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Bulgarian Foreign Minister Pays Respects to Srebrenica Massacre Victims

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov was among the international guests to the remembrance ceremony of the 15th year since the massacre in Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 11, 2010, Sunday // 19:54 | Viewed: 1533

Bulgaria Supports All Balkan Countries for Joining EU

Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borisov has announced the country's support for EU entry for all Balkan countries.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 10, 2010, Saturday // 17:13 | Viewed: 1480

Bulgaria’s PM Confirms Support for Croatia’s EU Entry

The Bulgarian Prime Minister has once again confirmed the country's support for Croatia's upcoming entry into the European Union.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 10, 2010, Saturday // 16:36 | Viewed: 1647

French Ambassador in Sofia: Make Less Show, Concentrate on Results

The ambassador of France to Bulgaria, Etienne de Poncins, stated Saturday that Bulgaria needs to put much more effort in combatting corruption and organized crime.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 10, 2010, Saturday // 14:21 | Viewed: 1419

US Ambassador on 'No Comment' Meeting with Bulgarian Chief Prosecutor

US Ambassador James Warlick has met with Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor Boris Velchev.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 9, 2010, Friday // 12:33 | Viewed: 1389

Bulgaria Hopes to Use Vietnamese Graduates to Revive Ties

The some 30 000 Vietnamese graduates from Bulgarian universities are a crucial prerequisite for boosting the bilateral business relations, according to the Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 8, 2010, Thursday // 19:49 | Viewed: 1271

Bulgaria to Get Vietnamese Debt in 1 Month

The Bulgarian Finance Minister Simeon Djankov and the Vietnamese First Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Sinh Hung have singed a treaty for the settlement of the Vietnamese debt to Bulgaria, which amount to USD 1,3 M.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 7, 2010, Wednesday // 17:42 | Viewed: 1532

US Envoy: Why Are Bulgaria's Deals with Russians Secret?

US Ambassador in Sofia James Warlick has called for making public Bulgaria's energy deals with Russia.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 7, 2010, Wednesday // 16:55 | Viewed: 1623

Bulgaria's PM: War Between Me and Putin is Fiction

The Bulgarian prime minister announced Tuesday that talk of any kind of war between him and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is "fiction".

Politics » Diplomacy | July 6, 2010, Tuesday // 13:24 | Viewed: 1379

Bulgaria, Kosovo to Collaborate in Culture Sphere

The Bulgarian Culture Minister, Vezhdi Rashidov, and his Kosovo counterpart, Lutfi Haziri, have met to discuss possibilities for future cooperation in the culture sphere.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 5, 2010, Monday // 17:49 | Viewed: 1642

Bulgarian President Salutes Newly-Elected Bronislaw Komorowski

Bulgarian head of state Georgi Parvanov sent his official greeting to newly-elected Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 5, 2010, Monday // 16:38 | Viewed: 1479

Bulgaria No Soviet Republic, Foreign Minister Thinks

Bulgaria is a state based on the rule of law and cannot afford to favor certain investors, no matter whether Russian or from elsewhere, said Bulgarian foreign affairs minister Nikolay Mladenov in an interview for Bulgarian Nova TV Sunday evening.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 4, 2010, Sunday // 19:02 | Viewed: 1739

Bulgarian PM Honors US Independence Day

Bulgaria highly values the open, substantial and lasting cooperation with the USA on key matters concerning European energy security, wrote Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov Sunday on occasion of the 4th of July.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 4, 2010, Sunday // 16:01 | Viewed: 1601

Bulgaria PM: Putin Knows Me Better than Local Opposition

Bulgaria's prime minister has praised his Russian counterpart for the dialogue they have as the two countries are struggling to come to an agreement on a number of large-scale energy projects.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 4, 2010, Sunday // 13:58 | Viewed: 1556

UK, Spanish Embassies Said to Have 'Pressured' Bulgarian Courts

Representatives of the Embassies of the UK and Spain in Bulgaria are reported to have exerted pressure on Bulgarian courts in two separate trade disputes.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 3, 2010, Saturday // 20:44 | Viewed: 1762

Bulgarian President Greets Obama for July 4

Bulgaria's head of state Georgi Parvanov has sent a letter to American President Barack Obama with greetings for July 4, the national holiday of the United States.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 3, 2010, Saturday // 15:22 | Viewed: 1265

Putin Orders Deputy to Bulgaria for Energy Talks

Russia's Deputy PM Viktor Zubkov is going to visit Bulgaria July 6 for talks on the large-scale joint energy projects, Bulgaria's PM Borisov and his Russian counterpart Putin have agreed in a phone conversation.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 2, 2010, Friday // 18:39 | Viewed: 1490

40 000 Illegal Bulgarian Immigrants to Benefit from Obama's Reform

There are between 15 000 and 40 000 Bulgarians residing illegally in the USA, according to estimates of Assen Assenov, a Bulgarian professor at the American University School of International Service.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 2, 2010, Friday // 16:14 | Viewed: 2888

Bulgaria's Closeness with US Makes Other States Nervous - Analyst

The increasingly close ties of Bulgaria and Romania with the US can generate a negative reaction on part of other states in the Balkans, according to Ted Galen Carpenter, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies at the Cato Institute.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 1, 2010, Thursday // 12:53 | Viewed: 2128

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Victimized by Striking Israeli Driver

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov was left behind by his driver during his Wednesday's visit to Jerusalem as a sign of protest.

Politics » Diplomacy | July 1, 2010, Thursday // 02:56 | Viewed: 1886

FM: Bulgaria Throws Weight behind Independent Palestinian State

Bulgaria supports strongly the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, stated Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov in Ramallah.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 30, 2010, Wednesday // 18:34 | Viewed: 1519