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Bulgaria to Welcome Israeli President Shimon Peres

The President of Israel Shimon Peres will pay a visit to Bulgaria on Wednesday, August 11, announced the Bulgarian Presidency.

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Bulgarian Nation Grows by 17 000 New Citizens in 10 Months

From September 2009 until the end of June 2010, 17 000 ethnic Bulgarians from Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Russia, have received Bulgarian passports.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 10, 2010, Tuesday // 15:44 | Viewed: 2094

Bulgaria Takes Scores of Moscow Children as Smog Disaster Help

Russia is sending 10 000 children and hundreds of elderly to Bulgaria and the Ukraine to save them from the smoldering heat and overpowering smog in Moscow, the city's Mayor, Yriy Luzhkov, announced Tuesday.

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Norway Funded Bulgaria's Archaeology Dig That Found St. John Relics

The funding for the archaeological excavations that led to the much celebrated and much debated recent discovery of relics of St. John the Baptist in Bulgaria was provided by Norway.

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Russian PM Putin Praises Bulgarian Firemen

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, thanked Monday his Bulgarian counterpart, Boyko Borisov, for the timely help in extinguishing wildfires ravaging Moscow suburbs for days now.

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Bulgarian Firemen Salvage Historic Russian Village

Bulgarian firemen were able to salvage from the blaze a historic Russian village, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry informs.

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35 Bulgarians Evacuated from Smog-Choked Moscow

A total of thirty five Bulgarians have requested to be evacuated from Moscow, the spokesperson of the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry, Vesela Cherneva, informs Monday.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 9, 2010, Monday // 09:20 | Viewed: 1614

Bulgaria Lets Fire-Stranded Russian Tourists Stay Longer

The Bulgarian authorities will not be imposing any sanctions on Russian visitors with expired visas, who decided to stay longer in Bulgaria because of the critical situation with wildfires in the Moscow region.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 8, 2010, Sunday // 18:23 | Viewed: 2085

Bulgarian Diplomats Evacuated from Russia to Arrive Home Sunday

The first group of employees of the Bulgarian Embassy in Moscow and their families will arrive back home in Bulgaria Sunday night.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 8, 2010, Sunday // 17:56 | Viewed: 1822

Bulgaria Evacuates Families of Diplomats from Russia

The wives and kids of Bulgarian diplomats in Moscow, as well as female employees, who work in the Bulgarian embassy, except for the ones who work in the consulate, will be evacuated.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 8, 2010, Sunday // 13:15 | Viewed: 1705

Bulgarian Firemen Fight 3 Moscow Blazes

The group of 92 of Bulgaria's best firemen has arrived in Moscow early Saturday morning and is accommodated in a camp 30 km from Moscow.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 7, 2010, Saturday // 16:07 | Viewed: 1717

Tadic: Serbia to Back Bulgaria's Belene Nuclear Power Plant

Serbian President Boris Tadic has arrived to Bulgaria's Varna for high-level bilateral talks with Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 6, 2010, Friday // 19:30 | Viewed: 2266

Bulgarian Embassy Saves Disgruntled Migrant Workers in Portugal

A large group of Bulgarian migrant workers in Portugal have been sheltered with the aid of the Bulgarian Embassy in Lisbon.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 6, 2010, Friday // 18:31 | Viewed: 1797

Bulgaria Warns against Traveling to Russia over Fires

Bulgaria's Embassy in Moscow has issued a warning against traveling to Russia as a large part of the latter is affected by environmental problems caused by raging forest fires.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 6, 2010, Friday // 18:17 | Viewed: 2586

95 of Bulgaria's Top Firemen Help Russia Tame Forest Blaze

Russia is forming an international task force to assist in fighting the wildfires that have been ravaging the country for days now, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations informs.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 6, 2010, Friday // 16:25 | Viewed: 2063

Bulgaria Renounces Reports of Shutting Embassy in Ireland

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has denied the reports that it will be closing down its embassy in Dublin, reports The Irish Times.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 5, 2010, Thursday // 17:59 | Viewed: 2040

Bulgaria, Serbia Govts Set for High-Profile Bilateral Talks

Serbian President Boris Tadic is arriving to Bulgaria for high-profile talks with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 5, 2010, Thursday // 17:22 | Viewed: 2086

Poptodorova Returns to Washington DC as Bulgarian Ambassador

Bulgaria's Ambassador to US, Elena Poptodorova, handed Thursday her letters of accreditation to the American Deputy Secretary of State, James Steinberg, the Bulgarian Embassy in Washington DC reported.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 5, 2010, Thursday // 14:33 | Viewed: 1859

PM Lauds Comedian Slated to Be New Bulgarian Consul in Chicago

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has praised famous comedian Dimitar Tudzharov, aka Shkumbata, who will be appointed a new Bulgarian consul in Chicago, Illinois.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 4, 2010, Wednesday // 19:43 | Viewed: 2611

Bulgaria Condemns Missile Attacks against Israel, Jordan

Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement denouncing the missile attacks launched by militants against cities in Israel and Jordan.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 3, 2010, Tuesday // 15:07 | Viewed: 1798

Greeks Announce End of Strike, Attack Bulgarian Drivers

At the end of their strike, protesting Greek lorry drivers have attacked Bulgarian drivers of gasoline tankers, the Greek APE-MPE has announced.

Politics » Diplomacy | August 1, 2010, Sunday // 19:44 | Viewed: 2156