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Bulgaria's Competition Watchdog Fails to Find Evidence of Fuel Cartel Agreement

Three months after launching an investigation into a possible fuel price-fixing cartel, the Bulgarian Commission on Protection of Competition (KZK) concluded that there was no evidence of concerted practices among the four major players on the market.

Business » Energy | November 10, 2011, Thursday // 15:03 | Viewed: 1542

Lukoil vs Bulgaria's Customs Agency Trial Gets Third Postponement

The two trials for Lukoil's suspended tax warehouse operator permits at the Administrative Court Sofia City (ACSC) have once again been rescheduled.

Business » Energy | November 9, 2011, Wednesday // 15:11 | Viewed: 1568

Bulgaria Topped Indicative, Interim Green Energy Targets in 2010

Bulgaria's Minister of of Economy, Energy and Tourism boasted on Monday that the country had outperformed its interim and indicative targets on renewable energy and energy saving.

Business » Energy | November 7, 2011, Monday // 16:10 | Viewed: 1528

Greece Excited by Bulgaria's Approval of BA Oil Pipeline

Reactions in Greece to Bulgaria's go-ahead to next phase of environmental assessment of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline have been expectedly positive.

Business » Energy | November 6, 2011, Sunday // 08:59 | Viewed: 1959

Bulgaria Gives Long-Awaited Green Light to Burgas-Alexandroupolis Pipeline

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry has issued a positive ruling on the paperwork submitted to it by "Trans-Balkan Pipeline" for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project.

Business » Energy | November 4, 2011, Friday // 09:20 | Viewed: 3116

Bulgaria to Award Deepwater Drilling Permit for 2nd Block on Black Sea Shelf

Bulgaria is about to auction off a second stretch of its Black Sea shelf for deepwater oil and gas drilling.

Business » Energy | November 2, 2011, Wednesday // 18:43 | Viewed: 4523

Russian Lukoil Considers Buying Wind Turbine Park in Bulgaria

Lukoil plans to acquire a 20 MW wind turbine park in Bulgarian a deal worth EUR 50 M, according to reports of Russian media.

Business » Energy | November 2, 2011, Wednesday // 16:51 | Viewed: 2081

Bulgarian Renewable Energy Systems Built with EU Funding to Sell Power at Preferential Rates

Renewable energy systems built with funding from the European Union will sell energy at preferential prices, according to proposed amendments to the Ordinance on Regulation of Electricity Prices.

Business » Energy | November 1, 2011, Tuesday // 12:13 | Viewed: 2559

Will Bulgaria's New President Kill Russia's Energy Projects?

Key Russian papers have been busy speculating about the degree of aversion on the part of Bulgarian president-elect Rosen Plevneliev to joint Russian-Bulgarian energy projects.

Business » Energy | November 1, 2011, Tuesday // 12:00 | Viewed: 2009

Bulgarian Govt Stalls BA Pipeline Decision by 1 More Week

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry has postponed by one addition week its final decision on the fate of the troubled Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline project.

Business » Energy | October 31, 2011, Monday // 16:15 | Viewed: 1883

Bulgaria Unaware of Russia's Plans for Costlier Penalty over Belene

Bulgaria has not been officially notified of Russia's plans to more than double its EUR 58 M claim against Bulgarian state utility NEK, which it filed at an arbitration court in Paris in July.

Business » Energy | October 27, 2011, Thursday // 13:28 | Viewed: 2575

Russia Threatens to Double Claim against Bulgaria over Belene

Russia's nuclear company has warned it may double its EUR 58 M claim against Bulgarian state utility NEK, which it filed in July over delayed payments on Belene nuclear project.

Business » Energy | October 27, 2011, Thursday // 11:31 | Viewed: 1650

Iran Labels Nabucco Gas Pipeline as 'Dead Project'

Iran has termed the Nabucco pipeline project a "dead plan", offering to supply gas to Europe via Turkmenistan.

Business » Energy | October 25, 2011, Tuesday // 15:20 | Viewed: 2452

Bulgarian Energy Watchdog Opens Free Market to Small Business

Amendments are pending in the Bulgarian Electric Power Act to allow the small and medium business to enter the free electricity market.

Business » Energy | October 25, 2011, Tuesday // 13:51 | Viewed: 1472

Bulgaria Angles for Russian Funding of Nuclear Project

British bank HSBC, consultant of Belene nuclear project, has started working on an assignment for attracting financing by Russia's Rosatom, Bulgaria's energy holding announced.

Business » Energy | October 25, 2011, Tuesday // 10:52 | Viewed: 1726

Bulgaria Calls Upon EU to Set Up 'Energy Schengen Agreement'

Bulgaria's Economy Minister Traicho Traikov has made a call for the forming of an "Energy Schengen Area", i.

Business » Energy | October 24, 2011, Monday // 17:54 | Viewed: 2594

Bulgarian Energy Watchdog Probes 2 EPPs over Outages

Bulgaria's State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation, DKEVR, has ordered emergency probes at two of the country's three Electric Power Utilities, EPP.

Business » Energy | October 22, 2011, Saturday // 14:57 | Viewed: 1592

Bulgaria To Award Oil, Gas Exploration Rights in Black Sea Exclusive Economic Zone

The government has approved the launch of procedures for issuing an oil and gas prospecting and exploration permit at the Khan Asparuh 1-21 Block located in Bulgaria's Black Sea exclusive economic zone.

Business » Energy | October 19, 2011, Wednesday // 13:49 | Viewed: 1960

Bulgarian Energy Minister Opposes Methane Price Hike

Introducing an excise duty on methane and natural gas in Bulgaria must be delayed as long as possible, and never be drastic, according to the country's Economy and Energy Minister, Traicho Traikov.

Business » Energy | October 18, 2011, Tuesday // 17:27 | Viewed: 1305

Bulgarian PM Makes Final Call on Sacking Methane Hike

There will be definitely no excise duty on methane in Bulgaria over the fact it would lead to a price hike of many other services which the country cannot afford in times of economic crisis.

Business » Energy | October 17, 2011, Monday // 14:39 | Viewed: 1133

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry to Scrap Methane Excise Hike

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry is mulling giving up on plans to introduce excise on methane from January 1, 2011, which is expected to up heating prices as well.

Business » Energy | October 17, 2011, Monday // 09:03 | Viewed: 1095