Bulgarian FM Mitov to Meet German Counterpart Steinmeier on Berlin Visit

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov is set to depart for Germany on Thursday for a two-day visit, his ministry's press office says.

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Bulgaria Deputy PM Vows Govt Action to Address Issues in EU's CVM Report

Bulgaria will take measures to address all issues pointed in the EU Commission's latest report on the country's progress in judicial reform and fighting corruption and organized crime, Deputy PM Meglena Kuneva said on Wednesday.

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Bulgaria: EU Commission's 2015 CVM Report in Brief

The European Commission published on Wednesday, January 28, reports on Bulgaria and Romania under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) to summarize the two countries' progress in 2014 in various areas.

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EU CVM Report Urges Bulgaria To Speed Up Judicial Reform

The EU Commission on Wednesday urged Bulgaria to step up efforts to reform its judiciary.

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EU Blasts at Bulgaria’s High-Level Corruption in New CVM Report

High-level corruption, independence of the judiciary and low rates of criminal conviction have been identified as the main problem areas for Bulgaria in the upcoming monitoring report by the European Commission.

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Bulgarian MPs Reject Proposal for Limiting Sanctions Against Russia

The Bulgarian Parliament rejected on Wednesday to include the proposal, which calls for limiting the extension of sanctions against Russia, for discussion in its weekly agenda.

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Incumbent, Former Bulgarian Presidents Gather in Council

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev is to chair the Council of Presidents on Wednesday for the third consecutive year.

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Yonko Grozev Elected as Bulgaria's Judge to ECHR

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) elected Yonko Grozev as a judge to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in respect of Bulgaria on Tuesday.

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Bulgaria, Romania Discuss Elements of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan

Bulgaria’s Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev and his Romanian counterpart Mircea Dusa on Tuesday discussed the creation of command and control elements that would be deployed in the two countries as part of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan.

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Bulgaria President: It Is Better to Have Economic Crisis than Historic Shame

President Rosen Plevneliev has spoken to a multitude of heads of state and other high-profile politicians attending an international forum marking the 70th Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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Bulgaria's Overall Progress 'Not Enough' - CVM Report Fascimile

Bulgaria has achieved limited progress in the judiciary, the forthcoming EU Commission report on the country says according to media reports.

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Most Bulgarians Believe EU Should Continue Monitoring Progress

The biggest portion of Bulgarians perceive corruption, shortcomings in the judicial system and organized crime as very important issues that need to be resolved.

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EU Commission Foresees No Compensation for Bulgarian Dairy Farmers

Bulgaria's Agriculture Minister Desislava Taneva announced that the European Commission is not going to compensate dairy producers, who have been affected by the sanctions imposed on Russia.

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Consultations on Bulgaria's Pension Reform Continue

The second round of consultations on the parameters of Bulgaria's pension reform will take place on Tuesday.

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Bulgarian Troops Deployed at Border Will Not Bear Arms

The Bulgarian troops, who are to be deployed in order to aid the Interior Ministry in guarding the border with Turkey against the influx of illegal immigrants, will not bear arms.

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President to Attend Holocaust Remembrance Ceremonies in Poland, Czech Republic

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev is to visit the Czech Republic and Poland on Monday to take part in the Holocaust remembrance ceremonies there, his press office says.

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Bulgaria Defense Ministry to Dispatch 180 Troops along Border with Turkey

As many as 180 troops are to be deployed at the Bulgaria-Turkey border, Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev has said.

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Two Bulgarian Nationals Arrested in Libya for Alleged Smuggling

The five-member crew of a Maltese tanker vessel, including two Bulgarian nationals, has been arrested in Libya for alleged smuggling of oil products.

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Finance Ministry Reverses Controversial Changes to Pension Insurance

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry reversed its decision regarding the social insurance contributions of newly insured persons.

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Bulgarian Cabinet Makes Governance Programme Public

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers published its detailed governance programme on the government's website on Friday.

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Bulgaria Foresees New Investments for Municipalities Hosting Refugees

Bulgarian municipalities with refugee accommodation centers and those involved in integration programmes will receive significant subsidies.

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