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Pazardzhik Landfill Poses Danger of Road Accidents

There is an imminent danger for the garbage from the landfill near Pazardzhik to reach up to the inter-city road.

Society » Environment | June 23, 2015, Tuesday // 14:01 | Viewed: 3603

Bulgaria's Environment Minister Calls for Imposing Stricter Fines on Oil Spills

Bulgarian Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva called on Friday for tightening fines imposed on oil spills.

Society » Environment | June 19, 2015, Friday // 13:49 | Viewed: 4198

Southern Bulgaria Submerged in Floods Caused by Torrential Rains

Hundreds of houses have been affected and many hectares of crops have been destroyed by torrential rains and hailstorms in Bulgaria's south.

Society » Environment | June 18, 2015, Thursday // 21:40 | Viewed: 4691

Pope's Climate Change Encyclical Leaves Politicians, Businesses Divided

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for both the nature and society and it is the poor who are mostly left suffering, Pope Francis wrote in his 184-page encyclical published Thursday.

Society » Environment | June 18, 2015, Thursday // 17:58 | Viewed: 3750

Thunderstorms, Possible Hails Expected Across Bulgaria

Thunderstorms and prolific rains are expected in the early evening hours of Wednesday evening across Southern Bulgaria.

Society » Environment | June 17, 2015, Wednesday // 18:06 | Viewed: 4749

Bulgaria to Set Up 6 Regional Centers for Crisis, Disaster Management

A total of nearly BGN 40 M under operational program “Environment” 2014-2020 will go to the creation of six regional centers for crisis and disaster management, according to Bulgaria’s Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva.

Society » Environment | June 17, 2015, Wednesday // 16:57 | Viewed: 3888

Growth of Newborn Egyptian Vulture in Bulgaria Can Be Watched Online

A hatchling was born into a family of Egyptian vultures living in Bulgaria this week, helping preserve a species whose numbers are rapidly declining across the region, a non-profit has said.

Society » Environment | June 17, 2015, Wednesday // 09:51 | Viewed: 1594

Bulgaria Expresses Concern over EU’s ‘Unrealistic’ Emission Reduction Commitments

Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva expressed Bulgaria’s concerns over the overly ambitious and unrealistic emission reduction commitments of the EU after 2030 at a meeting of the Environment Council in Luxembourg.

Society » Environment | June 15, 2015, Monday // 21:28 | Viewed: 1669

Bulgaria Hosts Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting

The aim of the forum is to exchange information, formulate measures and decide upon measures for promoting eco-friendly policies.

Society » Environment | June 1, 2015, Monday // 13:55 | Viewed: 1378

Bulgaria Advertised For Illegal Grizzly Bear Hunting

Bulgarian Tourism Ministry has been advertising hunting of Grizzly bears and American deer, as well as salmon fishing, as announced by the NGO Balkani Wildlife Society, the Bulgarian National Radio reported.

Society » Environment | May 27, 2015, Wednesday // 12:01 | Viewed: 1695

Yellow Dust Found All Across Sofia

Two perplexing events occurred in Sofia over the course of the past several days - yellow stains on the ground and a strange odor in the air.

Society » Environment | May 26, 2015, Tuesday // 09:52 | Viewed: 2767

Sun, Rain and Hails To Take Over Bulgaria

After a night of steady rain and thunderstorms across Bulgaria, the weather is expected to remain cloudy and with high probability of precipitations.

Society » Environment | May 25, 2015, Monday // 08:40 | Viewed: 2103

Thunderstorms Expected Across Bulgaria

Rain, thunderstorms and hail are projected for today’s May 24, according to the official data presented by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Society » Environment | May 24, 2015, Sunday // 11:57 | Viewed: 1742

73% of Bulgaria's Bathing Waters Were of Excellent Quality in 2014

In Bulgaria, 69 out of a total of 94 bathing waters or 73.4 % were deemed as being of excellent quality in 2014.

Society » Environment | May 21, 2015, Thursday // 18:03 | Viewed: 1464

Minor Earthquake Registered in Black Sea Near Bulgaria's Primorsko

A minor earthquake of magnitude 2.6 on the Richter scale was registered on Wednesday in the Black Sea near the Bulgarian town of Primorsko.

Society » Environment | May 20, 2015, Wednesday // 16:51 | Viewed: 1247

Code Yellow Issued in Five Bulgarian Municipalities

Code yellow has been issued in five southern regions of Bulgaria on account of the imminent prolific rains and expected thunderstorms.

Society » Environment | May 20, 2015, Wednesday // 09:25 | Viewed: 1541

Sofia Picks Griffon Vulture as Its Ugly Animal Mascot

Bulgaria's capital Sofia has elected the griffon vulture to become its ugly animal mascot in a first-ever vote held by a city outside of the UK.

Society » Environment | May 18, 2015, Monday // 00:40 | Viewed: 4117

Bulgaria's Stara Zagora Citizens Protest Against Minks Farm Construction

The citizens of Stara Zagora have started a protest against the planned construction of a farm, whose main activity will be burning of minks in the nearby village of Madzherito.

Society » Environment | May 8, 2015, Friday // 11:43 | Viewed: 2185

Torrential Rains and Hail Expected in Bulgaria

Torrential rains and thunderstorms in more than half of Bulgaria's territory are expected Thursday.

Society » Environment | May 7, 2015, Thursday // 10:45 | Viewed: 1498

Landslides Hamper Access to Bulgarian Resort in Rhodope Mountains

The Bulgarian municipality of Peshtera declared on Tuesday a partial state of emergency due to landslides, which are hampering the access to the resort Saint Constantine in the Rhodope mountains.

Society » Environment | May 5, 2015, Tuesday // 16:58 | Viewed: 1394

Bulgaria’s Environment Ministry Reports Substantial Reduction in Plastic Bag Use

Bulgaria’s Environment Ministry has boasted about a substantial reduction in the use of single-use thin plastic bags over the past two years.

Society » Environment | May 1, 2015, Friday // 15:13 | Viewed: 1223