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Bulgaria Plans to Introduce '9' as Single Contact Number at Hotels Within Month

Visitors staying at hotels across Bulgaria will be able to connect to reception desks by dialing 9 via the internal telephone exchanges, the Tourism Ministry announced on Monday.

Business » Tourism | May 4, 2015, Monday // 21:43 | Viewed: 1978

Bulgaria's Tourism Ministry Foresees Better Protection for Holiday Users

Bulgaria's Tourism Ministry prepares legislative amendments, which will offer better protection to users in cases of unfulfillment of paid organised excursions or bankruptcy of tour operators.

Business » Tourism | May 2, 2015, Saturday // 16:08 | Viewed: 1794

Romanians Express Preference for Bulgarian Seaside Resorts

Bulgarian seaside resorts yet again rank as top destinations for Romanian tourists for the upcoming May holidays.

Business » Tourism | April 28, 2015, Tuesday // 13:59 | Viewed: 1381

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Vows Single Phone Number for All Hotel Reception Desks

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova has promised a common phone number for all hotel reception desks.

Business » Tourism | April 28, 2015, Tuesday // 08:03 | Viewed: 1320

Trips of Bulgarians Abroad Rise 1.6% Y/Y in March

The trips of Bulgarian residents abroad rose by 1.6% on the year in March, reaching 318,300, the country’s statiscics office NSI announced on Monday.

Business » Tourism | April 27, 2015, Monday // 18:16 | Viewed: 1037

Increased Number of Bulgarians Vacate Locally

Over 110,000 Bulgarians will be vacating abroad during the first ten days of May.

Business » Tourism | April 27, 2015, Monday // 12:22 | Viewed: 1239

Bulgaria, Romania Move to Set Up Joint Tourist Info Center in China

Bulgaria and Romania will set up a joint tourist information center will in China as part of the initiative of the two countries to develop joint tourist products for distant markets, according to Bulgarian Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Business » Tourism | April 24, 2015, Friday // 19:15 | Viewed: 1511

Discovery Channel Declares Bulgaria Top Tourist Destination in Europe

A recent survey of Discovery Channel among its audience showed that Bulgaria was the top tourist destination in Europe.

Business » Tourism | April 23, 2015, Thursday // 17:12 | Viewed: 5222

Canada Easing Visa Regime for Bulgarian Visitors from 2016

Bulgarians who have had a Canadian visa over the past few years and holders of non-immigrant ones for the US will be able to travel to Canada without an allowance as of 2016.

Business » Tourism | April 22, 2015, Wednesday // 19:00 | Viewed: 3173

Minister Predicts 50% Increase in Air Traffic over Bulgaria after Launch of Istanbul New Airport

Transport Minister Ivaylo Moskovski has predicted an increase in air traffic over Bulgaria by around 50% as a result of the opening of the Istanbul New Airport, İstanbul Yeni Havalimanı.

Business » Tourism | April 20, 2015, Monday // 16:10 | Viewed: 1705

Bulgaria, Romania Plan Opening Joint Tourist Centre in China

The Bulgarian government approved the draft of the protocol of intention between the Bulgarian and Romanian tourism ministries, which foresees the creation of joint tourist centre in China.

Business » Tourism | April 18, 2015, Saturday // 16:56 | Viewed: 2367

Minister: Drop of Russian Tourists to Be Compensated by European Visitors

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova said on Saturday that the declining interest of Russian tourists towards Bulgaria could be compensated by visitors from the rest of Europe.

Business » Tourism | April 18, 2015, Saturday // 13:16 | Viewed: 2342

Interest of Russian Tourists in Bulgarian Black Sea Grows

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova announced on Thursday that the interest of Russian tourists towards the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has increased in the past days.

Business » Tourism | April 16, 2015, Thursday // 21:01 | Viewed: 2041

TripAdvisor Names Bulgaria's Sofia Cheapest City for Hotel Stays

Bulgaria's capital Sofia is the No 1. city in terms of cheap hotel stay, a recent report reads.

Business » Tourism | April 16, 2015, Thursday // 13:36 | Viewed: 1775

Bulgaria Cuts Port Fees for Cruise Ships to Boost Tourism

Bulgaria has decided to cut tonnage-related port dues for cruise ships in a bid to give a boost to its tourism industry amidst increased competition from neighbouring countries.

Business » Tourism | April 15, 2015, Wednesday // 21:18 | Viewed: 1561

Bulgaria’s Tourism Reports 9% Growth for 2014/2015 Winter Season

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova boasted about a successful 2014/2015 winter season (December-February), stressing that the period had brought growth of over 9%, with the number of tourists increasing by nearly 80 000.

Business » Tourism | April 14, 2015, Tuesday // 11:16 | Viewed: 1861

More Than 100,000 People Travel Abroad Over the Holidays

Over 100,000 people will be travelling abroad over the Easter holidays. Approximately the same number of people will be going to various places across the country.

Business » Tourism | April 10, 2015, Friday // 10:50 | Viewed: 1665

Record Number of Bulgarian Toursists Visited Greece in 2014

According to the latest data of the Hellenic Statistical Authority, Bulgarians made 1.5 million visits to Greece in 2014, which is an increase of 121.8 % compared to the previous year.

Business » Tourism | April 9, 2015, Thursday // 12:08 | Viewed: 1863

Bulgaria to Set Up 19 Visa Consular Services Across Russia

Bulgaria's Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov announced on Saturday that Sofia would take measures to eases access to Bulgaria for Russian tourists.

Business » Tourism | April 4, 2015, Saturday // 16:56 | Viewed: 2042

Bulgaria’s Shumen Looking for Licensed Hot-Air Balloon Pilot

Shumen has become Bulgaria’s first municipality to own a hot air balloon certified by the country’s Civil Aviation Administration, BGNES news outlet reported on Friday

Business » Tourism | April 3, 2015, Friday // 15:41 | Viewed: 3176

First Israeli Tourists to Arrive in Bulgaria's Burgas

The Black Sea city of Burgas will receive on Thursday its first tourists from Israel coming to Bulgaria for to spend their holiday here.

Business » Tourism | April 2, 2015, Thursday // 12:35 | Viewed: 1495