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National Electric Company Capitalizes Debts in Bulgaria Steel Mill

Bulgaria steel mill Kremikovtzi’s administrator, Tsvetan Bankov, stated Tuesday that their largest creditor the National Electric Company (NEK) has agreed to capitalize the money the factory owns them

Business » Industry | November 10, 2009, Tuesday // 21:26 | Viewed: 1760

Bulgaria Industrial Production with Slight Increase in Sept 2009

Bulgaria's industrial production registered an overall increase of 2,7% in September 2009 compared to August 2009, according to latest data released Friday by the National Statistical Institute.

Business » Industry | November 10, 2009, Tuesday // 17:32 | Viewed: 1803

Economy Minister: Kremikovtzi Steel-Maker to Be Liquidated

Bulgaria's former largest steel-maker Kremikovtzi is a "fake industrial entity", and is to be liquidated.

Business » Industry | November 10, 2009, Tuesday // 13:31 | Viewed: 1457

Bondholders Decide on Bankrupt Bulgarian Steel Mill Fate

The deadline for shareholders of the troubled steel-maker Kremikovtzi to make a final decision on the recovery plan proposed by the assignee in bankruptcy expires on November 9.

Business » Industry | November 9, 2009, Monday // 08:45 | Viewed: 1331

BGN 55 M of Salaries Delayed at Bulgaria Steel Mill Kremikovtzi

The workers of Bulgaria’s bankrupt steel mill Kremikovtzi are awaiting delayed salaries and social security payments totaling BGN 56 M.

Business » Industry | November 5, 2009, Thursday // 10:02 | Viewed: 2182

Wood-Processing First Bulgarian Industry to Recover from Crisis

The wood-processing industry is one of the first economic sectors in Bulgaria which has started to recover from the economic crisis.

Business » Industry | November 3, 2009, Tuesday // 09:51 | Viewed: 2162

Bondholders Reject Recovery Plan for Bankrupt Bulgarian Steel Mill

The shareholders of the troubled steel-maker Kremikovtzi have rejected the recovery plan proposed by the assignee in bankruptcy, Tsvetan Bankov.

Business » Industry | October 30, 2009, Friday // 15:05 | Viewed: 1524

Australian Experts to Consult Bulgaria on Carbon Emissions

The Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute (GCCSI) will consult Bulgaria on the construction of Maritsa East 4

Business » Industry | October 29, 2009, Thursday // 18:43 | Viewed: 1736

Glass Factory to Lay off 100 Workers in Bulgaria's Pleven

About 100 workers at the Rubin glass plant in the northern Bulgarian city of Pleven are expected to be declared redundant within the next month.

Business » Industry | October 26, 2009, Monday // 18:55 | Viewed: 2952

Bulgaria Top Military Plant VMZ Sopot Heavily in Debt to State

One of Bulgaria's largest military plants, VMZ Sopot, owes about BGN 50 M to the state.

Business » Industry | October 11, 2009, Sunday // 16:17 | Viewed: 2482

Bulgaria's Industrial Output Decline Starts Slowing down

The decline of Bulgaria's industrial production has started to slow down in August 2009 year-on-year.

Business » Industry | October 9, 2009, Friday // 16:06 | Viewed: 1586

Bulgaria Govt Delves into Causes of Kremikovtzi Steel Mill Collapse

Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy, Energy, and Tourism is going to start investigating the causes of the bankruptcy of the country's largest steel plant Kremikovtzi.

Business » Industry | October 8, 2009, Thursday // 18:42 | Viewed: 1417

Bulgaria's 1st Garbage Processing Plant Opened near Plovdiv

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, opened Thursday in the village of Shishmantsi, Rakovski Municipality, near Plovdiv the country’s first hard waste processing plant.

Business » Industry | October 8, 2009, Thursday // 18:26 | Viewed: 1897

Bulgaria Lead and Zinc Complex Jsc Gets Permit for New Plant

The leading Bulgarian non-ferrous metals producers, Lead and Zinc Complex Jsc (LZC), has received permission for modernization and expansion of its facilities.

Business » Industry | October 6, 2009, Tuesday // 19:29 | Viewed: 2211

Bulgaria's Metallurgy Sees 30% Decline since Start of Crisis

Bulgaria’s metallurgy sector has seen a slump of about 30% since the fall of 2008 when the economic crisis kicked in.

Business » Industry | October 5, 2009, Monday // 09:02 | Viewed: 1346

Kraft Foods Opens Expanded BGN 40 M Chocolate Factory in Bulgaria's Svoge

The American company Kraft Foods opened Friday its expanded chocolate factory in the Bulgarian town of Svoge to the northeast of the capital Sofia.

Business » Industry | October 2, 2009, Friday // 17:38 | Viewed: 4536

Bulgaria PM Breaks Ground of New Factory in Shumen Region

Bulgaria's Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, broke the ground of a new factory for men clothing in the village of Venets, near the city of Shumen.

Business » Industry | September 25, 2009, Friday // 18:30 | Viewed: 1679

Bulgaria Steel Giant Kremikovtzi to Lay off 600 More Workers

600 more workers will be laid off by the ailing Bulgarian steel mill Kremikovtzi, according to its syndic, Tsvetan Bankov.

Business » Industry | September 23, 2009, Wednesday // 19:49 | Viewed: 1544

Bulgaria Sofia to Build Tram, Subway Car Factory

Sofia is planing to build a plant for the production of tram and metro cars, the city's Chief Architect, Petar Dikov, announced Thursday.

Business » Industry | September 17, 2009, Thursday // 15:31 | Viewed: 1869

Dundee Precious Metals CEO Gives Thumbs up to Bulgaria Cabinet

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, and the new cabinet have the will and the desire to change the investment climate and turn their country into a preferred business destination.

Business » Industry | September 15, 2009, Tuesday // 19:26 | Viewed: 2665

Bulgaria Gets EU Globalization Fund Aid for Steel Giant Layoffs

Bulgaria is going to get BGN 5 M from the European Globalization Adjustment Fund in order to help the workers laid off from its ailing steel giant Kremikovtzi to find new jobs.

Business » Industry | September 13, 2009, Sunday // 19:36 | Viewed: 1797