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63% of Bulgarians Have Taken Out Consumer Loans - Survey

63% of Bulgarians have taken out a consumer loan and half of them are ready to take out a new loan, according to a survey.

Business » Finance | September 29, 2014, Monday // 17:49 | Viewed: 530

Government to Discuss Budget Update with Employers, Unions Wednesday

Bulgaria’s caretaker government will discuss a draft 2014 budget update with employers and trade unions on Wednesday.

Business » Finance | September 29, 2014, Monday // 12:45 | Viewed: 534

Assessment of KTB State To Be Completed Early Next Month, Finmin Says

The assessment of the state of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) should be completed in early October, caretaker Finance Minister Rumen Porozhanov said on Monday.

Business » Finance | September 29, 2014, Monday // 11:14 | Viewed: 837

Budget Gap to Cause Deficits in Social Payments - FinMin

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry has warned social and healthcare spending will face significant shortages due to the state budget deficit currently estimated at BGN 3 B.

Business » Finance | September 28, 2014, Sunday // 11:05 | Viewed: 827

Caretaker Government Discusses BGN 5 B State Loan

Bulgaria's caretaker Finance Ministry has discussed the taking of a BGN 5 B loan in order to cover the expected 4.

Business » Finance | September 27, 2014, Saturday // 10:41 | Viewed: 1253

Deposit Insurance Fund Ready To Pay After BNB Takes Away KTB License

Bulgaria's Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is ready to pay the deposits of up to EUR 100 000 in case the troubled Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) loses its license.

Business » Finance | September 26, 2014, Friday // 08:05 | Viewed: 1192

BNB Reports Slight Increase of Base Interest Rate in August

In August the base interest rate was 0.04% which is an increase of 0.02% on an annual basis, according to Bulgarian National Bank latest statistics.

Business » Finance | September 25, 2014, Thursday // 18:36 | Viewed: 879

Bulgaria’s 2014 Budget Deficit Could Rise to 4.5%/GDP

Bulgaria may close the year with a budget gap of 4.0-4.5% instead of planned 1.8%, Sofia-based daily 24 Chasa reported on Thursday, citing “high-placed state sources”.

Business » Finance | September 25, 2014, Thursday // 10:27 | Viewed: 912

Suspended KTB Directors Accuse National Bank Of Being Slow, Demand Urgent Measures

In a new letter to the media, the suspended directors of Bulgaria's troubled Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) accused the Bulgarian National Bank of not doing its job right and on time.

Business » Finance | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 19:47 | Viewed: 1228

Yields Fall on Bulgaria's Seven-year Government Bonds

Yileds fell at Tuesday’s auction of seven-year euro-denominated Bulgarian government bonds as the offer was heavily oversubscribed.

Business » Finance | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 12:18 | Viewed: 1129

Is KTB Victim of its Success?

Bulgaria’s Corpbank (KTB) has been among the most profitable ones in recent years, it has shown sustained growth and adequate investment of its funds, its suspended directors claim.

Business » Finance | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 23:02 | Viewed: 1165

The Banker: KTB Among Top 10 EU Banks in Tier 1 Capital Increase

Bulgaria’s Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) has made it to the Top 10 in terms of Tier 1 capital increase in this year’s EU banks ranking of The Banker magazine.

Business » Finance | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 21:29 | Viewed: 1155

Appeals Court Rejects Request to Dismiss BNB Deputy Governor

Sofia Court of Appeals has turned down the request for dismissal of Tsvetan Gounev as BNB Deputy Governor.

Business » Finance | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 13:00 | Viewed: 913

Finance Ministry Meets with EPIC to Discuss KTB Recovery

Interim Finance Minister Rumen Porozhanov has announced his institution is to meet representatives of Vienna-based fund EPIC in the coming days.

Business » Finance | September 17, 2014, Wednesday // 17:19 | Viewed: 1047

BNB Welcomes KTB Shareholders' Efforts to Work on Recovery Plan

Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) has welcomed the efforts of EPIC Financial Consulting to prepare a plan for the recovery of Corpbank (KTB), Monday.

Business » Finance | September 15, 2014, Monday // 18:45 | Viewed: 1195

Finance Ministry Reopens 10.5-Year Issue of BGN-Denominated Govt Securities at 3.12% Yield

Bulgaria's Finance Ministry reopened the 10.5 year issue of Government Securities (GS) issued on January 15, 2014 with maturity July 15, 2024.

Business » Finance | September 15, 2014, Monday // 17:13 | Viewed: 961

KTB Shareholders Seek Sofia Meeting to Prepare Rescue Plan

The main shareholders in Bulgaria’s Corpbank (KTB) are seeking a meeting in Sofia next week to conduct due diligence on the bank and prepare a plan for its recovery.

Business » Finance | September 12, 2014, Friday // 21:04 | Viewed: 1382

KTB Can Be Rescued Without Special Law or Public Funds, Experts Agree

No special legislation and no use of public funds are needed to rescue Corpbank (KTB), the Expert Consultative Council on KTB and Bulgaria’s ombudsman have agreed.

Business » Finance | September 12, 2014, Friday // 16:51 | Viewed: 1164

Corpbank Rescue Options to Be Discussed at BIA

Bank experts, trade-union representatives and employers are set to discuss ways out of the crisis at Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank or KTB) and possible bailout scenarios.

Business » Finance | September 12, 2014, Friday // 09:46 | Viewed: 1094

Student Loans Most Popular Among Medical Students – Survey

Future medics and pharmacists are the largest group, applying for student loans in Bulgaria, shows a survey of the Postbank, quoted by Pariteni.

Business » Finance | September 11, 2014, Thursday // 13:47 | Viewed: 796

Oman Fund 'Working Toward Solving KTB Problems'

The State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) of the Sultanate of Oman is working with the Bulgarian government to handle the situation at Corporate Commercial Bank (Corpbank or KTB).

Business » Finance | September 10, 2014, Wednesday // 19:54 | Viewed: 1000