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Bulgarian TPP Carries Highest Pollution Cost in Europe

The Maritsa Iztok-2 Thermal Power Plant (TPP) is topping by far a European list of the continent's most pollutive industrial facilities, a report published Tuesday shows.

Society » Environment | November 25, 2014, Tuesday // 19:29 | Viewed: 754

US Braces for New Heavy Snowfall after Storm Leaves Seven Dead

Over a meter of snow could fall in the area of Buffalo in the north-west of New York, meteorologists say.

Society » Environment | November 20, 2014, Thursday // 08:03 | Viewed: 752

7 Bulgarian Districts under Code Orange Weather Alert over Heavy Rain

The National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has issued code orange weather alert over heavy rain and thunder for the districts of Targovishte, Razgrad, Shumen, Silistra, Burgas, Yambol, and Sliven.

Society » Environment | November 19, 2014, Wednesday // 07:33 | Viewed: 1022

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry Warns Of Rising Water Levels In Rivers

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry warns of expected rise of water levels in the rivers, reports Dnevnik.

Society » Environment | November 18, 2014, Tuesday // 13:24 | Viewed: 853

EU’s Finance Ministers to Approve Flood Aid of EUR 10 M for Bulgaria

The EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs Council is expected to approve the proposal of the European Commission for granting Bulgaria EUR 10 million in aid for flood damage.

Society » Environment | November 14, 2014, Friday // 16:56 | Viewed: 1140

Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains Become Part Of Rewilding Europe Initiative

Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountaines became the seventh area, part of the Rewilding Europe initiative.

Society » Environment | November 13, 2014, Thursday // 16:58 | Viewed: 2078

Bulgaria’s Environment Minister: Shale Gas Moratorium Will Remain in Place

Bulgaria’s new Environment Minister, Ivelina Vasileva, has vowed to keep the 2012 moratorium on the exploration and production of shale gas through hydraulic fracturing.

Society » Environment | November 9, 2014, Sunday // 12:34 | Viewed: 1281

Code Red Issued over Rains in Regions near Bulgaria-Greece Border

Rains and high waters of rivers expected in the south of Bulgaria and the north of Greece have prompted the Environment Ministry in Sofia to issue a warning for Saturday.

Society » Environment | November 8, 2014, Saturday // 14:05 | Viewed: 1469

Flood Damage in Bulgaria’s Burgas Estimated at BGN 13 M

Burgas District Governor Pavel Marinov has informed that a total of over BGN 13 M is necessary to cover flood damage in the region.

Society » Environment | November 7, 2014, Friday // 16:20 | Viewed: 1087

2014 Is Most Disastrous In Bulgaria - Statistics

This year is the most disastrous in Bulgaria in modern times, reports the bTV national channel.

Society » Environment | November 2, 2014, Sunday // 13:09 | Viewed: 2181

EU Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dropped by Almost 2% in 2013

According to latest estimates, EU greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 fell by 1.

Society » Environment | October 28, 2014, Tuesday // 19:45 | Viewed: 1477

Thousands Suffer Power Cuts, Blackouts After Bulgaria's First Snow

Nearly 13 000 households are still without electricity in Bulgaria's north-east and another 10 000 experience disruptions in its north-central regions after the first snow for 2014 fell on Saturday.

Society » Environment | October 27, 2014, Monday // 19:24 | Viewed: 2279

Bulgaria’s Burgas Calls Off State of Emergency after Weekend of Heavy Rain

The Mayor of Burgas signed an ordinance Monday to lift the state of emergency in the city after a weekend of heavy rain.

Society » Environment | October 27, 2014, Monday // 10:39 | Viewed: 1601

Heavy Snow, Rain Cause Chaos Throughout Bulgaria

Code Red warning for heavy rain was declared in three Bulgarian districts - Smolyan, Kardzhali and Haskovo, Saturday.

Society » Environment | October 25, 2014, Saturday // 13:39 | Viewed: 5712

Code Orange Issued in 17 Bulgarian Districts Over First Snow

The first snow has fallen in the western and northern parts of Bulgaria overnight.

Society » Environment | October 25, 2014, Saturday // 10:55 | Viewed: 2862

Bulgaria's Osam, Vit Rivers Water Levels Increasing Due to Heavy Rains

The water level of the river Osam in the north-central Bulgarian city of Lovech has increased by 1 meter in the last day after the pouring rains that hit the region.

Society » Environment | October 24, 2014, Friday // 16:20 | Viewed: 1180

7 Districts under Code Orange Weather Alert for Heavy Rain, Strong Wind

A code orange weather alert for heavy rain and strong wind has been issued for 7 Bulgarian districts, including Blagoevgrad, Smolyan, Kardzhali, Haskovo, Lovech, Gabrovo and Veliko Tarnovo.

Society » Environment | October 23, 2014, Thursday // 08:10 | Viewed: 1427

Code Orange Issued in Seven Bulgarian Districts Over Heavy Rains, Wind

Code Orange warning for potentially dangerous weather has been issued in seven Bulgarian districts on Wednesday over rains and strong winds.

Society » Environment | October 22, 2014, Wednesday // 16:42 | Viewed: 1327

Code Red For High River Waters In Western, Central Bulgaria Issued

Bulgaria's Environment Ministry warns of expected heavy rains and high waters in western and central Bulgaria, code red is issued for Varbitsa river in the Rhodope Mountains, reports bTV.

Society » Environment | October 22, 2014, Wednesday // 07:48 | Viewed: 1151

Environment Ministry Warns of Heavy Downpours Throughout Bulgaria

Bulgarian Ministry of Environment and Water has warned of heavy rains throughout the country at the end of the week.

Society » Environment | October 21, 2014, Tuesday // 18:26 | Viewed: 1301

London Heathrow Cancels 10% of Flights over Hurricane Gonzalo

London Heathrow airport has cut about 10% of incoming and outgoing flights with the 20 biggest carriers on Tuesday as the tail-end of hurricane Conzalo slammed into Britain.

Society » Environment | October 21, 2014, Tuesday // 13:12 | Viewed: 1070