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Bird Flu Caused Death of Pelicans in Bulgaria's Srebarna Reserve

Bird flu was identified as the cause of death of the 21 pelicans, which were found dead in Bulgaria's Srebarna nature reserve on Tuesday.

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Chile Floods Leave 200 Bulgarians Stranded

About 200 Bulgarians assisting in the construction of a photovoltaic power system are currently affected by the torrential rains hitting Chile in the last few days.

Society » Environment | March 26, 2015, Thursday // 09:03 | Viewed: 577

21 Pelicans Found Dead at Bulgaria's Srebarna Nature Reserve

The bodies of 21 pelicans were found in the Srebarna nature reserve in northeastern Bulgaria on Tuesday.

Society » Environment | March 24, 2015, Tuesday // 17:55 | Viewed: 867

Small 2.9-Magnitude Earthquake Hits Southern Bulgaria

An earthquake measuring 2.

Society » Environment | March 24, 2015, Tuesday // 08:00 | Viewed: 653

2.8-Magnitude Earthquake Registered near Bulgaria’s Samokov

A 2.8-magnitude earthquake was registered in western Bulgaria Thursday evening, according to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC).

Society » Environment | March 19, 2015, Thursday // 20:19 | Viewed: 778

BGN 500 M Needed for Landslide Prevention in Bulgaria

Deputy Minister of the Regional Development Nikolay Nankov announced Thursday that the dangerous landslides in Bulgaria are currently 1159.

Society » Environment | March 19, 2015, Thursday // 09:17 | Viewed: 769

Threat of New Landslides in Bulgaria's Rhodope Mountains

A landslide consisting of approximately 80 cubic meters of earth mass has been activated over the past night at the verge of the Smolyan neighborhood Ustovo.

Society » Environment | March 17, 2015, Tuesday // 09:38 | Viewed: 1455

Meteorite Falls in Central Bulgaria

A meteorite has landed in the Sredna Gora mountain near the town of Sopot, in Central Bulgaria.

Society » Environment | March 16, 2015, Monday // 11:15 | Viewed: 2173

Hundreds of Bulgarian Villages Left Paralyzed by Snow, but Conditions Improving

The situation following days of heavy snowfall across Bulgaria is improving, though river levels remain high, the country's Environment Minister Ivelina Vasileva has said.

Society » Environment | March 12, 2015, Thursday // 12:02 | Viewed: 1677

Weather Conditions in Bulgaria Remain Harsh

The regions of Smolyan and Kardzhali, as well as the municipalities of Ivaylovgrad Laki, Batak, Sarnitsa, Velingrad, Haskovo and Galabovo remain in a state of emergency over the heavy rains and snowstorms in Bulgaria.

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Director of Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency in Kardzhali Fired

The direction of the state agency to the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in Kardzhali has a new director starting Tuesday.

Society » Environment | March 10, 2015, Tuesday // 13:33 | Viewed: 1107

Five Bulgarian Municipalities Remain in State of Emergency after Snowstorms

Hundreds of towns in southern Bulgaria remain without elеctricity supplies and with severe problems in the road infrastructure after the prolific snowfalls.

Society » Environment | March 10, 2015, Tuesday // 09:40 | Viewed: 3074

Four More Bulgarian Municipalities Issue State of Emergency

The municipalities of Galabovo, Batak, Mineralni Bani and Yakoruda have issued a state of emergency Monday.

Society » Environment | March 9, 2015, Monday // 14:30 | Viewed: 1428

Bulgaria's Snowstorms Leave Regions Isolated and Without Electricity

Monday is the third consecutive day with continuing state of emergency in Bulgaria after the prolific snowfalls.

Society » Environment | March 9, 2015, Monday // 09:45 | Viewed: 1864

Heavy Snowfall Blocks Roads, Cuts power in Southern Bulgaria

Power supply to more than 800 locations in southern Bulgaria has been disrupted as of Sunday evening due to heavy snowfall now in its third day.

Society » Environment | March 8, 2015, Sunday // 21:51 | Viewed: 2205

Snowstorms Claim Man's Life in Bosnia

Heavy snow which has left parts of Southeast Europe paralyzed took on Friday the life of a 53-year-old man buried by a landslide in the central part of the country.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 14:17 | Viewed: 1265

Za Zemiata's DIY Contest Awards 19 Green Ideas with Micro Finance

A total of nineteen project applications have been approved for funding in the Do-It-Yourself Contest 2015 organized by Za Zemiata, a non-profit environmental organization.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 13:39 | Viewed: 1628

Emergency in Bulgaria's South as Snow Cuts Power, Sticks on Roads

A state of emergency has been declared due to the heavy snowfall in the municipality of Rudozem, in Smolyan region in Bulgaria's south.

Society » Environment | March 7, 2015, Saturday // 10:36 | Viewed: 2486

Code Red Issued in Southern Bulgaria over Snow, Gale-Force Winds

A code red warning has been issued for Friday in two municipalities in the south of Bulgaria, the national meteorology institute has announced.

Society » Environment | March 5, 2015, Thursday // 17:07 | Viewed: 4084

US to Monitor Air Quality Around Its Embassies

The US has decided on monitoring air quality around US embassies across the world.

Society » Environment | February 24, 2015, Tuesday // 09:38 | Viewed: 1848

Bulgaria's Brankovtsi Protests Against Illegal Felling

People living in the village of Brankovtsi near Vidin protested Friday against the illegal deforestation in the vicinity.

Society » Environment | February 20, 2015, Friday // 14:07 | Viewed: 1281