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Bulgarian Defence Ministry Stops Public Procurement Order for Fuels Delivery

The Ministry of Defence has a regular problem with the preparation of its public procurement orders.

Politics » Defense | September 20, 2016, Tuesday // 18:56 | Viewed: 2553

Negotiations Held With USA, UK, Poland on Common Defence of Bulgarian Air Space

“Bulgaria’s air space has never been more secure,” stated Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev.

Politics » Defense | September 16, 2016, Friday // 15:54 | Viewed: 2093

Bulgarian and American Pilots to Defend Bulgarian Air Space

As of tomorrow, training for joint tasks to be carried out under Air Policing will begin at the Graf Ignatievo air base.

Politics » Defense | September 8, 2016, Thursday // 18:28 | Viewed: 5442

Bulgaria MPs See Syria Crisis, Migrants as Top Threats to National Security

Bulgaria's Parliament on Thursday approved the yearly report on the state of national security for 2015, highlighting the conflict in Syria and the migrant crisis.

Politics » Defense | September 2, 2016, Friday // 07:38 | Viewed: 3181

USAF to Deploy F-15s in Joint Air Policing Mission with Bulgaria

The United States will deploy two F-15 fighter jets to conduct joint air policing of Bulgarian airspace next month at the request of the authorities in Sofia, NATO has announced.

Politics » Defense | August 25, 2016, Thursday // 10:45 | Viewed: 4808

Bulgaria to Appoint Defense Attache in U.S. as New Air Force Chief

The government has proposed to appoint Brigadier General Tsanko Stoykov as Air Force Commander to replace Maj Gen Rumen Radev who resigned earlier this month.

Politics » Defense | August 24, 2016, Wednesday // 13:49 | Viewed: 8444

Bulgaria to Hold Air Policing Jointly with U.S. Next Month

Bulgaria will conduct policing of its airspace jointly with the United States for a week next month, Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev has announced.

Politics » Defense | August 24, 2016, Wednesday // 13:09 | Viewed: 8496

Defense Attache in Washington Nominated as New Bulgarian Air Force Chief

Bulgaria’s Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev has proposed to appoint Brigadier General Tsanko Stoykov as new Air Force Commander, Nova TV has reported.

Politics » Defense | August 23, 2016, Tuesday // 14:37 | Viewed: 8939

NATO Military Committee Deputy Chairman to Visit Bulgaria

Lieutenant General Mark Schissler, Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee, will arrive on an official visit to Bulgaria on Friday, the Defence Ministry in Sofia has announced.

Politics » Defense | August 11, 2016, Thursday // 16:12 | Viewed: 12026

Bulgaria's Govt Proposes Discharge of Air Force Chief

The Bulgarian cabinet has put forward the discharge of Air Force Commander Maj Gen Rumen Radev, media report.

Politics » Defense | August 10, 2016, Wednesday // 11:21 | Viewed: 2769

Bulgaria Hosts Joint Training of Land Forces, U.S. Marine Corps

A joint training of Bulgarian and U.

Politics » Defense | August 4, 2016, Thursday // 18:35 | Viewed: 2894

Bulgaria Regains Ownership of Aircraft Repair Plant

Aircraft repair plant Avionams, which was fully privatized between 2008 and 2012, is now again wholly owned by the state, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has said.

Politics » Defense | August 2, 2016, Tuesday // 14:12 | Viewed: 12833

Bulgarian Air Force Commander Seeks to Retire

Bulgarian Air Force Commander Maj Gen Rumen Radev is willing to retire from the military, the Defense Ministry says.

Politics » Defense | August 2, 2016, Tuesday // 08:15 | Viewed: 12068

Russia Refutes Bulgaria's Airspace Violation Claims

The Russian Defense Ministry has downplayed claims that its military aircraft have been involved in "provocations" in Bulgaria's airspace over the past month.

Politics » Defense | July 26, 2016, Tuesday // 09:40 | Viewed: 3011

Bulgaria Accuses Russia of Airspace 'Provocations'

Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev said on Sunday an increased number of violations of the country's airspace by Russian military aircraft had been observed over the past weeks.

Politics » Defense | July 25, 2016, Monday // 14:28 | Viewed: 3260

Bulgarian Parliament Committee Rejects Motion to Reintroduce Military Draft

The defence committee in Bulgaria’s parliament has turned down a proposal to reinstate the universal military conscription.

Politics » Defense | July 22, 2016, Friday // 10:56 | Viewed: 13040

Bulgarian PM Commends Bulgarian Military for Helping Police Protect Borders

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov praised the successful assistance of the Bulgarian military in ensuring the protection of the country’s borders against migration pressure, the government press office announced on Thursday.

Politics » Defense | July 21, 2016, Thursday // 15:45 | Viewed: 13263

Bulgaria Has Deployed 230 Troops to Border with Turkey

Bulgaria has deployed 230 troops to reinforce border police patrolling along the border with Turkey as pressure on the border could be expected to increase in view of the unsuccessful attempt for coup carried out by a group within the Turkish military ove

Politics » Defense | July 16, 2016, Saturday // 16:04 | Viewed: 15243

Counter-Terrorism Drills Take Place in Bulgaria's Burgas Bay

A number of counter-terrorism drills took place in Bulgaria's bay of Burgas on Friday.

Politics » Defense | July 15, 2016, Friday // 16:06 | Viewed: 3235

No Concrete Terrorist Threat Facing Bulgaria After Nice Attack - Officials

A meeting of the consultative group on countering terrorism to Bulgaria's government's security council concluded that no direct threat faces Bulgaria.

Politics » Defense | July 15, 2016, Friday // 12:37 | Viewed: 13382

Stoltenberg: NATO-Russia Council Remains Important Forum for Dialogue

Following the meeting of the NATO-Russia Council on Wednesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg highlighted the importance of the political dialogue between the Alliance and Moscow.

Politics » Defense | July 13, 2016, Wednesday // 21:12 | Viewed: 3377