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Bulgaria's Perperikon Sanctuary Receives BGN 1 M

The check for BGN 1 M is being presented to the Kardzhali City Hall Friday for the Thracian rock sanctuary Perperikon, which ranked second in the Bulgaria's Miracles contest.

Business » Tourism | March 11, 2011, Friday // 09:48 | Viewed: 1864

Tour Operators Highly Optimistic about Bulgaria's Tourism in 2011

Large tour operators expect a substantial growth of bookings for vacations in Bulgaria by European tourists.

Business » Tourism | March 10, 2011, Thursday // 20:01 | Viewed: 2316

Awards Bestowed to Winners of 'Bulgaria's Miracles' Contest

March 9 is to be declared the Day of Bulgaria's Miracles, it was announced during the award ceremony for the winners of the Bulgaria's Miracles contest.

Business » Tourism | March 10, 2011, Thursday // 12:34 | Viewed: 2686

40 Bulgarian Companies Take Part in ITB Berlin

More than 40 Bulgarian companies will participate in the world's leading travel trade show "ITB Berlin" in Germany, the Bulgarian Ministry on Economy, Energy and Tourism announced.

Business » Tourism | March 9, 2011, Wednesday // 18:54 | Viewed: 2250

Bulgaria Ranked 48th Globally in Tourism Competitiveness

Bulgaria is 48th in terms of travel and tourism competitiveness out of 139 countries, according to a report of the World Economic Forum.

Business » Tourism | March 7, 2011, Monday // 19:03 | Viewed: 2765

Visa Regime Hampers Turkish Tourists to Visit Bulgaria

Bulgaria is missing out on huge investments from tourists because of its hampered visa regime with Turkey, according to Turkish experts.

Business » Tourism | March 7, 2011, Monday // 12:50 | Viewed: 2492

Disgruntled Britons Win Compensations after 'Holiday in Hell' in Bulgaria

TUI UK faces paying hundreds of thousands pounds in compensation to 138 holidaymakers who fell ill after staying at a Bulgarian hotel.

Business » Tourism | March 2, 2011, Wednesday // 16:41 | Viewed: 3129

Bulgarian Summer Resort Albena Expects 20% More Germans

The Bulgarian Black Sea resort Albena is expecting a 20% increase of German tourists this summer, in comparison to last year.

Business » Tourism | February 22, 2011, Tuesday // 16:00 | Viewed: 2680

Bulgarian Hotel Revenues Up 4% Q4 2010 Y/Y

The number of overnight stays of Bulgarians in hotels and mountain cabins is down by 0.2% or 2 300 during the last quarter of 2010, compared to the last quarter of 2009.

Business » Tourism | February 21, 2011, Monday // 13:19 | Viewed: 1825

Bulgarian Govt to Set Up State Firm for Tourism Advertising

The Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Tourism has come up with the idea to set up a State Company "Bulgarian Tourism" that would manage Bulgaria's "national marketing and tourist image.

Business » Tourism | February 18, 2011, Friday // 19:28 | Viewed: 2191

German, Russian TV Channels Air Ads for Bulgaria Tourism

Bulgaria will launch next week its second international promotion campaign as it seeks to be advertised as a year-round tourist destination in Russia and Germany.

Business » Tourism | February 18, 2011, Friday // 17:14 | Viewed: 2053

Bulgarian Tourism Expected to Grow 5-10% Winter Season

Bulgarian Minister on Economy, Energy and Tourism, Traicho Traikov, has stated the expected growth in tourism sector for the 2010/2011 winter season is 5-10%.

Business » Tourism | February 17, 2011, Thursday // 13:41 | Viewed: 1822

FinMin Pledges BGN 10 M for '10 Bulgarian Miracles'

Bulgaria's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, has pledged additional financing in the amount of BGN 10 M for the "10 Miracles of Bulgaria," including sites from the country's historical and cultural heritage.

Business » Tourism | February 17, 2011, Thursday // 11:50 | Viewed: 2646

Bulgaria to Evaluate National Advertising Campaign in June

The effect of the advertising campaign for tourism in Bulgaria, which targets the country's nationals, will be evaluated in June, according to the Deputy Minister on Economy, Energy and Tourism, Ivo Marinov.

Business » Tourism | February 15, 2011, Tuesday // 14:08 | Viewed: 1774

FMD Makes Mess of Hunting Tourism in Southeast Bulgaria

Bulgaria's recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease has shattered the hunting tourism in the southeastern part of the country because of the adopted restrictive measures.

Business » Tourism | February 12, 2011, Saturday // 20:28 | Viewed: 2675

Bulgaria's Sofia Sees Drop in Hotel Stays

Bulgaria's capital Sofia has registered a 140 000 decrease in the number of nights spent in hotels in 2010 in comparison with five years ago, according to the city's Municipal Company "Tourist Service", as cited by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and the D

Business » Tourism | February 6, 2011, Sunday // 12:37 | Viewed: 1965

NGOs Move to Restrict TV Porn in Bulgarian Hotels

Bulgarian NGOs have started to restrict the availability of free TV porn in hotels to guests who are underage.

Business » Tourism | February 3, 2011, Thursday // 13:28 | Viewed: 6311

Nobody Out There to Fix Bulgarian Beaches after Demolition of Illegal Properties

No state institution appears to be responsible for cleaning the rubble of demolished illegal beachfront properties along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast.

Business » Tourism | January 30, 2011, Sunday // 15:36 | Viewed: 2743

Bulgarian Tycoons Win Trial against State over Yacht Port

Bulgaria's State Construction Supervision Directorate was sentenced to a fine over its order to shut down the Marina Dinevi yacht port.

Business » Tourism | January 28, 2011, Friday // 19:29 | Viewed: 3373

Bulgarians' Trips Abroad Down 15% in December Y/Y

The number of trips of Bulgarian s abroad continued to go down in December while the number of foreign visitors to the country is up, according to data from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) released Thursday.

Business » Tourism | January 27, 2011, Thursday // 12:48 | Viewed: 1648

Bulgaria Launches Online Tourist Calendar

The Bulgarian Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism has launched an online calendar listing interesting tourists sites and events.

Business » Tourism | January 26, 2011, Wednesday // 15:30 | Viewed: 2100