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Bulgaria to Host EU 'Energy Summit' - Deputy PM Tomislav Donchev

A summit-level meeting of all EU energy ministers is to be held in Bulgaria in three weeks' time, the country's Deputy PM for EU Funds and Economic Policy Tomislav Donchev announced on Sunday.

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Oil and Gas Explorations at Vranino Halted, Await Court Ruling

At present no exploration works are being carried out at the Vranino field in northeastern Bulgaria, as the verdict of the Supreme Administrative Court (VAS) is awaited.

Business » Energy | January 16, 2015, Friday // 20:48 | Viewed: 1245

Working Group to Present Stance on Kozloduy NPP Unit 7 by end-March

By end-March, a working group including representatives of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH), the Kozloduy nuclear power plant, and the Energy Ministry, is to come up with a stance on the project for a 7th unit of the N-plant.

Business » Energy | January 16, 2015, Friday // 08:28 | Viewed: 892

Hungarian Minister Proposes Greece-Macedonia-Serbia Gas Pipeline as South Stream Alternative

The construction of a gas pipeline from Greece via Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary would be an alternative to the cancelled South Stream project, according to Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s Foreign Minister.

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Members of Bulgaria's Energy Watchdog to be Elected by Parliament

The members of the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR) will be no longer elected by the Council of Ministers, but by the Bulgarian Parliament.

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Sofia-based Heating Utility Has Run Up Debts of BGN 627 M

Heating utility Toplofikatsiya Sofia has run up debts of BGN 627 M in unpaid gas bills.

Business » Energy | January 15, 2015, Thursday // 13:09 | Viewed: 762

Sefcovic: Russia, EU To Discuss Energy Cooperation on Jan 19

EU energy chief Maros Sefcovic has said that energy cooperation between the EU and Russia would be discussed at a meeting of EU foreign ministers on January 19.

Business » Energy | January 14, 2015, Wednesday // 18:38 | Viewed: 2956

Gazprom CEO Declares South Stream Gas Pipeline Project Closed

Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller has said that the South Stream gas pipeline has been conclusively abolished and the Turkish Stream project has been put on the agenda.

Business » Energy | January 14, 2015, Wednesday // 16:52 | Viewed: 1907

Bulgarian MPs to Vote on Splitting Energy Watchdog into 2 Subsections

Bulgaria's energy regulator DKEVR could be divided into two subcommittees, one on energy and one on water, under a new bill approved at a first reading on Tuesday.

Business » Energy | January 14, 2015, Wednesday // 10:37 | Viewed: 991

Bulgaria’s Maritsa Iztok Mines Topped 2014 Production Target by 428 000 Tonnes

The Maritsa Iztok Mines (Mini Maritsa Iztok EAD), Bulgaria’s largest coal mining company, produced over 27 500 000 tonnes of coal in 2014, up by 428 000 tonnes from the business plan for the year.

Business » Energy | January 13, 2015, Tuesday // 10:15 | Viewed: 767

PM Borisov Says Bulgaria Stands Huge Chances for Gas Boom

Apart from transporting and distributing gas, Bulgaria could become an exporter of energy resources, the country's Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said after meeting EU officials on Monday.

Business » Energy | January 12, 2015, Monday // 15:34 | Viewed: 1370

Gasoline, Diesel Settle below BGN 2 per Liter after Record Price Decrease

Following a record price decrease, gasoline and diesel have reached a price tag of BGN 1.99 per liter at filling stations in Bulgaria.

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Energy Ministry Pondering Sale of Shares of Bulgarian Energy Holding

The sale of shares from companies of the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) is foreseen in the medium term.

Business » Energy | January 8, 2015, Thursday // 17:12 | Viewed: 1082

Bulgaria’s Energy Ministry, Watchdog Mull Measures to Prevent Power Price Hike in April

Svetla Todorova, Chair of Bulgaria’s State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR), has assured that the Energy Ministry is doing its best to adopt short-term measures aimed at preventing an increase in power rates in April.

Business » Energy | January 8, 2015, Thursday // 15:41 | Viewed: 914

Gazprom, Botas in Talks on Turkish Stream Gas Pipeline – Taner Yildiz

Turkey and Russia are in talks on the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline meant to replace the scrapped South Stream gas pipeline project.

Business » Energy | January 8, 2015, Thursday // 11:52 | Viewed: 2218

Bulgargaz CEO, Board Members Replaced

Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) has announced fresh reshuffles at the country's state-owned gas transmission operator Bulgartransgaz.

Business » Energy | January 6, 2015, Tuesday // 09:33 | Viewed: 999

EurActiv: Pipes for South Stream Keep Arriving in Bulgaria

It is unclear why pipes for the construction of the South Stream gas pipeline keep arriving in Bulgaria, the website EurActiv writes.

Business » Energy | January 5, 2015, Monday // 13:32 | Viewed: 1582

Generator of Kozloduy NPP Unit 6 Switched Off for 7 Hours

At 20:28 on January 3, following the activation of electrical protection system, the generator of unit 6 of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy nuclear power plant was disconnected from the power grid.

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Price of Natural Gas in Bulgaria Drops by 0.05%

Gas prices in Bulgaria drop by 0.

Business » Energy | January 1, 2015, Thursday // 14:03 | Viewed: 1163

Electricity Price Might Rise in April or July – Energy Watchdog

The price of electricity in Bulgaria is not going to rise on 1 January 2015, but an increase might take place in April or July next year.

Business » Energy | December 29, 2014, Monday // 10:56 | Viewed: 1550

GERB MP Warns EDCs On Electric Meters Readings

GERB MP Delyan Dobrev - former energy minister and current head of the energy committee in Parliament - warned the EDCs not to extend the periods of electric meters readings.

Business » Energy | December 24, 2014, Wednesday // 10:29 | Viewed: 1222