Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation Gives the Green Light to Registration of DOST Party  

Bulgaria’s Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) has overturned a lower court decision to deny registration to DOST political party founded by Lyutvi Mestan.

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Parliament Reelects Biser Petkov as head of State Social Security Agency

Bulgaria’s Parliament reelected Biser Petkov as Governor of the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) on Friday.

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Bulgaria to Vote for President on November 6

Bulgaria will hold presidential elections on 6 November 2016, Parliament decided on Friday.

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Bulgaria Says Angela Merkel Pledges Support for Its Bid for Additional Help from Frontex    

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has asked European border management agency Frontex to provide equipment, ships and helicopters to help the country protect the EU’s external border against irregular migration.

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Bulgaria’s Top Court Scraps Half of Questions in Referendum Proposed by Slavi's Show

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court on Thursday declared as unconstitutional three of the six questions in a referendum proposed by popular TV show host Slavi Trifonov, to be held alongsisde the presidential elections in the autumn.

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Bulgaria Tentatively Approves Anti-Terrorism Bill

Bulgaria's Parliament on Thursday tentatively approved a controversial anti-terrorism bill which allows the government to restrict civil rights in case of emergency.

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Bulgaria's Parliament Approves Deputy FinMin as Head of Finance Watchdog

Karina Karaivanova has been approved by Bulgarian lawmakers as the next head of the country's Financial Supervision Commission.

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Bulgarian MPs to Vote on Anti-Terror Bill

Bulgarian lawmakers are set to hold a vote on a controversial anti-terror bill that will allow the government to curb civil rights in case of a terror emergency.

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Left-wing Parties in Bulgaria Unable to Propose Joint Presidential Nomination - Analyst

Left-wing political parties in Bulgaria are unable to agree on a common nomination for the forthcoming presidential elections, a Bulgarian political analyst has said.

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Bulgaria Takes to Court Three Syrians on Charges of Terrorism

Bulgarian prosecutors have charged three Syrian citizens with attempts to illegally cross the border into Turkey and travel onward to Syria to join as fighters the Islamic State and Muslim Brotherhood organizations, Sofia-based bTV broadcaster reported on

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EC Appoints Bulgaria’s Charlina Vitcheva Deputy Director-General at Joint Research Centre

Bulgarian national Charlina Vitcheva has been apponted as deputy director-general of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre as of the start of September.

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Bulgaria to Assume EU Presidency 6 Months Earlier

Bulgaria will take over the rotating residency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2018 and not in the second one as planned earlier, officials say.

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Second Straw Poll on UN Top Job Candidates Next Week

The United Nations Security Council is set to hold a second straw vote next week on candidates vying to take over as the world body's Secretary General, a diplomat has said.

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Bulgarian Parliament to Choose from Three Dates for 2016 Presidential Elections

Bulgaria’s Parliament is expected to consider three dates for presidential elections this week before going into summer recess on 1 August, Darik Radio reported on Tuesday.

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Bulgaria's ABV: Leader, ex-President Should Run Again

Left-wing Alternative for Bulgarian Revival (ABV) has endorsed former head of state Georgi Parvanov as its proposal for a joint presidential candidate with the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP).

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Bulgaria Took Back 400 Migrants from EU in A Year

Less than 10 percent of requests to send back migrants from EU member states were granted by Bulgaria between July 2015 and June 2016.

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Russia Refutes Bulgaria's Airspace Violation Claims

The Russian Defense Ministry has downplayed claims that its military aircraft have been involved in "provocations" in Bulgaria's airspace over the past month.

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Bulgaria Accuses Russia of Airspace 'Provocations'

Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Nenchev said on Sunday an increased number of violations of the country's airspace by Russian military aircraft had been observed over the past weeks.

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Ansbach Attacker Was to Be Deported to Bulgaria - German Officials

The Syrian man who blew himself up in Germany wounding 12 people was supposed to be sent back to Bulgaria after his protection request had been rejected, German officials say.

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Bulgaria's Last King 'among Presidential Nominees' of Socialist Party

Bulgaria's last King and former Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is among those who received nominations to become presidential candidates of the socialist opposition, news website Dnevnik.

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Court to Sit on Bulgarian DOST Party's Denied Registration

A high-instance court is to hold a sitting on Monday on the appeal submitted by DOST leader Lyutvi Mestan after his party's registration request was turned down.

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