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US Department of State 2009 Human Rights Report on Bulgaria*

The Republic of Bulgaria is a parliamentary democracy with a population of approximately 7.6 million.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 12, 2010, Friday // 04:37 | Viewed: 5121

Bulgaria Foreign Ministry: Macedonian Custody Trial Is Flawed

The Bulgarian Foreign Affairs Ministry expresses deep concern over the way the custody trial in Macedonia of Bulgarian mother, Spaska Mitrova, was held.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 11, 2010, Thursday // 21:04 | Viewed: 1428

Macedonian Court Deprives Bulgarian Mother of Parental Rights

The Court in the Macedonian town of Gevgeli ruled to give custody rights to the father of 3-year old-Suzanna, daughter of Bulgarian Spaska Mitrova and Serbian Voislav Savic.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 11, 2010, Thursday // 18:15 | Viewed: 1487

French Ambassador to Bulgaria Pleased with Judicial Reform

The French Ambassador to Sofia, Etienne de Poncins, stated Thursday he is seeing encouraging signs the reform of the Bulgarian judicial system is going in the right direction.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 11, 2010, Thursday // 14:28 | Viewed: 2252

Press: Bulgaria Tries to Trick Macedonia into Friendship Treaty

Bulgaria is offering a tricky friendship treaty to Macedonia, according to the Macedonian paper Utrinski Vesnik.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 11, 2010, Thursday // 09:02 | Viewed: 2055

Somali Pirates Attack Further South because of Shifting Traffic

Somali pirates have started to attack further to the south and east off the Somalia coast as the commercial traffic is trying to evade them, Seychelles Minister Joel Morgan told Novinite.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 10, 2010, Wednesday // 21:58 | Viewed: 1776

German Prosecutor: Bulgarian Politician Had No Immunity

The leader of the Bulgarian far-right nationalist Ataka party, Volen Siderov, did not have diplomatic immunity during his scandalous trip on board a "Lufthansa" flight.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 9, 2010, Tuesday // 20:05 | Viewed: 1885

Bulgaria Wants Representation in Macedonian Custody Case

Bulgaria is insisting that a country official representative attends the trial of Spaska Mitrova in Macedonia.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 9, 2010, Tuesday // 16:11 | Viewed: 1216

Bulgaria Offers Macedonia All-out Friendship Treaty

Bulgaria has offered Macedonia a draft treaty for good neighborliness and friendship, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Vesela Cherneva has announced.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 9, 2010, Tuesday // 15:22 | Viewed: 2020

Bulgaria-Bavaria Commission Meets in Germany

The eleventh session of the Bulgaria-Bavaria Permanent Commission is taking place in Ingolstadt, Germany March 9-10.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 8, 2010, Monday // 20:06 | Viewed: 2253

US Ambassador Snubs Request by Arrested Bulgaria Ex Secret Agent

US Ambassador to Bulgaria, James Warlick, has made it clear he had no intention of meeting with ex secret agent Aleksei Petrov, who is facing organized crime charges.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 5, 2010, Friday // 18:06 | Viewed: 1883

Bulgarian Mayor, Greek Consul Ease Tension over Patriotic Billboards

The controversy in the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv over a patriotic billboard depicting a historic map of Bulgaria have been resolved.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 3, 2010, Wednesday // 16:54 | Viewed: 2389

World Leaders Greet Bulgarians for Liberation Day

Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov has received greetings from a number of top world leaders for Bulgaria's Liberation Day, March 3.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 3, 2010, Wednesday // 15:24 | Viewed: 4429

Russia PM Putin Congratulates Bulgaria ahead of National Holiday

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has congratulated Bulgaria ahead of the country's national holiday on March 3.

Politics » Diplomacy | March 2, 2010, Tuesday // 13:50 | Viewed: 1761

Foreign Ministry Confirms No Bulgarians Hurt in Chile Quake

Bulgaria's Embassy in Chile has confirmed that no Bulgarians have been injured or killed in the devastating earthquake that hit the South American nation Saturday.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 28, 2010, Sunday // 15:15 | Viewed: 1434

US Ambassador: Bulgaria's Kardzhali Positive Inter-ethnic Symbol

James Warlick, the new US Ambassador to Bulgaria, has chosen to visit the south eastern town of Kardzhali on his first official trip outside the capital Sofia.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 26, 2010, Friday // 16:46 | Viewed: 2249

Bulgaria, Romania Top Diplomats Vow to End 'Pointless' Rivalry

Bulgaria and Romania should replace their pointless regional competition with full-fledged cooperation, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries think.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 26, 2010, Friday // 15:04 | Viewed: 2022

US Ambassador Urges Bulgaria to Shake off Dependence on Russian Energy

Not unlike America, Bulgaria should seek to become more energy independent, according to US Ambassador in Sofia, James Warlick.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 25, 2010, Thursday // 16:09 | Viewed: 1964

Ambassador: Spain Has No Intention of Recognizing Kosovo

Spain is not going to recognize Kosovo in the foreseeable future, Spanish Ambassador to Bulgaria, Jorge Fuentes, told Novinite.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 25, 2010, Thursday // 12:49 | Viewed: 2320

Macedonian Court Postpones again Bulgarian Mother Case

The Judge from the Court in the Macedonian town of Gevgeli, Zlata Popova, postponed once again the parental rights case of Spaska Mitrova.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 24, 2010, Wednesday // 15:05 | Viewed: 1563

Macedonian Mother with Bulgarian Passport Fears for Her Life

Macedonian policemen have threatened Spaska Mitrova, the Bulgarian mother living in Macedonia, the Bulgarian nationalist party VMRO informs.

Politics » Diplomacy | February 22, 2010, Monday // 15:51 | Viewed: 1735