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Huffington Post: Bulgaria, a Stroll in the Park

Bulgaria is "so overlooked and underappreciated...

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Stratfor: Bulgaria, Romania to Get ‘Increasingly Involved’ in Crises over Refugees, Ukraine  

Bulgaria and Romania, lying at the eastern border of both NATO and the EU, will become ‘increasingly involved’ in Europe’s migration crisis and the West’s standoff with Russia over Ukraine, Stratfor has forecast.

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The Guardian: Bulgaria’s Hidden Treasures Lie Beyond Cheap Beach Holidays

In an article published in The Guardian on Sunday, Kate Eshelby argues that there is much more to Bulgaria than the cheap beach and ski holiday packages the country is best known to foreign tourists.

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Stratfor: Bulgaria Is Balkan Heavyweight, But Eurasian Lightweight

Bulgaria will likely be under pressure to "yield to Constantinople yet again" if an when Turkey resurges, global intelligence company Stratfor says in an analysis.

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Huffington Post: 18 Reasons to Book Trip to Bulgaria ASAP

 A beatiful coastline and delicious typical food, friendly locals and "dazzling views" are listed in a Huffington post article on why an American should visit Bulgaria.

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The Globe and Mail: Russia, Turkey Waging ‘Proxy Battle’ in Bulgaria

Russia and Turkey are fighting for control over Bulgaria’s Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) political party "in a proxy battle in their wider conflict", Victor Kotsev writes in an article for Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail published on Friday

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The Independent: Sofia Ranks as Fourth Most Dangerous City in Europe

According to a recent article in The Independent, the Bulgarian capital ranks as the fourth most dangerous city in Europe.

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Telegraph: Borovets Is Europe's 'Booziest Ski Resort'

Borovets, in Bulgaria's Rila Mountain, is the ski resort with the most bars per square kilometer, a survey by tour operator Crystal Ski, cited by The Telegraph, shows.

Views on BG | February 21, 2016, Sunday // 11:24 | Viewed: 8086

The Guardian: Construction of Motorway Threatens Wildlife in Bulgaria's Kresna Gorge

In an article published in The Guardian on Wednesday, Arthur Nelsen, focuses on the construction of the Struma motorway in southwestern Bulgaria which is potentially threatening the wildlife in the Kresna gorge.

Views on BG | February 17, 2016, Wednesday // 12:58 | Viewed: 1913

HRW: EU Should Urge Bulgaria to Investigate Reports of Abuse of Migrants

The European Commission should "forcefully remind Bulgaria of EU laws and standards" and call on authorities to investigate "credible reports of abuses," Human Rights Watch has said.

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Communist-Era Apple II Clones 'Helped Shape Central Europe's IT Sector'

Bulgaria and Romania can partly trace the roots of their current tech boom to the communist years and "the romantic era of home computing", a recent article says.

Views on BG | February 14, 2016, Sunday // 12:15 | Viewed: 8819

Forbes: Georgieva Risks Wrecking 'Regional Chances' for UN Top Job

There is only one "genuinely eligible" Bulgarian frontrunner for the UN Secretary General's office and it isn't EU Commission Vice President Kristalina Georgieva, an opinion piece published on Forbes magazine's website reads.

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Bulgaria Seeks 'Fine Balance' amid Russia-Turkey Tensions - AFP

Sofia is trying to benefit from Russia-Turkey tensions to restore relations with Moscow, an AFP analysis published by several media outlets reads.

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Der Spiegel: Bulgaria's Peevski, Iceberg of Corruption

Like nobody else in Bulgaria MP Delyan Peevski "embodies the oligarchic system of clientelism," Der Spiegel says in a recent article.

Views on BG | February 1, 2016, Monday // 08:46 | Viewed: 8383

The Economist: UN Secretary-General Nomination Stirs Political Tensions in Bulgaria

In a recent article, the Economist focuses on the Bulgarian nomination for UN Secretary-General, which has stirred political tensions in the country.

Views on BG | January 27, 2016, Wednesday // 10:49 | Viewed: 6369

HRW Accuses Bulgaria of 'Pushbacks, Abuse at Borders'

Bulgarian law enforcement officials are engaged in summary returns of asylum seekers to Turkey, "often after stealing their belongings and subjecting them to violence," Human Rights Watch says.

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'Putin with Dog Makes Bulgaria's PM Happy' - Euronews

An image of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Buffy, a Bulgarian Shepherd dog he received as a gift from Bulgaria's PM Borisov in November of 2010, has delivered joy to the latter, Euronews writes.

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Politico: Bulgaria's 'Behind-the-Scenes Primary' for UN Top Job Candidate

With two frontrunners for the top job at the United Nations, the Bulgarian government "now finds itself in a possible no-win situation" having to pick either UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova or EU Commission Vice President Kristalina Georgieva, Politi

Views on BG | December 28, 2015, Monday // 15:19 | Viewed: 3763

EUobserver Looks into Sales of Bulgarian Babies in Greece

Officials estimate that dozens of Bulgarian women – the vast majority of them from the Roma minority - are known to have sold their babies to couples in Greece desperate for a child of their own, reads an article posted on EUobserver website on Tuesday.

Views on BG | December 22, 2015, Tuesday // 17:47 | Viewed: 2716

Nezavisimaya Gazeta: Russia Unlikely to Endorse Georgieva for UN Top Job

Two Bulgarians might turn out to be the main rivals for the United Nations Secretary General's seat that will be vacated by Ban Ki-moon late next year, Russian news outlet Nezavisimaya Gazeta has said.

Views on BG | December 20, 2015, Sunday // 09:18 | Viewed: 2094

Daily Sabah: Bulgaria Needs Turkey More Than Ever

In an article published in Daily Sabah on Thursday, columnist Ilnur Cevik argues that Bulgaria needs Turkey more than ever.

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