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Bulgaria's Faltering Military Giant Fate Decided by Jan 23

The Council of Minister will issue a decision about the privatization of the largest Bulgarian military plant - the State-owned VMZ Sopot, Economy and Energy Minister, Delyan Dobrev, pledged Monday.

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Bulgaria's Producer Prices in Industry Grow by 6.4% Y/Y Nov 2012

Bulgaria's producer price index on the domestic market grew by 6.4% year on year in November 2012, according to the National Statistical Institute.

Business » Industry | December 28, 2012, Friday // 17:24 | Viewed: 811

Strike at Bulgaria's Faltering Military Giant Enters Day 3

Thousands of workers of the largest Bulgarian military plant, the state-owned VMZ Sopot, are staging Saturday for the third day in a row an effective strike.

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Bulgaria's Faltering Military Giant Goes for All-out Strike

Thousands of workers of the largest Bulgarian military plant, the state-owned VMZ Sopot, are expected to start an effective strike on Thursday.

Business » Industry | December 13, 2012, Thursday // 08:08 | Viewed: 758

China's BYD Moves to Build Auto Assembly Plant in Bulgaria

China's electric-vehicle maker BYD Co Ltd signed a joint-venture agreement on Tuesday with a Bulgarian partner to build an auto assembly plant in the country.

Business » Industry | December 12, 2012, Wednesday // 17:10 | Viewed: 1462

Chinese Investors to Set Up 3 Bus Plants in Bulgaria - EconMin

Chinese investors are planning to build three factories for the production of buses in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Economy Minister Delyan Dobrev revealed Monday

Business » Industry | December 10, 2012, Monday // 18:40 | Viewed: 1570

Bulgaria's Industrial Production Slightly Down in October

Bulgaria's seasonally adjusted industrial production index decreased by 0.4% in October 2012 compared with the previous month.

Business » Industry | December 7, 2012, Friday // 12:52 | Viewed: 1055

Dundee to Export Bulgaria-Produced Pyrite to China

Dundee Precious Metals is to sell to China's Xiangguang Copper Co up to 200,000 tons of pyrite concentrate per year to, to be produced in Bulgaria, the company announced.

Business » Industry | December 7, 2012, Friday // 11:58 | Viewed: 1989

ABB to Invest USD 23 M in 4th Bulgarian Factory, Add 600 Jobs

Swiss-based global engineering group ABB plans to invest about USD 23 M to build its second greenfield factory in Bulgaria, the company announced Thursday.

Business » Industry | December 6, 2012, Thursday // 17:24 | Viewed: 3320

Bulgarian Great Wall Cars to Boast Bulgarian Batteries, Lubricants

Bulgarian-assembled Chinese Great Wall vehicles will use Bulgarian-produced batteries and lubricants, informed Bulgarian Great Wall contractor Litex Motors.

Business » Industry | December 4, 2012, Tuesday // 17:05 | Viewed: 1615

Bulgaria's Faltering Military Giant Goes for All-out Strike

Thousands of workers of the largest Bulgarian military plant, the state-owned VMZ Sopot, will be out on an effective strike as of the morning of December 13, 2012, the Podkrepa ("Support") Labor Confederation announced Monday.

Business » Industry | December 3, 2012, Monday // 17:33 | Viewed: 1044

Bulgarian Bank Moves to Kill Largest Metal Factory

All workers at the troubled OTzK Kardzhali, Bulgaria's largest non-ferrous metal works, will be shortly fired, according to media reports.

Business » Industry | December 2, 2012, Sunday // 10:18 | Viewed: 1613

Investment Agency: Foreign Carmakers Eye Bulgarian Market

Four to five automobile industry factories are going to open in Bulgaria soon, according to the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Agency for Investments, BAI, Borislav Stefanov.

Business » Industry | November 30, 2012, Friday // 11:46 | Viewed: 1727

Bulgarian Bank Swallows Non-Ferrous Behemoth

Bulgaria's First Investment Bank, FIB, the largest creditor of troubled Lead and Zinc Complex (OTzK) Kardzhali, has acquired its lead plant in a tender without competition.

Business » Industry | November 27, 2012, Tuesday // 15:44 | Viewed: 1270

Bulgaria-Assembled Great Wall Cars Presented in Macedonia

Macedonia has become the first market outside Bulgaria to officially import Great Wall vehicles assembled by Bulgaria's Litex Motors, it has been made clear.

Business » Industry | November 8, 2012, Thursday // 11:34 | Viewed: 2106

Bulgaria Govt Extends Concession of Copper Mining Firm Elatsite Med

Bulgaria's government has extended by 10 years the concession granted to Elatsite Med AD for the production of porphyry copper-gold ore from the Elatsite deposit located in the Sofia district.

Business » Industry | November 7, 2012, Wednesday // 17:17 | Viewed: 1451

Bulgaria Sees EU's Largest Increase of Industrial Producer Prices Sept 2012 Y/Y

Bulgaria observed the largest annual increase of its industrial producer price index among all EU member states in September 2012 (+6.

Business » Industry | November 6, 2012, Tuesday // 17:48 | Viewed: 1395

Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Giant Swallows Pill Producer

Major Bulgarian pharmaceutical producer Sopharma has swallowed "Bulgarian Rose Sevtopolis", a local producer of pills.

Business » Industry | October 31, 2012, Wednesday // 19:49 | Viewed: 1354

Bulgarian Producer Prices in Industry Up by 6.6% Sept Y/Y

Bulgaria's producer price index on the domestic market grew by 6.6% year on year in September 2012, according to the country's National Statistical Institute.

Business » Industry | October 30, 2012, Tuesday // 12:24 | Viewed: 1177

Bulgaria's Largest Military Plant Set for 'Warning Strike'

The workers of VMZ Sopot, Bulgaria's largest military industrial plant, are set for a one-hour warning strike to protest the fact that their salaries have been delayed, a syndicate announced.

Business » Industry | October 22, 2012, Monday // 19:39 | Viewed: 1147

Bulgarian Govt Moves to Subsidize Electric Car Buyers with BGN 5 000

Any legal or natural person in Bulgaria will be entitled to a BGN 5 000 as a subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle, according to draft legislation, a National Plan to encourage production and accelerated introduction of new eco vehicles.

Business » Industry | October 17, 2012, Wednesday // 19:15 | Viewed: 2499