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Bulgaria Loses 1M Turkish Tourists a Year due to Cumbersome Visa Issuance Process

Bulgaria loses at least 1 million Turkish tourists a year due to problems with visas, according to Cemal Tekkanat, adviser for tourism at Turkey’s Tourism and Culture Ministry.

Business » Tourism | July 31, 2015, Friday // 10:04 | Viewed: 3809

Bulgarians Complete More Holiday Trips, Excursions Abroad in June

In the month of June, Bulgarians completed 468 319 trips abroad, which represented an increase of 13.9 % compared to the same month last year.

Business » Tourism | July 27, 2015, Monday // 11:55 | Viewed: 2690

Balkan Holidays To Launch Glasgow-Varna Flights Next Summer

Tour operator Balkan Holidays has announced that it will add a new route from Scotland’s Glasgow to Bulgaria’s Varna in the summer of next year.

Business » Tourism | July 23, 2015, Thursday // 18:36 | Viewed: 3538

Bulgarian Couple Hitch-hikes to India in 511 Days

Boris Kanev and Marta Samalea, a couple from Bulgaria, needed 511 days to hitch-hike across Asia to reach India, Hindustan Times has reported.

Business » Tourism | July 21, 2015, Tuesday // 17:24 | Viewed: 2848

Low-Cost Carrier easyJet Launches Sofia-London Stansted Flights in Winter

Low-cost airline carrier easyJet launches Sofia- London Stansted flights in December.

Business » Tourism | July 21, 2015, Tuesday // 08:12 | Viewed: 3499

Bulgaria Ranks Among Top 3 Most Popular Destinations for TUI Russia This Summer

Turkey, Egypt and Bulgaria have become the most popular destinations for Russian tourists this summer, the Association of Russian Tour Operators said on Thursday, citing data provided by TUI Russia.

Business » Tourism | July 16, 2015, Thursday // 21:55 | Viewed: 3277

Early Launch of Struma Highway's Lot 4

The last 3 kilometers of lot 4 to the Struma highway will be opened for traffic on Thursday afternoon.

Business » Tourism | July 16, 2015, Thursday // 09:45 | Viewed: 2938

Bulgaria Boosts Funding for Tourism Promotions

Bulgaria’s government has decided to increase funding for the promotion of domestic tourism sites by BGN 2 M (EUR 1 M) in 2015.

Business » Tourism | July 15, 2015, Wednesday // 17:05 | Viewed: 1937

Bulgaria’s Varna Emerges as Top Budget Flight Foreign Destination for Russian Tourists

The Black Sea resorts of Varna, in Bulgaria, and Sochi, in Russia are the best budget flight destinations for Russian tourists who want to spend summer holidays with their children, TASS reported on Wednesday.

Business » Tourism | July 8, 2015, Wednesday // 17:55 | Viewed: 4847

Insider Monkey: Top 7 Places to Visit in Bulgaria

A recent article on Bulgaria on the Insider Monkey website has listed seven "best places to visit" in the country.

Business » Tourism | July 7, 2015, Tuesday // 21:02 | Viewed: 5910

Prices of Visas to Bulgaria Go Up for Russian Citizens

The agency issuing visas to Bulgaria for Russians has moved to raise the price of visas as of June 29.

Business » Tourism | July 6, 2015, Monday // 12:30 | Viewed: 7210

Reuters: Europeans Switching to Destinations in Spain, Bulgaria Following Tunisia Terrorist Attacks

Bulgaria could be one of the countries benefitting from the deflection of the tourist stream away from Tunisia, according to a Reuters report, as quoted by South China Morning Post.

Business » Tourism | July 6, 2015, Monday // 09:43 | Viewed: 6462

Bulgarians Completed More Trips Abroad in May

According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), which were released on Monday, Bulgarians completed more than 483 000 trips abroad in May.

Business » Tourism | June 29, 2015, Monday // 13:34 | Viewed: 2298

Decrease in Russian, Ukrainian Tourist Numbers at 10-20% - Bulgarian Minister

The forecast dramatic 60-70% decrease in the number of Russian and Ukrainian tourists is proving to be a false alarm, with bookings indicating a 10-20% decline, according to Bulgaria’s Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova.

Business » Tourism | June 25, 2015, Thursday // 11:00 | Viewed: 2216

Bulgarian MPs Vote to Keep Visa Regime for Russian Nationals

The visa regime for short-term stay of up to 90 days in Bulgaria for Russian nationals will remain in place.

Business » Tourism | June 24, 2015, Wednesday // 18:21 | Viewed: 5087

Mass Inspections Launched Across Bulgarian Seaside Resort Venues

The Bulgarian Commission on Consumer Protection will be launching mass inspections of clubs along the seaside resorts.

Business » Tourism | June 22, 2015, Monday // 10:59 | Viewed: 2581

Outlook on Bulgaria's Tourism Season Good Despite EU-Russia Crisis

Improved weather conditions compared to last year and low euro will contribute to a better tourism season despite the expected drop in numbers of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, the head of a tourism think-tank says.

Business » Tourism | June 17, 2015, Wednesday // 12:51 | Viewed: 3041

Bollywood Star to Participate in Video Advertising Bulgaria as Tourist Destination

The star of Bollywood cinema Ajay Devgan will participate in a promotional video on Bulgaria advertising the country as a tourist destination, which will be broadcasted in India.

Business » Tourism | June 13, 2015, Saturday // 14:07 | Viewed: 7047

Bulgaria Gets Approval to Create World Tourism Museum in Sofia

The Bulgarian Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova announced that the country was granted the approval of the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to create a World Tourism Museum in Sofia.

Business » Tourism | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 20:00 | Viewed: 2283

Strong Pound, Drop in Prices Make Bulgaria Good Holiday Value for UK Tourists

UK tourists can book a bargain holiday in several countries in Europe including Bulgaria this summer thanks to the strong British pound, according to

Business » Tourism | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 14:42 | Viewed: 3271

New Holiday Village worth BGN 40 M Opens near Bulgaria’s Kavarna

A new holiday village, The White Lagoon, located on the territory of Bulgaria’s northeastern Kavarna municipality, will be officially opened on June 11 at noon.

Business » Tourism | June 11, 2015, Thursday // 10:43 | Viewed: 4872