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Bulgaria's Winter Resorts Open Ski Season

Bulgaria's largest ski resorts – Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo open this year's ski season on Saturday, reports the bTV national channel.

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Ski Legend Girardelli to Advise Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister

Ski racing legend Marc Girardelli will be advisor to Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Business » Tourism | December 12, 2014, Friday // 20:15 | Viewed: 1221

Bulgaria May Advertise As Tourist Destination In Spain

Bulgaria may attract tourists by advertising as a destination at Spain's airports, bus and train stations and in the AVE high-speed trains, said Spain's Minister Of Public Works Ana Pastor at a meeting with Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

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Bulgaria to Ease Visa Issuing for Turkish Tourists During Winter

Bulgaria will relax the process of issuing visas to Turkish citizens during winter months to give a boost to its tourism sector, the Tourism Ministry said on Tuesday.

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Bulgaria To Create E-Registry of Its Tourist Destinations

Bulgaria's Tourism Ministry will create an electronic registry of all tourist destinations in the country, said Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova during the opening of the International Meeting Of Touroperators in Plovdiv.

Business » Tourism | November 27, 2014, Thursday // 16:43 | Viewed: 3837

Trips by Bulgarians Abroad Dip in October, Foreigners’ Visits Rise

The number of Bulgarians travelling abroad fell by 1.8% year-on-year in October, reaching 300,900, the statistics office said on Thursday.

Business » Tourism | November 27, 2014, Thursday // 12:34 | Viewed: 833

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Invites Deputy to Resign

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova has expressed hopes that her deputy, Branimir Botev, will step down.

Business » Tourism | November 27, 2014, Thursday // 12:15 | Viewed: 3487

Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Plans Focus on Advertisement, Sustainable Development in 2015

Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova has said that the major portion of funding in 2015 would be allocated to advertisement and measures targeting the sustainable development of the sector.

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Bulgaria to Negotiate Easing of Visa Regime for Balkan Tourists

The Bulgarian Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova is planning to hold working meetings with her Balkan counterparts at which to discuss the possibilities of easing the regime on issuing of tourist visas.

Business » Tourism | November 26, 2014, Wednesday // 12:46 | Viewed: 922

Bansko Declared Bulgaria’s Best Winter Resort in 2014 World Ski Awards

Bansko has been declared Bulgaria’s best winter resort for a second year in a row in an online vote for the 2014 World Ski Awards.

Business » Tourism | November 23, 2014, Sunday // 16:37 | Viewed: 1678

Bulgaria Should Be Year-Round Tourist Destination – Minister

Bulgaria should become a year-round tourist destination, according to Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Business » Tourism | November 23, 2014, Sunday // 11:59 | Viewed: 1564

Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Expects 4-5% Growth This Winter

Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova told that she expects a growth of 4-5% in the number of tourists this winter season.

Business » Tourism | November 20, 2014, Thursday // 18:37 | Viewed: 1121

Bulgaria to Offer Combined Tour Packages with Neighboring Balkan Countries

Bulgaria will try to boost visitor numbers by offering combined tourism products including trips to neighboring Balkan countries.

Business » Tourism | November 20, 2014, Thursday // 11:42 | Viewed: 1322

UK Skiing Holiday Maker Praises Bulgaria's Bansko

"Bansko is the perfect ski resort for an absolute beginner“, according to a UK tourist sharing her impressions of the “small medieval town in Bulgaria’s south west that has been rejuvenated by skiing.

Business » Tourism | November 19, 2014, Wednesday // 16:00 | Viewed: 1342

Bulgaria Expects 4-6% Increase in Tourist Numbers in Winter

Bulgaria expects an increase by 4-6% in tourist numbers in the winter season, according to Blagoy Ragin, Chair of the Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA).

Business » Tourism | November 19, 2014, Wednesday // 08:52 | Viewed: 1033

Bulgaria, Romania To Attract Asian Tourists With Joint Efforts

Bulgaria and Romania will develop joint tourist projects to attract more tourists from China, Japan and India, said Bulgaria's Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova after a meeting with Florin-Nicolae Jianu, Romania’s Minister for SME’s, Business Environmen

Business » Tourism | November 13, 2014, Thursday // 19:25 | Viewed: 1767

Veliko Tarnovo Hoteliers Are Most Hospitable In Bulgaria

The hoteliers in the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, are the most hospitable in the country, according to a survey of the hotel internet portal among 140 M users of 30 localised versions of the portal.

Business » Tourism | November 12, 2014, Wednesday // 12:27 | Viewed: 1181

Bulgaria's Balchik To Invest BGN 1.16M In Tourism Development

The municipality of Balchik, a coast town in north-eastern Bulgaria, will invest BGN 1.16M in tourism development programme in 2015, according to the BTA wire service.

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Tourist Sector Reports Minor Increase Of Visitors

The 2014 summer season was hard and the results were modest, reports the Burgas regional tourist association, quoted by the 24 Chasa daily.

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Plovdiv Airport To Host Ski Season Charter Flights to/from Izmir, London, Moscow

Plovdiv Airport will host charter flights from Turkey for the first time this winter, according to Ivan Karnabitov, Executive Director of the airport.

Business » Tourism | November 5, 2014, Wednesday // 12:23 | Viewed: 2280

Bulgaria’s Bansko Ranks As Best-Value European Skiing Spot - Survey

Bulgaria’s Bansko is offering the best value to Britons looking for a family week away skiing this winter, a new survey has shown.

Business » Tourism | November 4, 2014, Tuesday // 12:43 | Viewed: 2370