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Westinghouse Fuel Performs Flawlessly in Ukraine NPP, Experts Say

Westinghouse Electric Company's fuel at the South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant's Unit 3 has performed flawlessly over at least three nuclear cycles, the company has said in a statement.

Business » Energy | March 5, 2015, Thursday // 13:34 | Viewed: 502

Europe Has No Alternative to Russian Gas at Present – Bulgaria’s Deputy PM

The Bulgarian government sees no alternative to Russian gas supplies to Europe and is ready to examine the terms of receiving deliveries via Turkish Stream, according to Deputy Prime Minister Ivaylo Kalfin.

Business » Energy | March 5, 2015, Thursday // 13:09 | Viewed: 666

Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Seek to Unblock Nabucco Gas Project

Bulgaria and Azerbaijan's leaders are to seek a renewal of the Nabucco gas pipeline project which came to a halt a few years back, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov has announced.

Business » Energy | March 4, 2015, Wednesday // 13:55 | Viewed: 1931

Bulgaria Regrets Russia’s Decision to Quit South Stream - Ambassador

Bulgaria regrets Moscow’s decision to stop work on the South Stream gas pipeline, according to Bulgaria’s Ambassador to Russia Boyko Kotsev.

Business » Energy | March 2, 2015, Monday // 14:30 | Viewed: 1919

Gazprom Approves Capital Increase of South Stream Transport B.V.

The Board of Directors of Gazprom has approved a capital increase of EUR 569.4 M for South Stream Transport B.V.

Business » Energy | March 2, 2015, Monday // 11:52 | Viewed: 2605

EVN Proposes Rise in Electricity Prices of 6.98%

The electricity company supplying Southeast Bulgaria EVN made a proposal for the price of the service to rise by 6.98% starting July 1 of 2015 in an official statement.

Business » Energy | February 27, 2015, Friday // 15:46 | Viewed: 1140

Planned Unit 7 of Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP to Generate USD 11 B

US-based nuclear power company Westinghouse estimated that the electricity produced by unit 7 of Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP will cost between USD 75 and 84, if it constructs its AP1000 plant there.

Business » Energy | February 27, 2015, Friday // 12:15 | Viewed: 1327

Russia, Ukraine to Take Part in Gas Meeting with EU Next Week

Moscow and Kiev are due to attend a three-way meeting on gas issues in Brussels, the EU Commission has said.

Business » Energy | February 27, 2015, Friday // 09:21 | Viewed: 1075

Bulgaria’s Parliament Approves Energy Act Amendments concerning Energy Watchdog

Bulgaria’s State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR) is renamed to Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (KEVR) under amendments to the Energy Act that passed second reading in Parliament on Thursday.

Business » Energy | February 26, 2015, Thursday // 17:26 | Viewed: 1014

Westinghouse Optimistic about EU Energy Union

The new strategic framework for the creation of a Energy Union was deemed ''crucial'' to EU future in a Westinghouse report published Wednesday.

Business » Energy | February 25, 2015, Wednesday // 15:22 | Viewed: 1377

Bulgaria’s Chiren Gas Storage Has Enough Gas for 3 Months

Bulgaria’s Chiren underground gas storage contains enough gas to meet the country’s needs for three months with some restrictions, according to a media statement of the Energy Ministry.

Business » Energy | February 25, 2015, Wednesday // 07:43 | Viewed: 1072

Bulgarian Industrial Energy Consumers Seek 22.7% Gas Price Decrease

Industrial energy consumers call for a reduction in the price of natural gas by at least 22.7% as of April, according to an open letter of the Bulgarian Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers to the ministers of economy and energy.

Business » Energy | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 15:06 | Viewed: 973

Gazprom Threatens to Stop Gas Supplies to Ukraine in 2 Days

Russian energy giant Gazprom warned on Tuesday that Europe was running a serious risk of losing access to the flow of gas via Ukraine in the next two days.

Business » Energy | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 12:34 | Viewed: 1207

Bulgaria's Leftist ABV Party To Propose Referendum on Shale Gas Extraction

Deputy Chair of leftist party ABV, Rumen Petkov said Monday that a new referendum will be proposed in Dobrich regarding shale gas acquisition.

Business » Energy | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 10:25 | Viewed: 1269

Bulgaria 'to Diversify Gas Supplies in 2 Years' - Expert

In two years Bulgaria will be able to achieve diversification, Iliyan Vasilev, a former Bulgarian ambassador to Russia and currently an energy expert, has said.

Business » Energy | February 23, 2015, Monday // 15:42 | Viewed: 1240

Bulgaria’s Energy Sector is In State of Financial Collapse - Minister

Bulgaria’s energy sector is in a state of financial collapse and in need of urgent and adequate measures, according to Minister Temenuzhka Petkova.

Business » Energy | February 22, 2015, Sunday // 13:48 | Viewed: 2093

Bulgarian Watchdog Fines Power Distributor EVN BGN 1 M

Power distributor EVN, which services southeastern Bulgaria, has been imposed a fine of BGN 1 M.

Business » Energy | February 22, 2015, Sunday // 12:13 | Viewed: 2957

ContourGlobal Seeks Safeguards for Its Investment in Bulgarian Power Plant

US-based ContourGlobal said on Friday any change in its long-term contract for electricity sales from its Bulgarian power plant Maritsa East 3 should safeguard the investments it has made.

Business » Energy | February 20, 2015, Friday // 20:24 | Viewed: 1348

Bulgaria to Renegotiate Long-Term Contracts with AES, ContourGlobal TPPs

Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova announced that the long-term contracts between the National Electricity Company (NEK) and the two thermal power plants AES Maritza East 1 and ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 will be renegotiated.

Business » Energy | February 20, 2015, Friday // 14:01 | Viewed: 1130

Parliament Committee Passes Changes to Bulgaria's Energy Act at Second Reading

The Energy Committee with the National Assembly has approved legislative amendments under which members of the state energy watchdog will be elected by Parliament.

Business » Energy | February 20, 2015, Friday // 07:28 | Viewed: 1090

Renewables Reduced Carbon Emissions in Europe – EEA

The latest report of the European Environment Agency (EEA) shows that renewable energy sources have been an important driving force in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Europe.

Business » Energy | February 18, 2015, Wednesday // 17:50 | Viewed: 955