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Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Discuss Energy, Cultural Partnerships

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov met with the President Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev Friday.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 12, 2015, Friday // 13:52 | Viewed: 1876

France TV: Irina Bokova Is Ready to Become UN Secretary General

UNESCO Secretary General Irina Bokova has yet again stated her position that preservation of cultural and historic monuments in conflict zones is a must.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 16:56 | Viewed: 2075

US Special Envoy Notes Importance of Energy Relations with Bulgaria

The advancement in the construction of the Southern Gas Corridor - the interconnecting pipe between Bulgaria, Greece and other neighboring countries are among the main topics of discussion between US Special Envoy Amos Hochstein and Bulgarian President Ro

Politics » Diplomacy | June 10, 2015, Wednesday // 15:55 | Viewed: 4125

US Special Envoy on Energy Matters Expected in Bulgaria

Special Envoy to the US Foreign Secretary John Kery, Amos Hochstein will be arriving in Bulgaria Wednesday.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 19:20 | Viewed: 4148

US Senators Propose VISA-Free Regime for Bulgaria

Two US senators - Mark Kirk and Barbara Mikulski have introduced a bill that if approved will allow free movement of the citizens of Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Croatia to the US.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 16:18 | Viewed: 6928

Parliament Speaker Calls for Joint Schengen Accession of Bulgaria, Romania

Bulgarian Parliament Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva called for the joint accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen Area, which will ensure a higher degree of security for the EU.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 9, 2015, Tuesday // 11:12 | Viewed: 3471

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister to Address American Jewish Committee Global Forum

Bulgaria’s Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov will take part in the American Jewish Committee Global Forum on June 7-9 in Washington.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 8, 2015, Monday // 14:14 | Viewed: 4206

Antigua and Barbuda to Open Honorary Consulate in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s government on Wednesday gave the green light to Antigua and Barbuda to open a honorary consulate in Sofia.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 3, 2015, Wednesday // 16:44 | Viewed: 5888

Bulgarian Economy Minister Holds 2-Day Visit to Serbia

Bulgarian Economy minister Bozhidar Lukarski has left on a two-day work visit to Serbia June 1-2.

Politics » Diplomacy | June 1, 2015, Monday // 10:50 | Viewed: 1489

Turkey’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Voices Dissatisfaction with Border Fence

Turkey’s Ambassador to Bulgaria Suleyman Gokce has expressed dissatisfaction with the 30-kilometer border fence and the declaration of the Parliament on the fate of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 31, 2015, Sunday // 13:09 | Viewed: 2920

Polish Sejm Delegation Visits Bulgaria's Parliament

A delegation Poland's Sejm (Lower House of Parliament) was welcomed on Friday morning to the National Assembly building in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 29, 2015, Friday // 11:19 | Viewed: 1407

Future Bulgarian Ambassador to Turkey to Seek New Basis of Bilateral Relations

The former Foreign Minister and future ambassador to Turkey Nadezhda Neynsky said that she is to seek new basis of bilateral relations and will champion the Bulgarian national interests.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 29, 2015, Friday // 09:54 | Viewed: 1577

Bulgaria Backs Idea to Send EU Special Representative to Macedonia – Minister

Bulgaria backs the idea to send an EU Special Representative to Macedonia in a bid to solve the political crisis in the country, according to Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 28, 2015, Thursday // 14:04 | Viewed: 1849

Cabinet Proposes Former Foreign Minister as New Bulgarian Ambassador to Turkey

The government proposed the former Foreign Minister Nadezhda Neynsky to be appointed as the Bulgarian ambassador to Turkey.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 27, 2015, Wednesday // 14:35 | Viewed: 2232

Bulgaria President to Take Over SE European Cooperation Process

Bulgaria's head of state is due to take over from Albania the presidency of the Southeastern European Cooperation Process (SEECP) while on a visit to Tirana on Tuesday, his press office has said.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 26, 2015, Tuesday // 10:24 | Viewed: 1777

Croatia’s Foreign Minister Arrives in Bulgaria for Official Visit

Croatia’s Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic arrives Monday in Sofia for an official visit at the invitation of her Bulgarian counterpart Daniel Mitov.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 25, 2015, Monday // 10:27 | Viewed: 1324

Maite Nkoana-Mashabane: ‘Vision of Integrated Africa Becoming Reality’

The celebration of Africa Day this year is of particular significance as the African Union (AU) summit next month is expected to adopt the First 10 Year Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063, South Africa’s Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

Politics » Diplomacy | May 25, 2015, Monday // 08:38 | Viewed: 2370

Pope Francis Receives Bulgarian PM, Delegation at Audience in Vatican

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and a delegation headed by him were received at an audience by Pope Francis in the Vatican on Saturday.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 23, 2015, Saturday // 15:50 | Viewed: 1919

Bulgarian PM, Delegation to Have Audience with Pope Francis

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and the delegation headed by him will have an audience with Pope Francis on Saturday.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 23, 2015, Saturday // 11:26 | Viewed: 1357

Bulgaria’s PM, Georgian Counterpart Discuss Bilateral Cooperation

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Georgian counterpart Irakli Garibashvili discussed bilateral cooperation in Riga during the Eastern Partnership Summit.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 22, 2015, Friday // 19:12 | Viewed: 1309

Ex-Foreign Min Warns against Bulgaria's Harsh Tone on Russia

Recent comments by Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov about Moscow's "irresponsible" approach to the situation in Macedonia are very dangerous, Mitov's predecessor Kristian Vigenin has said.

Politics » Diplomacy | May 22, 2015, Friday // 09:06 | Viewed: 2721