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US 'Gives Ukraine Weapons via Bulgaria'

A Bulgarian company is helping the United States to export arms to Ukraine, Russian-language media outlets claim.

Politics » Defense | December 16, 2014, Tuesday // 21:46 | Viewed: 2003

Baltic Region Countries Report 'Unprecedented' Russian Military Activities In Area

Poland and Finland reported “unprecedented” Russian naval and air force activities in the Baltic Sea region this week.

Politics » Defense | December 11, 2014, Thursday // 15:27 | Viewed: 1137

NATO 'Mulls Monitoring Mechanism for Bulgaria'

An unprecedented mechanism to oversee the way Bulgaria is spending funds on its army's modernization, NATO sources claim, quoted by a daily newspaper.

Politics » Defense | December 6, 2014, Saturday // 11:37 | Viewed: 1918

Bulgaria's New Fighter Jets Should Be Included in 2016 Budget - ex-Chief of Defense

Bulgaria should consider introducing costs for new fighters into the state budget for 2016, Miho Mihov, presently head of Parliament's Defense Committee Miho Mihov has said.

Politics » Defense | November 28, 2014, Friday // 12:41 | Viewed: 932

Bulgaria's Answer To US Tanks Is 'No' – Chief Of Defence

If the US ask us for permission to deploy tanks or other armoured vehicles, at this point our answer is “No”, Vice Admiral Rumen Nikolov, Chief of Defense Staff of Bulgaria, told the BGNES wire service.

Politics » Defense | November 27, 2014, Thursday // 18:32 | Viewed: 2067

Bulgaria Has Not Received Request for Deployment of NATO Tanks

Bulgaria’s Defense Ministry and Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry have not received an official request for stationing tank bases on the territory of the country, according to Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev.

Politics » Defense | November 26, 2014, Wednesday // 20:57 | Viewed: 1154

US Army Might Deploy Tanks to Bulgaria

The US Army is planning to station about 150 tanks and armored vehicles to NATO countries, including Bulgaria, next year, a US general has said.

Politics » Defense | November 26, 2014, Wednesday // 09:16 | Viewed: 1777

Bulgarian Soldiers to Depart for NATO's New Mission in Afghanistan

As many as 110 Bulgarian military personnel are due to head to Afghanistan on Thursday to be part of Resolute Support, NATO's new mission in the country.

Politics » Defense | November 13, 2014, Thursday // 10:42 | Viewed: 7397

Bulgaria Hosts Int'l Conference on Ukraine, Middle East

Risks and threats to the national, regional and global security on the Balkan Peninsula and in the Black Sea region are on the agenda of an international conference that begins Thursday.

Politics » Defense | November 13, 2014, Thursday // 09:06 | Viewed: 1450

NATO Claims Russian Military Convoys Enter Ukraine

NATO has sighted Russian military convoys entering into Ukraine over the past two days, Supreme Allied Commander Europe Gen. Philip Breedlove said in Sofia on Wednesday.

Politics » Defense | November 12, 2014, Wednesday // 17:59 | Viewed: 1985

NATO's Europe Commander to Meet Bulgaria DefMin, Chief of Defense

Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) Gen Philip Breedlove is on a two-day visit to Bulgaria on Wednesday and Thursday.

Politics » Defense | November 12, 2014, Wednesday // 09:04 | Viewed: 1113

Bulgaria's New DefMin to Start Revision at Ministry over 'Abuses'

Nikolay Nenchev, who took over as Bulgaria's Defense Minister on Friday, said he had observed many instances of wrongdoings at his institution.

Politics » Defense | November 8, 2014, Saturday // 11:30 | Viewed: 1715

Defence Minister Asks For Security Council Meeting To Discuss IS

Bulgaria's interim Defence Minister Velizar Shalamanov will ask for a meeting of the governmental Security Council to discuss the information of Bulgarian citizens reportedly involved with the Islamic State (IS), reports the Nova TV national channel.

Politics » Defense | November 2, 2014, Sunday // 11:28 | Viewed: 1233

Bulgarian Army Gets 10 US Armoured Personnel Vehicles

The Bulgarian Army will get 10 armorued personnel vehicles Commando Select made by the US company Textron Systems, reports the Sega daily.

Politics » Defense | October 16, 2014, Thursday // 12:35 | Viewed: 1435

Bulgaria's Entry in New Afghanistan Mission to be Decided Wednesday

The caretaker government is set to decide if Bulgaria is to deploy 110 troops in Afghanistan as part of NATO's new Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan.

Politics » Defense | October 15, 2014, Wednesday // 10:26 | Viewed: 1068

Bulgaria’s Air Defence Is ‘Critical Area’, Shalamanov tells BBC

Bulgaria’s armed forces must soon reduce their dependence of Russian equipment and maintenance or face the risk of ‘catastrophic consequences,’ Velizar Shalamanov has told the BBC.

Politics » Defense | October 14, 2014, Tuesday // 20:07 | Viewed: 1768

Bulgaria to Take Part in Non-Military NATO Mission in Afghanistan

As of December 31, 2014, Bulgaria will terminate its participation in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operation in Afghanistan, BGNES news agency reports.

Politics » Defense | October 14, 2014, Tuesday // 18:17 | Viewed: 2223

Bulgaria's Military 'to Demand' BGN 200 M Budget Hike for 2015

The Defense Ministry will push for a higher military spending to be allocated in 2015, media reports suggest.

Politics » Defense | October 14, 2014, Tuesday // 12:52 | Viewed: 1263

Two NATO Ships Enter Black Sea

Two NATO ships entered the Black Sea over the weekend, reports Dnevnik.

Politics » Defense | October 13, 2014, Monday // 14:29 | Viewed: 1305

NATO To Observe Closely Bulgaria's Military Modernisation

NATO will closely observe Bulgaria's modernisation of military equipment, as planned in the “Outlook 2020” strategic paper, prepared by the caretaker Government, reports Sega daily.

Politics » Defense | October 13, 2014, Monday // 10:19 | Viewed: 1315

Greece 'in Talks' with Bulgaria over F-16 Fighters

Athens and Sofia are in talks about Bulgaria's possible purchase of second-hand F-16, a Greek media outlet argues.

Politics » Defense | October 12, 2014, Sunday // 16:49 | Viewed: 2652