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WWF: Global Wildlife Population Dropped by 50% in 40 Years

The Living Planet Index, which measures trends in thousands of vertebrate species populations, shows a decline of 52% between 1970 and 2010, according to the latest edition of WWF's Living Planet Report.

Society » Environment | September 30, 2014, Tuesday // 13:40 | Viewed: 498

Code Yellow For Bad Weather Declared Along Sea Coast

Code yellow for torrential rains and high winds is declared for Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast, said the National Meteorology and Hydrology Institute.

Society » Environment | September 27, 2014, Saturday // 10:19 | Viewed: 1320

Heavy Rains Expected in 8 Bulgarian Districts on Friday

Code yellow warning for potentially dangerous weather conditions has been issued for eight Bulgarian districts for Friday, September 26.

Society » Environment | September 25, 2014, Thursday // 20:44 | Viewed: 1376

Bulgarian Environmentalists Hold Protests Against Shale Gas

Bulgarian environment protection activists protested on Wednesday against prospecting for shale and coal gas and their extraction in Bulgaria’s northeastern Dobrudzha region.

Society » Environment | September 25, 2014, Thursday // 07:59 | Viewed: 1322

Eco Experts: Bulgaria's Zoos Don't Cover EU Standards

Bulgaria's zoos do not cover EU standards and most of them even work in violation of Bulgarian law, according to Yavor Gechev of the Four Paws foundation and Ruslan Serbezov of the Environment Ministry.

Society » Environment | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 16:44 | Viewed: 955

Annual Revenues from Illegal Logging in Bulgaria at BGN 100 M - WWF

Revenues from illegal logging in Bulgaria amount to over BGN 100 M a year, according to a report of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Society » Environment | September 24, 2014, Wednesday // 09:18 | Viewed: 916

First Snow Covers Petrohan Pass

The first snow covered the Petrohan mountain pass early on Tuesday morning, reports tribali.

Society » Environment | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 15:32 | Viewed: 2032

Meteorologists: Winter Would Be Milder

This winter in Bulgaria would be milder than usual, meteorologist Ivailo Slavov told Nova TV, refuting forecasts that temperatures will drop to -40°C.

Society » Environment | September 23, 2014, Tuesday // 13:24 | Viewed: 1365

Code Yellow Over Strong Wind Issued in 4 Bulgarian Districts

On Monday, Bulgaria's Independence Day, Code Yellow warning for strong winds was issued in four districts in the country, according to the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology.

Society » Environment | September 22, 2014, Monday // 10:38 | Viewed: 1015

Bulgarian Environment Ministry Warns of Possible Flash Floods

The Ministry of Environment has warned of expected rise of river water levels mainly in western and central Bulgaria on Wednesday.

Society » Environment | September 17, 2014, Wednesday // 08:03 | Viewed: 1141

6 Bulgarian Districts under Code Orange Weather Alert over Heavy Rains

Code orange weather warning over heavy rains has been issued for six Bulgarian districts for September 16, including Montana, Vratsa, Plovdiv, Smolyan, Pazardzhik and Sofia district.

Society » Environment | September 16, 2014, Tuesday // 07:27 | Viewed: 1488

Sofia Mayor Orders Constant Monitoring of Waterbodies Over Heavy Rainfalls

Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova has ordered constant monitoring of rivers, dams and critical sections due to the potentially dangerous weather conditions and heavy rains.

Society » Environment | September 15, 2014, Monday // 17:05 | Viewed: 1041

4 Bulgarian Districts under Code Orange Alert due to Heavy Rains

Code orange weather alert has been issued for four districts in northwestern Bulgaria for September 15 due to torrential rains.

Society » Environment | September 15, 2014, Monday // 11:25 | Viewed: 1365

Berkovitsa Dam Overflowing since Monday, No Risk for People – Mayor

The dam near Bulgaria's north western town of Berkovitsa has been overflowing since Monday but it is under observation, Mayor Dimitranka Kamenova told Focus news agency.

Society » Environment | September 14, 2014, Sunday // 11:10 | Viewed: 852

Environment Ministry Warns Of New Torrential Rains

Bulgaria's Ministry of Environment and Waters warns of new torrential rains in the beginning of next week, reports Vesti.

Society » Environment | September 13, 2014, Saturday // 16:08 | Viewed: 1424

Experts Identify 535 Areas At Risk Of Flooding in Bulgaria

There are 535 areas at risk of flooding in Bulgaria, according to an analysis of the impact of the Rural Development Program on the environment published by the Agriculture Ministry.

Society » Environment | September 12, 2014, Friday // 11:00 | Viewed: 1444

Bulgaria's Environment Minister Bans Unconventional Gas Technologies in Dobrudzha

Bulgaria's caretaker Environment Minister Svetlana Zhekova has issued a ban on the use of unconventional gas exploration and production technologies at license block Vranino-1 in Dobrudzha.

Society » Environment | September 9, 2014, Tuesday // 16:02 | Viewed: 1492

Yellow Code Warning Remains in Force on Saturday for 7 Bulgarian Districts

Bulgaria's Chief Directorate Fire Safety and Civil Protection has recommended the implementation of additional preventive measures in areas with intense rainfalls, Friday.

Society » Environment | September 5, 2014, Friday // 19:24 | Viewed: 1248

Bulgaria's Caretaker Environment Minister Bans Construction near Koral Camping

Bulgarian caretaker Environment Minister Svetlana Zhekova has banned construction and installation works in the region of camping site Koral.

Society » Environment | September 4, 2014, Thursday // 17:11 | Viewed: 792

Torrential Rains Cause Floods Throughout Bulgaria

Heavy rains have flooded parts of Bulgaria on Wednesday night, local media outlets report.

Society » Environment | September 4, 2014, Thursday // 11:46 | Viewed: 997

Thunderstorms, Heavy Rains Hit Balkan States in Early September

Torrential rains and gale force winds, thunderstorms and in some places hail, have hit the Balkans in the beginning of September, local media outlets reported, Tuesday.

Society » Environment | September 2, 2014, Tuesday // 17:49 | Viewed: 1419