Gazprom Directors' Board to Discuss Issues of South Stream Bulgaria

Gazprom executives are to meet November 5 to consider the approval of certain transactions with the assets of South Stream Bulgaria, the Russian energy giant announced.

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Economy Ministry Working to Ensure Varna TPP Will Remain Open

Bulgaria's Ministry of Economy is seeking to ensure the Varna Thermal Power Ptation will remain operational despite not having complied with European norms, the institution said in a statement.

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Merger of Revenue, Customs Agency Not on Agenda of Caretaker Govt

Bulgaria’s Finance Ministry has assured that it is not developing a framework or project for the merger of the National Revenue Agency (NRA) and the Customs Agency.

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Bulgaria's Central Bank Holds Meeting on KTB Recovery

Bulgarian National Bank (BNB) met on Friday representatives of Vienna-based fund EPIC, Oman's state fund and London-based Gemcorp, the central bank said in a statement.

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Car Tolls at Danube Bridge 2 May Drop by 50%

Hristo Monev, Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board of Danube Bridge 2 Vidin – Calafat AD, has suggested that the car tolls could be reduced by 50%.

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Clocks Set To Astronomical Time On Sunday

At 4 AM on Sunday the clocks will be set one hour back, reminds the Meteorological Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

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Bulgaria's Ombudsman Predicts 'Avalanche Of Lawsuits' Regarding KTB

Bulgaria's courts will be flooded by “an avalanche of lawsuits” with connection to the Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), Bulgaria's Ombudsman Konstantin Penchev told the BNR public broadcaster.

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Bulgaria Determined to Keep Varna TPP Functioning – Deputy Minister

Bulgaria is determined to rescue the Varna thermal power plant, according to Anton Pavlov, Deputy Minister of Economy.

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Bulgaria's Dwelling Prices Record Slight Decrease in Q3 2014

The market price index of dwellings for Q3 2014 compared to Q2 2014 was 99.9%, i.e. the average decrease of the market prices of dwellings was 0.1%, according to Bulgaria's Statistical Institute.

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US Software Company To Acquire Bulgaria's Telerik For USD 265.5 M

The US Progress Software Corporation announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Bulgaria's leading software developing company Telerik AD for USD 262.

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Bulgaria’s End-August Gross Foreign Debt Rises 2.2% Y/Y

Bulgaria’s gross foreign debt totalled EUR 38.2B as of end-August, increasing 2.2% from a year earlier and 2.3% higher compared with end-2013, the central bank has said.

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KTB Directors: BNB Report Is 'A Lampoon'

fter keeping the Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) in a coma for four months, yesterday Bulgaria's Central Bank (BNB) presented to the public an irresponsible lampoon, not a professional audit analysis, said the suspended KTB executive directors in an open

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Deposits In Bulgaria's Banks Up BGN 531 M In September

The deposits in Bulgaria's banks grew by BGN 531 M in September, shows data of the Bulgarian National Bank.

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Bulgaria Is Second Favorite Destination Among Russians

Bulgaria only lags behind Spain as Russians' choice to spend their holiday, a Russian survey says.

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Bulgaria Threatens to Terminate Contract for Struma Motorway Lot 4

Greek company Aktor, which is building Lot 4 of the Struma motorway, is to sign an annex to the contract by Friday, or have the agreement cancelled, according to Bulgaria’s caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva.

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20 Bulgarian Companies to Build Infrastructure for Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup

Some 20 Bulgarian companies are involved in the construction of infrastructure for Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup, according to Ziad El Masri, Chairman of the Bulgarian-Arab Business Association.

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Audit Finds BGN 4.2 B Impairment Costs on KTB Balance Sheet, Bulgaria C. Bank Says

Nearly two-thirds of the value of the assets of Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB) has to be wiped off due to KTB’s failure to stick to ‘prudent banking practices’, its auditors have concluded.

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Westinghouse Picks М3 Communications for Its PR Agency in Bulgaria

Leading Bulgarian PR firm М3 Communications Group, Inc. will back US-based Westinghouse Electric’s efforts to move forward with planned expansion of Bulgaria’s Kozloduy nuclear power plant.

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Bulgaria, Romania Agree to Build 2 More Bridges over Danube River

Bulgaria and Romania have agreed to build two new bridges over the Danube River.

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Bulgaria's National Tourism Council Demands Separate Ministry

Representatives of the most influential associations, members of Bulgaria's National Tourism Council have once again agreed on the need to establish a separate Tourism Ministry.

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Bulgaria's Plovdiv Among Lonely Planet's Best Travel Destinations 2015

Bulgarian city of Plovdiv has been ranked 6th in a list of the hottest destinations in the world to visit in 2015 which have been announced by travel publisher Lonely Planet.

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