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Bulgaria's Investment Planning Minister to Amend 80 Laws

Ivan Danov, Bulgaria's Minister of Investment Planning, has vowed to work to amend over 80 laws in order to guarantee clear rules, facilitate the issuing of building permits, ensure predictable procedures, and apply good European practices.

Business » Industry | June 7, 2013, Friday // 15:10 | Viewed: 1500

Loan Might Secure Salaries at Bulgaria's Arms Behemoth

Money for the salaries of the workers at the Bulgaria's largest arms factory, VMZ Sopot, may be provided by a loan from another State company, Bulgaria's new Economy and Energy Minister, Dragomir Stoinev, explained.

Business » Industry | June 3, 2013, Monday // 11:53 | Viewed: 1138

Chinese Textile Companies Seek to Set up Factories in Bulgaria

Chinese companies are willing to set up textile manufacturing units in Bulgaria, according to media reports.

Business » Industry | June 1, 2013, Saturday // 16:19 | Viewed: 2413

Bulgaria Reopens Privatization of Weapons Behemoth

Bulgaria's Privatization Agency has announced Tuesday it is launching a new procedure for the privatization of the country's largest arms factory, VMZ Sopot.

Business » Industry | May 14, 2013, Tuesday // 18:51 | Viewed: 1909

China's Yutong Bus Mulls Opening Factory in Bulgaria

China’s Yutong Bus company considers opening a bus factory in Bulgaria, Bulgarian media have reported.

Business » Industry | April 3, 2013, Wednesday // 19:51 | Viewed: 2108

Bulgarian Military Plant to Take Bank Loan to Pay Overdue Salaries

Some 4000 workers of Bulgaria's VMZ Sopot military plant, who have had their salaries delayed by a month, are expected to get payment after the arms manufacturer withdraws a loan from Corporate Commercial Bank.

Business » Industry | March 22, 2013, Friday // 19:58 | Viewed: 1513

Bulgarian NGOs to Appeal Gold Mining Concession for Krumovgrad Deposit at EC

Civic associations plan to appeal the gold mining concession for a deposit located near the southern Bulgarian city of Krumovgrad at the European Commission.

Business » Industry | March 15, 2013, Friday // 13:36 | Viewed: 2127

Bulgaria Sees EU's Largest Annual Industrial Production Increase January 2013

Bulgaria's industrial production increased by 8.0% in January 2013 compared with January 2012, according to Eurostat.

Business » Industry | March 13, 2013, Wednesday // 13:19 | Viewed: 1633

Bulgaria's Zagorka Brewery Names New General Manager

Bulgaria's Zagorka brewery, a fully owned subsidiary of Heineken, has named Nikolay Mladenov as its new General Manager.

Business » Industry | March 7, 2013, Thursday // 17:46 | Viewed: 1726

Bulgaria's Cigarette Market Shrinks in January 2013

Bulgaria's cigarette market declined by 5.9% in January 2013 compared with December 2012, according to latest data from the industry.

Business » Industry | February 26, 2013, Tuesday // 13:33 | Viewed: 1090

Bulgaria's Faltering Military Plant Reopens for Workers

Employees in the troubled Bulgarian State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, are returning to work Monday after a 12-day paid leave.

Business » Industry | February 25, 2013, Monday // 11:17 | Viewed: 945

LEM Set to Establish Low-Cost Plant in Bulgaria's Sofia

LEM, a company specialized in the measurement and control of electrical parameters, plans to invest CHF 2 M to establish a new low-cost production plant in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Business » Industry | February 11, 2013, Monday // 09:15 | Viewed: 4791

Bulgarian Parliament OKs 'Easy' Sale of Military Plant

After heated debates, lasting for over three hours, the Bulgarian Parliament decided to remove troubled State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ, from the list of privatization bans.

Business » Industry | February 7, 2013, Thursday // 15:39 | Viewed: 2101

Staff of Faltering Bulgarian Military Plant on 2-Week Leave

All workers of Bulgaria's state-owned military plant VMZ Sopot will go on a two-week leave during which the ones to be dismissed will be selected, according to Dimitar Atanasov from the Podkrepa Labor Confederation.

Business » Industry | February 5, 2013, Tuesday // 12:44 | Viewed: 1141

National Security Probes Bulgaria's Faltering Military Plant

The State Agency for National Security, DANS, has started a probe at Bulgaria's heavily indebted State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot.

Business » Industry | February 4, 2013, Monday // 19:21 | Viewed: 1566

Workers at Faltering Military Plant 'Laud' Bulgarian PM

Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, was greeted with applause by workers at Bulgaria's heavily indebted State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot.

Business » Industry | January 28, 2013, Monday // 15:41 | Viewed: 1439

Bulgaria's Military Plant Workers Get Pay, Call off Strike

Nearly BGN four million have been wired Friday for salaries of workers at Bulgaria's State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot.

Business » Industry | January 25, 2013, Friday // 13:10 | Viewed: 981

Talks in Agonizing Bulgarian Military Plant Fail to Progress

Talks between trade unions and the management of faltering Bulgarian major weapons factory VMZ Sopot have been called off for next week.

Business » Industry | January 24, 2013, Thursday // 19:24 | Viewed: 1027

Military Plant Recovery Talks Launched in Bulgaria

The recovery plan negotiations between workers, trade unions and management of Bulgaria's State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, have finally started Thursday.

Business » Industry | January 24, 2013, Thursday // 11:33 | Viewed: 762

Bulgarian Cabinet Mulls Fate of Faltering Military Plant

The Bulgarian Council of Ministers is examining Wednesday at the regularly scheduled meeting the future and the fate State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot.

Business » Industry | January 23, 2013, Wednesday // 09:13 | Viewed: 712

Bulgaria Launches Recovery Plan for Faltering Military Plant

The management of Bulgaria's State-owned arms manufacturer, VMZ Sopot, is to provide for the trade unions Wednesday an economic analysis.

Business » Industry | January 16, 2013, Wednesday // 09:58 | Viewed: 1493