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Sofia City Court Halts Insolvency Proceedings at KTB

The Sofia City Court has stopped insolvency proceedings launched at Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB).

Business » Finance | November 24, 2014, Monday // 11:39 | Viewed: 1446

Amendments to Bulgaria’s Bank Insolvency Act Pass 2nd Reading in Parliament

Bank Insolvency Act amendments aimed at allowing easier access of creditors to information related to the insolvency proceedings passed second reading in Parliament on Wednesday.

Business » Finance | July 29, 2015, Wednesday // 21:30 | Viewed: 1312

Bulgaria's Parliament Endorses Proposed C-Bank Deputy Governors

Bulgaria’s Parliament on Wednesday voted into office the three deputy governors of the central bank BNB proposed by the BNB head Dimitar Radev, BNT TV channel reported.

Business » Finance | July 29, 2015, Wednesday // 12:20 | Viewed: 1238

Bulgaria MPs to Vote on Appointment of C-Bank Deputy Governors

Parliament is to vote Wednesday on the appointment of the three Deputy Governors at the country's central bank, the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB).

Business » Finance | July 29, 2015, Wednesday // 10:25 | Viewed: 1252

Bulgaria’s May Gross Foreign Debt Down 4% from 2014

Bulgaria’s gross foreign debt decreased by 1.

Business » Finance | July 28, 2015, Tuesday // 13:17 | Viewed: 1804

Banking Supervision in Bulgaria 'Not Strictly Applied' in Past Years

Banking supervision procedures were not strictly applied in Bulgaria in recent years, the head of the country's national auditing body has said.

Business » Finance | July 27, 2015, Monday // 11:03 | Viewed: 2132

Fight against Smuggling Has Fetched Revenues of over BGN 2 B - Bulgaria’s PM

Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has claimed that anti-smuggling measures have generated over BGN 2 B in budget revenue since the beginning of 2015.

Business » Finance | July 27, 2015, Monday // 09:56 | Viewed: 1909

Bulgarian Emigrants Sent Nearly EUR 360 M in Remittances in January-May

Bulgarians working abroad sent home remittances amounting to nearly EUR 360 M in the period January-May.

Business » Finance | July 25, 2015, Saturday // 13:44 | Viewed: 2625

Coin to Replace BGN 2 Banknote By End of Year – Bulgarian National Bank

An official of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) announced on Thursday that a BGN 2 coin will replace the banknote of the same denomination until the end of the year.

Business » Finance | July 24, 2015, Friday // 10:15 | Viewed: 2849

Bulgarian Cabinet Proposes Minimum Wage to Become Up to 55 % of Average Pay

The Bulgarian government has proposed for the minimum wage in the country to become between 35 % and 55 % of the average remuneration.

Business » Finance | July 23, 2015, Thursday // 12:04 | Viewed: 2401

Bulgaria’s Govt Approves Accountancy Bill Including Anti-Red Tape Measures

Bulgaria’s government has approved a draft Accountancy Act envisaging anti-red tape provisions.

Business » Finance | July 22, 2015, Wednesday // 17:41 | Viewed: 2069

Residents of 4 Bulgarian Municipalities May Now Pay Local Taxes, Fees Online

Taxies levied on cars and real estate in four Bulgarian municipalities may now be paid online via the website of the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

Business » Finance | July 22, 2015, Wednesday // 15:53 | Viewed: 2366

Bulgaria’s C-Bank Backing Timely Finalisation of Postbank-Alpha Bank Deal

Bulgaria’s central bank has said its commitment and action taken so far create prerequisites for the timely finalisation of the acquisition of the branch nework of Greece's Alpha Bank in the country by Postbank, a subsidiary of another Greek lender, Eurob

Business » Finance | July 18, 2015, Saturday // 15:29 | Viewed: 2781

Greek Eurobank Takes over Alpha Bank’s Branch Network in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Postbank, a subsidiary of Greece’s Eurobank, has announced the acquisition of the Bulgarian branch network of Alpha Bank, another Greek lender.

Business » Finance | July 18, 2015, Saturday // 11:26 | Viewed: 3319

Greek Eurobank to Buy Branch Network of Alpha Bank in Bulgaria - Reuters

Greek Euroboank, which owns 100% of Bulgaria's Postbank, will buy around 80 branches of Greek Alpha Bank in Bulgaria for EUR 1, according to a Eurobank official, as cited by Reuters.

Business » Finance | July 17, 2015, Friday // 13:02 | Viewed: 2474

Bulgaria's C-Bank New Chief to Keep Heads of Issue, Supervision Depts

Dimitar Radev, the newly elected Governor of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), has announced that Kalin Hristov and Dimitar Kostov will remain Deputy Governors.

Business » Finance | July 14, 2015, Tuesday // 15:58 | Viewed: 1829

Deflation Continues to Grow in Bulgaria in June

According to the latest figures of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), which were released on Tuesday, there was a monthly deflation of 0.9 % in June.

Business » Finance | July 14, 2015, Tuesday // 13:59 | Viewed: 2254

Tsvetan Vasilev Denies Report He Ran Bulgaria’s KTB as Ponzi Scheme

Tsvetan Vasilev, the main shareholder of Bulgaria’s collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank, has denied charges he ran the bank as a Ponzi scheme.

Business » Finance | July 13, 2015, Monday // 11:21 | Viewed: 1972

Bulgaria Has to Step up Banking Supervision - Candidate for New BNB Chief Radev

Strenghtening banking supervision and evaluation of banks’ assets are key to successful reform of Bulgaria’s banking sector, a nominee for a new chief of the country’s central bank has said.

Business » Finance | July 9, 2015, Thursday // 20:24 | Viewed: 2283

Bulgaria Needs to Join SSM - Nominee for BNB Chief Manolov

Bulgaria should keep its currency board system until adopting the euro, and join the EU’s Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) immediately after Bulgarian banks pass stress tests, a nominee for a new chief of the country's central bank said on Thursday.

Business » Finance | July 9, 2015, Thursday // 19:19 | Viewed: 2346

Bulgaria's C-Bank Head Nominees to Be Heard in Parliament

The budget and finance committee with the Bulgarian Parliament is due to hold on Thursday hearings of candidates to take over as Governors of the country's central bank.

Business » Finance | July 9, 2015, Thursday // 08:32 | Viewed: 1892

Oman 'Takes Legal Action' against Bulgaria over KTB - Reuters

The State General Rerve Fund (SGRF), Oman's biggest sovereign wealth fund, has launched legal action against the government of Bulgaria over the collapse of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Business » Finance | July 8, 2015, Wednesday // 19:02 | Viewed: 4632