Today's Quote: Georgi Parvanov

"I cannot interfere in synodal affairs, but I have to remind that at a referendum on the issue of "Republic or Monarchy", held 70 years ago, 90% of the Bulgarian people called for a republic.

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Today's Quote: Fifty Shades of Gazprom

"To cheer ourselves a little.

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Today's Quote: You, Stupid Blonde

 “Where are you, stupid blonde, who accused Turkish police of using disproportionate force?” asked Melih Gokcek, Ankara’s combative mayor on his Tweeter profile Wednesday.

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Today's Quote II: The Privilege of a Prime Minister

"I have the rare privilege of not watching TV and not listening.

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Today's Quote: Make Way or Be Removed

"We are seeking [to collect BGN] 1.5-1.6 B. Everybody who hinders me in this - this is what their fate is like."

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Today's Quote: Angelina Jolie

''The problem is not lack of information.

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Today's Quote: Thinking about Kim Kardashian

"When we are marking the anniversary [of Armenian killings] let's not think about Kim Kardashian, but about our friends of Armenian origin.

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Today's Quote: CEEDS'15 by Webit Opening

I will quote my father who says: a piece of medicine can make you stronger, can make you healthier, can make you happier.

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Today's Quote: Hristo Ivanov

''What is the problem with the Prime Minister stating his opinion? He is not the Pope in order to put a final decision on every issue,'' stated Bulgarian Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov.

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Today's Quote: Bulgaria Becoming Tiny

"Our scientists and thinkers often gain recognition in "big countries" abroad, but our homeland is too tiny sometimes to even give them a diploma.

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Today's Quote: Radan Kanev

''That way employment of ''cousins'' in positions of authority could be avoided,'' stated co-chair of the right-wing party union Reformatorski bloc, Radan Kanev.

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Today's Quote: Boyko Borisov in France

“I am very happy that President Hollande understood what I meant; I can say that we found the engine needed to help us implement this idea.

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Today's Quote: Vladimir Putin

"About mythology and Trojan horses and so forth: the question would be valid if I was the one going to Athens.

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Today's Quote: Boyko Borisov

''Nowhere can you see media freedom like the one we have here,'' stated Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov at a news conference following a business forum. ''We are not intervening in any way. When you watch or read media every morning, you can make your own conc

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Today's Quote: Bulgaria and Syria

"The only difference between Bulgaria and Syria is the conflict...

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Today's Quote: Boyko Borisov

"Spoken words fly away, deeds remain...

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Today's Quote: Boiko Borisov

Bulgarian PM Boiko Borisov commenting on the policies of the Sofia City Court, shortly after he was interrogated on a smuggling case against former intelligence head.

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Today's Quote: Alexis Tsipras

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras reveals his stance on EU security policy and EU-imposed sanctions prior to his visit in Moscow on April 8.

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Today's Quote: Czech President Miloš Zeman

Czech president Zeman made a statement regarding his participation in the Moscow Parade on May 9, commemorating the anniversary of the end of WWII.

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Today's Quote: Boyko Borisov

"They are counting on us to govern in the next 20 years so they can get their money back.

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Today's Quote: Kiril Domuschiev

“The most important thing for us is to ensure fair play. If we did not observe it, we would have become champions long time ago.”

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