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Bulgaria, Romania Mull Joint Hydropower, Nabucco Efforts

Bulgarian and Romanian government representatives met in Bucharest and reached agreements on a number of joint energy pursuits, reported quoting the Romanian Ministry of Economy.

Business » Energy | September 7, 2010, Tuesday // 13:43 | Viewed: 1722

Financial Appraisal Deal Brings Nabucco Closer to Securing Funding

The shareholders and project company of Nabucco have singed a mandate letter with three international financial institutions for the appraisal of the future pipeline, which has been hailed as a key step forward.

Business » Energy | September 6, 2010, Monday // 19:33 | Viewed: 2494

Bulgaria to Get BGN 41 M Dividend from Power Utility CEZ

The Bulgarian government is going to receive a dividend of BGN 41 M from the Czech-owned power utility CEZ Bulgaria.

Business » Energy | September 6, 2010, Monday // 17:59 | Viewed: 1650

Italy's Enel to Sell Bulgarian Power Plant in Fall 2010

CEO of Enel SpA, Fulvio Conti, has said the Italian company will sell its stake in Bulgaria's Maritsa East 3 power plant in the fall of 2010.

Business » Energy | September 5, 2010, Sunday // 12:59 | Viewed: 2043

Russian President Replaces Rosneft CEO - Report

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev had ordered the cabinet to nominate Eduard Khudaynatov for President of Rosneft, the Russian information agency RIA Novosti reports, citing a Kremlin spokesperson.

Business » Energy | September 4, 2010, Saturday // 18:52 | Viewed: 1916

Bulgarian President Mysteriously Certain of Bright Future for Belene NPP

Bulgaria has come very close to the construction of its second nuclear power plant in Belene, according to President Georgi Parvanov.

Business » Energy | September 3, 2010, Friday // 21:33 | Viewed: 1900

Russia, Turkey Fall Out over Samsun-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline Project

Russia and Turkey will be starting their negotiations for the construction of the Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline from scratch because of disagreements, announced Russian company Transneft.

Business » Energy | September 3, 2010, Friday // 18:57 | Viewed: 3587

Bulgaria Opposition Slams EVN Stake in Hydro Project

Bulgaria's left-wing opposition have harshly criticized an agreement under which Austrian utility EVN acquired a majority stake in the hydro project on the Arda river, known as Gorna Arda.

Business » Energy | September 3, 2010, Friday // 16:56 | Viewed: 1698

UK JKX Spuds Bulgarian Wells

Britain's JKX Oil & Gas, the operator of the B1-Golitza license in Bulgaria, began on Thursday a two-well drill program in the country to test targets with an estimated resource of up to 60 billion cubic feet (Bcf).

Business » Energy | September 2, 2010, Thursday // 16:10 | Viewed: 1838

Regulations Chaos in Bulgaria Said to Repulse Renewable Energy Investors

Chaos and red tape in Bulgaria's regulations are believed to be a major obstacle to attracting large-scale foreign investments in renewable energy, according to analyst Zlatin Sarastov.

Business » Energy | September 1, 2010, Wednesday // 20:35 | Viewed: 2830

Bulgarian Power Utilities' Audits on Their Way to Prosecutor

The audits of the three Bulgarian power utilities have already been sent to the Prosecutor's Office, the Head of the State Commission for Energy and Water regulation (DKEVR), Angel Semerdzhiev, announced Tuesday.

Business » Energy | August 31, 2010, Tuesday // 16:46 | Viewed: 1549

French GDF Suez Set to Enter Bulgarian Energy Market

The Romanian affiliate of the French electricity generation and distribution company Gas de France Suez (GDF Suez) has submitted an application for a license in Bulgaria.

Business » Energy | August 31, 2010, Tuesday // 14:40 | Viewed: 1863

RWE Strikes Deal with Iraq Kurds for Nabucco

RWE Group AG, Germany's second- largest utility, announced it has signed a cooperation agreement with the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq, which included future gas supply for the Nabucco pipeline project.

Business » Energy | August 28, 2010, Saturday // 10:21 | Viewed: 2041

US Companies Expected to Focus on Bulgaria's Nuclear, Renewable Energy, Shale Gas

American companies are showing increased interest in various energy projects in Bulgaria, the new Bulgarian Ambassador to the USA, Elena Poptodorova told (Sofia News Agency) in an exclusive interview.

Business » Energy | August 27, 2010, Friday // 23:45 | Viewed: 3186

Bulgarian Energy Minister: Serbia, Others Have 'General' Interest in Belene NPP

Serbia, Greece and Croatia have an interest in investing in future Bulgarian Belene NPP "just in principle" and no specific offers have been extended this far, said Bulgarian Minister of Energy Traicho Traikov.

Business » Energy | August 27, 2010, Friday // 12:19 | Viewed: 1610

Bulgaria Ups Renewable Energy Production

Bulgaria's energy production from renewable sources by the end of 2010 will be 3 times more than the one in 2009, according to Plamen Dechev from the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR)

Business » Energy | August 26, 2010, Thursday // 14:42 | Viewed: 2190

Bulgarian Economy Minister: Nuclear Plant Cost Up to EUR 9 B

Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister, Traicho Traikov, announced Thursday the price for the project to build a second Nuclear Power Plant in the Bulgarian Danube town if Belene has reached EUR 9 B.

Business » Energy | August 26, 2010, Thursday // 11:31 | Viewed: 37317

Sofia Unaware of Moscow Planned Meeting over Oil Pipeline

Bulgaria's finance ministry has denied Russia media reports that Bulgarian officials are expected in Moscow in September for talks on the construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline.

Business » Energy | August 25, 2010, Wednesday // 19:16 | Viewed: 1910

Toshiba to Build Solar Power Plant in Bulgaria

The Japanese company Toshiba is planning to invest in construction of solar power plants in the USA and countries in Europe, including Bulgaria.

Business » Energy | August 25, 2010, Wednesday // 13:06 | Viewed: 3003

Bulgarian Power Utility CEZ Launches Electronic Invoice Testing

The Czech-owned power utility CEZ, one of the three major electric power suppliers in Bulgaria, begins to pilot test Wednesday its new electronic invoice system.

Business » Energy | August 25, 2010, Wednesday // 12:44 | Viewed: 1442

Bulgaria's State Electric Co Faces Fines for Resort Blackouts

Bulgaria's National Electric Company (NEK) will be sanctioned for the power outages that left towns and resorts on the southern Black Sea cost in the dark, the Head of the country's energy watchdog, Angel Semerdzhiev, says.

Business » Energy | August 24, 2010, Tuesday // 16:46 | Viewed: 1551