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Bulgaria Set for Highest Growth of Russian Tourists' Number Ever

Bulgaria expects an year-on-year growth of some 70% in the number of Russian tourists for the 2011 summer season, according to consular officials.

Business » Tourism | May 13, 2011, Friday // 18:36 | Viewed: 2346

Bulgaria to Participate in World Travel Fair 2011 in Shanghai

Bulgaria will participate for the third time in World Travel Fair 2011, one of the biggest tourism exhibitions in Asia, which opens Friday in Shanghai.

Business » Tourism | May 13, 2011, Friday // 12:12 | Viewed: 1994

Ryaniar Carries Out First Milano-Plovdiv Flight

As Ryaniar's first flight from Milano to the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv arrived on Saturday, its 140 passengers were welcomed with bread and salt, according to an old Bulgarian tradition.

Business » Tourism | May 7, 2011, Saturday // 17:13 | Viewed: 2271

UN Chief Fascinated with Bulgaria's Plovdiv Old Town

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has completed his two-day Bulgarian visit in the southern city of Plovdiv where he was amazed at the history and architecture of the Old Town.

Business » Tourism | May 6, 2011, Friday // 20:04 | Viewed: 3148

Bulgarian Communist Dictator's Plane to Be Submerged in Black Sea

The personal plane of late Bulgarian Communist dictator Todor Zhivkov is to be submerged in the bay of the Black Sea city of Varna, where it will become an underwater tourist attraction.

Business » Tourism | May 5, 2011, Thursday // 16:03 | Viewed: 3398

Govt: 137 Million Watched Bulgaria's Tourism TV Ads Abroad

Bulgaria's government has reported impressive estimates of the number of viewers who watched the TV ads for Bulgarian tourism on four international TV channels.

Business » Tourism | April 28, 2011, Thursday // 16:45 | Viewed: 2903

Bulgaria, Croatia to Draw Tourists to Roman Emperors' Road

The development of the international tourism project "Roman Emperors' Road" was a focus of the meeting of Bulgarian and Croatian Economy Ministers in Zagreb.

Business » Tourism | April 27, 2011, Wednesday // 18:33 | Viewed: 2552

Russia Nixes Charter Flights to Bulgaria Resorts

Russia's state aviation authority, Rosaviatsia, has refused a dozen Russian carriers from increasing the number of charter flights they do to resorts in Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, local media reports.

Business » Tourism | April 27, 2011, Wednesday // 14:53 | Viewed: 4444

Bulgarians Favor Family Visits, Neighboring Countries for Easter

The majority of Bulgarian travelers over the Easter holidays are visiting family and friends, according to the Director of the Institute for Analysis and Assessment of Tourism, Rumen Draganov.

Business » Tourism | April 23, 2011, Saturday // 14:10 | Viewed: 1891

Bulgaria's Albena Welcomes First Summer Tourists

The Bulgarian Albena Black Sea resort welcomed its first tourists, as a group of 80 Germans marked the early start of the summer season on Tuesday.

Business » Tourism | April 19, 2011, Tuesday // 11:31 | Viewed: 1760

Bulgaria's Winter Tourism Does Well, More Reliant on Balkan Countries

Bulgaria's winter and ski resorts will seek to attract more and more tourists from the Balkan states, according to experts who took part in a round table in Sofia Monday.

Business » Tourism | April 18, 2011, Monday // 20:19 | Viewed: 2305

Bulgaria Sees More Foreign Tourists Already, High Hopes for Summer

The number of foreign tourists who visited Bulgaria in the first two months of 2011 grew by 6%, year-on-year, a senior official announced at the opening of the Cultural Tourism Expo in Veliko Tarnovo.

Business » Tourism | April 13, 2011, Wednesday // 19:42 | Viewed: 2503

Bulgaria 2nd Best-Value Eastern Destination for British Tourists

Bulgaria is the second best-value destination for British tourists for Easter 2011, according to a survey of Post Office Travel Money.

Business » Tourism | April 13, 2011, Wednesday // 17:55 | Viewed: 2195

Bulgarian Govt to Go for State Tourism Advertising Company

Bulgaria's Economy Ministry is going ahead with setting up a "Bulgarian Tourism Association" State Company to manage the country's national marketing and tourist image, according to the draft Tourism Act.

Business » Tourism | April 12, 2011, Tuesday // 10:21 | Viewed: 2435

'Bulgarian Fjords' to Spur Development of EU Poorest Region

Unique but unexplored tourism features are the key to the development of Northwest Bulgaria, the poorest EU region, according to Georgi Tabakov, head of the Bulgarian Economic Forum (BEF).

Business » Tourism | April 11, 2011, Monday // 16:03 | Viewed: 1969

Guard of Honor Becomes Bulgaria's Old Capital Latest Attraction

A ritual change of a guard of honor in front of the mediaeval fortress Tsarevets in the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo is going to be the latest attraction in the city this tourist season.

Business » Tourism | April 11, 2011, Monday // 14:47 | Viewed: 1569

German Ambassador Optimistic about Bulgarian Tourism

German Ambassador to Sofia, Matthias Hopfner, voiced Monday strong optimism about the number of his fellow countrymen visiting Bulgaria for vacation and leisure.

Business » Tourism | April 11, 2011, Monday // 13:18 | Viewed: 4946

400 000 Visited Bulgaria's Balchik Palace in 2010, More to Come in 2011

The "Palace" complex in the Bulgarian Black Sea town of Balchik had 400 000 visitors in 2010, both Bulgarian and foreign tourists, according to its management.

Business » Tourism | April 6, 2011, Wednesday // 19:32 | Viewed: 2031

Bulgarian Beach Resorts Expect Russian Tourists Invasion

A record number of Bulgarian visa applications from Russian citizens will be processed for the summer season 2011, according to information from the Bulgarian Consular Office at the Embassy in Moscow.

Business » Tourism | April 6, 2011, Wednesday // 12:35 | Viewed: 2174

Romanian Paper Exposes Paradoxes of Bulgarian Tourism

Bulgarian tourism is filled with paradoxes – from numerous potholes to multitouch restaurant tables – according to a report of the Romania Libera newspaper.

Business » Tourism | April 4, 2011, Monday // 19:31 | Viewed: 2566

Bulgaria to Boost Its Retro Train Tourism

Bulgaria considers developing further its options for retro train tourism, the country's transport minister, Alexander Tsvetkov said Monday.

Business » Tourism | April 4, 2011, Monday // 17:49 | Viewed: 2343