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Iran Ready to Bring Gas Supplies to Europe via Nabucco

Iran has expressed willingness to supply gas to Europe via the Nabucco gas pipeline.

Business » Energy | August 11, 2014, Monday // 16:56 | Viewed: 1688

KozloduyNPP Unit7 Agreement Sets No Financial Commitments for Bulgaria

The shareholder agreement with Westinghouse on Kozloduy NPP unit7 does not tie Bulgaria to any requirements for investments, state guarantees or mandatory purchase contracts.

Business » Energy | August 11, 2014, Monday // 15:19 | Viewed: 1104

OMV: Russia-West Deadlock Will Not Affect South Stream Pipeline

The confrontation between the Russia and the West over Ukraine will not cancel the planned construction of the South Stream gas pipeline, according to OMV CEO Gerhard Roiss.

Business » Energy | August 11, 2014, Monday // 11:56 | Viewed: 1161

Kozloduy NPP Contract with Westinghouse Revealed Online

Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP has published on its official website the shareholders' agreement signed with US Westinghouse Electric.

Business » Energy | August 9, 2014, Saturday // 14:54 | Viewed: 1393

Reformist Bloc's Radan Kanev Appeals South Stream Construction Permit

Radan Kanev of the Reformist Bloc will contest the construction permit for the South Stream pipeline compressor station in the Pasha Dere area near Varna, reports

Business » Energy | August 8, 2014, Friday // 15:20 | Viewed: 1080

Ex-Minister:Bulgaria Inked Shareholder Agreement on Kozloduy NPP Unit7

Former Energy Minister Dragomir Stoynev has emphasized that the contract signed with US Westinghouse Electric on unit 7 of the Kozloduy NPP does not involve its construction.

Business » Energy | August 8, 2014, Friday // 09:51 | Viewed: 1443

Gov't Allowed Start of South Stream Construction in Bulgaria

Bulgaria's former government granted South Stream the first building permit in end-July, the Regional Development Ministry's website reveals.

Business » Energy | August 6, 2014, Wednesday // 12:19 | Viewed: 1728

Lukoil Sells Filling Stations in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Russia's Lukoil has announced it is selling its filling station networks in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Business » Energy | August 5, 2014, Tuesday // 13:55 | Viewed: 977

Stroytransgaz Quits South Stream Project in Bulgaria

Russian company Stroytransgaz, which had been commissioned the construction of South Stream in Bulgaria, is pulling out of the gas pipeline project.

Business » Energy | August 4, 2014, Monday // 17:27 | Viewed: 2462

OMV: Sanctions on Russia 'Will Not Hinder' South Stream

Austrian energy concern OMV has assured restrictive EU measures against Russia will not put a wheel on the South Stream gas pipeline project.

Business » Energy | August 4, 2014, Monday // 17:05 | Viewed: 1123

Bulgaria to Invest BGN 68M in Gas Link with Serbia

Bulgaria is to invest over BGN 68 M into the construction of the local section of the gas grid interconnection with Serbia.

Business » Energy | August 4, 2014, Monday // 14:18 | Viewed: 906

Power Distributor CEZ Bulgaria Reports Losses of BGN 11.6M in H1, 2014

Power distributor CEZ Bulgaria EAD has reported a negative financial result of nearly BGN 11.

Business » Energy | August 3, 2014, Sunday // 15:19 | Viewed: 1012

Contract on Kozloduy NPP Unit 7 May Harm Arbitration over Belene NPP

An energy expert has said that the agreement with US Westinghouse on Kozloduy NPP's unit7 erodes Bulgaria's position in the arbitration case with Atomstroyexport over Belene NPP.

Business » Energy | August 3, 2014, Sunday // 12:42 | Viewed: 1529

Westinghouse, Bulgarian Gov't Ink Unit 7 Agreement

US-based company Westinghouse and the outgoing Bulgarian cabinet have sealed a shareholders' agreement on the expansion of nuclear capacities at the Kozloduy NPP.

Business » Energy | August 1, 2014, Friday // 12:51 | Viewed: 11039

Bulgaria Sold Woodland to South Stream Despite Freeze of Activities

Bulgaria's Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that 359 da of woodland were sold to South Stream Bulgaria in July.

Business » Energy | August 1, 2014, Friday // 09:43 | Viewed: 1105

Bulgaria, Westinghouse Sign Shareholders' Agreement on Unit 7

Bulgaria's government announced Thursday a shareholders' agreement was signed with US-based company Westinghouse on the construction of Kozloduy NPP's Unit 7.

Business » Energy | July 31, 2014, Thursday // 17:04 | Viewed: 1547

Bulgaria’s Top Court Scraps Controversial Fee on Renewables

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court on Thursday revoked the 20% fee levied on the income of photovoltaic plants and wind farms that has spooked investors.

Business » Energy | July 31, 2014, Thursday // 16:05 | Viewed: 1104

Westinghouse, Gov't to Sign Final Deal on Unit 7 Next Year - CEO

US-based company Westinghouse sees big opportunities in Bulgaria, but the government's resignation will delay ongoing projects, CEO Danny Roderick said.

Business » Energy | July 30, 2014, Wednesday // 17:08 | Viewed: 1824

Bulgarian Constitutional Court to Revoke 20% Fee on Solar, Wind Power

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court (KS) is expected to revoke the 20% fee on the revenues of photovoltaic plants and wind farms.

Business » Energy | July 30, 2014, Wednesday // 10:26 | Viewed: 1192

Ukraine Demands Changes to Gas Transit Deal with Russia

Ukraine's state-owned utility Naftogaz has insisted that conditions of gas transit to Europe previously agreed with Russian concern Gazprom be revised.

Business » Energy | July 29, 2014, Tuesday // 14:46 | Viewed: 859

Bulgarian South Stream Section Issued Positive EIA Report

The offshore South Stream gas pipeline section will not have a substantial impact on the environment and the socio-economic sphere in the region of Bulgaria's Varna.

Business » Energy | July 29, 2014, Tuesday // 14:02 | Viewed: 1230