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A Third of Bulgarians Facing Energy Poverty

Vulnerable energy consumers amount to 30 percent - or nearly a third - of the Bulgarian population, the country's Energy Minister has said.

Business » Energy | January 15, 2016, Friday // 17:35 | Viewed: 4209

Italy Switches Position on Nord Stream-2 Pipeline

The Italian government has asked to participate in the enlargement of Nord Stream pipeline project, the Italian edition of the Huffington Post.

Business » Energy | January 11, 2016, Monday // 18:19 | Viewed: 6308

Decision on Overgas Supplies due on Monday - CEO

The head of private gas supplier Overgas on Sunday he would talk to Russian energy officials in the beginning of the week.

Business » Energy | January 11, 2016, Monday // 11:57 | Viewed: 2123

Bulgaria Govt Denies South Stream Is to Be Renewed

Russia is set to continue with the South Stream pipeline project in a matter of few weeks, a Bulgarian mass circulation daily has reported.

Business » Energy | January 11, 2016, Monday // 09:57 | Viewed: 8021

Bulgaria's Overgas 'Warned EU' Russia Might Seek to Renew South Stream

Bulgaria's largest private gas supplier Overgas wrote a letter to the European Commission in December voicing his suspicion that Russia is seeking to "reanimate the South Stream project", Brussels-based website EurActiv claims.

Business » Energy | January 7, 2016, Thursday // 07:58 | Viewed: 4657

EurActiv: ”Bulgarian gas wars uncover hidden Gazprom strategies”

The decision of Russia’s Gazprom to halt gas supplies to Bulgaria’s Overgas “provided insight into the broader strategies of the Russian gas monopoly in Bulgaria, and the local interests involved,” reads an article published by EurActiv.

Business » Energy | January 6, 2016, Wednesday // 19:03 | Viewed: 4843

Bulgarian Energy Regulator Launches Inspection of Overgas

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) announced on Wednesday that it is launching an inspection into Bulgaria's largest gas company Overgas.

Business » Energy | January 6, 2016, Wednesday // 13:53 | Viewed: 2250

Electricity Consumption in Bulgaria Up 2.5% in 2015

Consumption of electricity increased in 2015, reversing a downward trend observed in the past four years, an official with Bulgaria's Electricity System Operator (ESO) has said.

Business » Energy | January 5, 2016, Tuesday // 14:38 | Viewed: 3740

PM Has Ambition to Turn Bulgaria Into Regional Centre for Transit of Gas

Prime Minister Boyko Borisov expressed his ambition to turn Bulgaria into a key state for the transit of natural gas in the region of Southeastern and Central Europe.

Business » Energy | January 5, 2016, Tuesday // 09:05 | Viewed: 2628

Bulgarian Energy Minister Foresees No Power Price Hike Until Summer

Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova foresees no increase in the price of electricity at least until the summer.

Business » Energy | January 4, 2016, Monday // 19:13 | Viewed: 2020

Bulgaria's PM: Overgas Crisis Was 'Plot against Govt'

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Monday described recent developments related to private gas supplier Overgas as a "plot against the government".

Business » Energy | January 4, 2016, Monday // 10:21 | Viewed: 2805

Bulgarian Energy Holding CEO Praises State for Averting 'Gas Crisis'

The head of the state-owned Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) has praised officials for helping avert a crisis in gas supplies that could have followed a halt in deliveries from Gazprom Export to Bulgaria's biggest private gas supplier.

Business » Energy | January 4, 2016, Monday // 09:34 | Viewed: 2066

Bulgaria’s Overgas Claims It Has No Overdue Debts to Gazprom

The Bulgarian-Russian natural gas company Overgas claimed on Saturday that it has no overdue debts to any organizations, including Gazprom Export.

Business » Energy | January 2, 2016, Saturday // 15:48 | Viewed: 5004

Natural Gas Supplies in Bulgaria Running Normally

Natural gas supplies towards all consumers in Bulgaria were running normally as of Friday, with all deliveries fulfilled according to plan.

Business » Energy | January 2, 2016, Saturday // 11:00 | Viewed: 3405

Overgas 'to Get Supplies' from Bulgargaz to Avoid Gas Halt

Bulgarian state-owned gas supplier Bulgargaz and private Bulgarian-Russian company Overgaz have signed a contract providing for latter to receive gas from the state supplier and avoid a halt in deliveries to customers from January 1.

Business » Energy | December 31, 2015, Thursday // 19:24 | Viewed: 4177

Russia Says Gazprom in Talks with Overgas over 'Commercial Issues'

Russia is carrying out talks with Bulgarian-Russian company Overgas to settle "trade issues" of the past few years, but will continue delivering natural gas to Bulgaria, TASS quotes the Foreign Ministy in Moscow as saying.

Business » Energy | December 31, 2015, Thursday // 16:23 | Viewed: 3710

Overgas Denies Receiving Warning Letter from Gazprom on Halt of Supplies

Bulgarian-Russian company Overgas has denied receiving a letter from Russian energy giant Gazprom calling on it to prepared for a halt in supplies from January 1.

Business » Energy | December 31, 2015, Thursday // 10:54 | Viewed: 2147

Bulgaria’s Overgas Faces Possible Halt in Supplies from Gazprom Export

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has instructed state-owned Bulgargaz and Bulgartransgaz to prepare to supply natural gas to Overgas in case Russia’s Gazprom Export halted deliveries to the Bulgarian-Russian joint stock company.

Business » Energy | December 30, 2015, Wednesday // 20:48 | Viewed: 2801

Bulgaria's Energy Regulator to Lower Gas Price by 2.32% from January 1

The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (KEVR) of Bulgaria has adopted a decision to cut price of natural gas for consumers.

Business » Energy | December 30, 2015, Wednesday // 14:14 | Viewed: 3358

Turkish Stream Can Be Renewed If Turkey Interested - Russian Energy Min

Talks over Turkish Stream have not been renewed yet, but the project has the right to existence if Ankara is interested, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has pointed out.

Business » Energy | December 29, 2015, Tuesday // 09:03 | Viewed: 2617

Energy Ministry Completes First Stage of Bulgaria-Serbia Gas Interconnector

The Bulgarian energy ministry announced on Monday that it had completed the first stage of the construction of the projected gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Serbia.

Business » Energy | December 28, 2015, Monday // 19:56 | Viewed: 2122