2014, Tuesday // 14:36 | Viewed: 1195