Today's Quote: Yanis Varoufakis


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Today's Quote: Grigory Yavlinsky

"The murder of Boris Nemtsov - this is the war that came to us - visibly and blatantly.

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Today's Quote: Russia's Enemies Using Nemtsov's Death for Their Purposes

"The murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov has to be investigated as soon as possible, because Russia's enemies are already using the situation for their purposes.

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Today's Quote: Putin's Fall

"It is obvious that for Putin autumn has come.

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Today's Quote: Minister Crocodile

"If you write down in the law that the Finance Minister is a crocodile, he will not become a crocodile.

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Today's Quote: The Best Words to Draw Customers Away

"It seems absurd to tell a customer who every day comes to your shop: "Tomorrow I am opening a shop in the city nearby, you should go there," when the customer has the opportunity to simply change you as a supplier.

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John McCain 'Is Absolutely Senile'

"John McCain is an absolutely senile man who came to Bulgaria and stopped South Stream."

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When Public Opinion Comes in Courtroom, Law Goes Out

"Chairs of district courts are between a rock and a hard place. If they allow [special surveillance devices], they could later be accused for aiding illicit activity. If they decline [to do so], they run the risk of being accused they foiled a probe."

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Where Are Those 29 Million Bulgarians and Romanians?

"Nigel Farage said 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians would come - 22 000 showed up.

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Bulgarian Gov't Wants License to Kill

Socialist lawmaker Georgi Kadiev commenting on the cabinet's proposal that Bulgaria should take on EUR 8 B in debt to finance deficits and make payments on loans in the next three years.

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After Populism, There Is Always Payment

"Populism has its dimensions for some time...

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I Am Isolated, but I Don't Care

After a trip to Latin America, Erdogan was asked whether he felt isolated from the rest of the political world.

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Should Denmark's Jews Move to Israel?

Denmark's chief rabbi Jair Melchior voicing his disappointment with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Sunday comments after the events in Danish capital Copenhagen.

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Greeks 'Resembling Drug Addicts'

"We have resembled drug addicts craving the next dose.

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We Are at Hotel California, Greek FinMin Says

“The last line in Hotel California explains where we are: you can check out any time, but you can never leave.

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Breaking Racquets Is Beautiful

 "That is art.

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Austerity 'Is Like Bleeding to Death'

"If a tiny country like Greece can stand up to the lenders and achieve even a small haircut of the debt, the message to the Spanish, Portuguese and Italians will be that they too can stand up at some point.

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Turkish Stream: Traveling from Sofia to Plovdiv via Bulgaria's North

"Building a gas pipeline via Turkey to feed Eastern Europe is like departing for Plovdiv from Sofia and passing through Vratsa and Gabrovo to make it shorter.

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Bulgarian President 'Forged Common EU Position on Ukrainian Crisis'

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev devoted considerable time of his speech on the completion of his third year in office on Wednesday to the country's foreign policy.

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Bulgaria PM Knows How to Revive Labor Market

There are about 3,000 positions available for professional truck and bus drivers, as announced by Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov over the course of the ninth professional meeting of business representatives and government officials on Tuesday.

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A Female President? Just Kidding

"Only women being around, in a pompous environment...

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