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FT: Kristalina Georgieva 'Among Most Effective Commissioners'

Kristalina Georgieva has been nominated to become EU foreign policy chief "in an attempt to break the deadlock" over who will take the post, the Financial Times wrote Wednesday.

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BBC: Bulgaria Calls Snap Vote Amid Banking Crisis

Bulgaria will hold early general elections in October following the dissolution of parliament “amid the worst banking crisis” since the 1990s, the BBC said on Wednesday.

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Der Standard: Plevneliev Made Clear Interim Gov't Has Political Goals

With harsh criticism at outgoing government parties Bulgaria's President Plevneliev introduced on Tuesday his second caretaker government, Der Standard writes.

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Reuters: Bliznashki Vows to Restore Citizens' Trust

Bulgaria’s caretaker premier Georgi Bliznashki has pledged to restore the people’s trust during the tenure of his cabinet, Reuters highlighted on Wednesday.

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Der Spiegel: Bulgaria Has 'Pro-European' Interim Gov't

A Europe-friendly caretaker cabinet is now governing Bulgaria until the early elections, German weekly Der Spiegel's website [DE] wrote Wednesday.

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UK's Clegg to Urge Tighter Immigration Controls

Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will pledge tomorrow to tighten immigration controls for people from new European Union countries, The Telegraph has reported.

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German Intelligence: Russia Has An Interest In Bulgaria's Bankruptcy

In spite the sanctions, Russia's President Vladimir Putin continues expanding his sphere of influence, concludes an analysis of the German intelligence, published in German media.

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The NYT: Political Crisis Jeopardizes Future of Bulgarian Bank

One of the biggest banks in Bulgaria is a "hostage" to a political crisis, which caused Bulgarian PM Plamen Oresharski to resign, writes Georgi Kantchev for The New York Times.

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Gov't Resignation in Bulgaria May Cause Problems for Gazprom

The resignation of the loyal to Moscow Bulgarian government may cause serious problems for Gazprom and the South Stream project, writes the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

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Bulgaria Wins Balkan Prize

Every country aims to lower inflation, unemployment and lending rates, while increasing gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

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Forbes: The Curious Case of the Bulgarian Bank Runs

The full text was published on Forbes magazine's website.

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Westinghouse Most Likely to Win Bulgarian Nuclear Deal

Westinghouse Electric is expected to sign a deal in the coming days to construct a nuclear reactor for Bulgaria's Kozloduy NPP, reports Nikkei Asian Review.

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EUObserver: Bulgaria Jittery After Bank Run 'Plot'

The article is from EUObserver

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Stefan Fuele: Bulgaria, Romania Accession Questioned EU Credibility

From EurActiv.

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Bulgaria nominates Bokova for UN Secretary General

From Euractiv

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DW: Strife over South Stream

The article is from Deutsche Welle

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Bulgaria Deals Russia Setback Over Gas Pipeline Project

From Financial Times

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Bulgaria Approves EU1.5 Billion Eurobond Sale Before Vote

From Bloomberg

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WSJ: Bulgaria's Western Allies Worry About Eastward Tilt

Recent Government Moves Raise Concerns About Moscow's Influence in Former Client

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Gazprom Criticises EU Over South Stream Gas Pipeline

From Financial Times

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Barroso Warns Bulgaria on South Stream

From Euractiv

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