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Bulgaria Govt Launching Validity Check for Drivers' Licenses

The Bulgarian government has said it is starting checks of driving licenses that could be "subject to manipulation".

Politics » Domestic | April 1, 2016, Friday // 14:10 | Viewed: 5592

Bulgaria Govt Endorses Spending of BGN 20.5 M for Disaster Management

Bulgaria’s government on Wednesday approved additional spending of BGN 20.5 M (EUR 10.5 M) to back activities for dealing with natural disasters.

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'Six Vying' to Head Bulgarian Socialist Party on Sunday

As many as six candidates will run to take over the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the second-largest party in the country, local media report.

Politics » Domestic | May 4, 2016, Wednesday // 11:20 | Viewed: 644

Bulgaria's Peevski 'Sold 3 Offshore Companies'

Controversial lawmaker and alleged media mogul Delyan Peevski has said he has renounced three of his offshore companies.

Politics » Domestic | May 4, 2016, Wednesday // 10:33 | Viewed: 806

Bulgarian Nationalist Leader Tells Expats to Stop Badgering

A row emerged on Tuesday between Valeri Simeonov, the co-chair of nationalist Patriotic Front coalition, and a representative of Bulgarians abroad over Electoral Code amendments.

Politics » Domestic | May 4, 2016, Wednesday // 09:00 | Viewed: 1063

Bulgarian Businessman Tables Fuel Prices Referendum

A Varna-based delivered on Tuesday some 100 000 additional signatures in an effort to make his 5-point referendum compulsory.

Politics » Domestic | May 4, 2016, Wednesday // 08:16 | Viewed: 1075

Proposal to Ban Face-Covering Veils Also Tabled in Bulgaria's Plovdiv

A ban on the use of veils covering most of the face is also to be considered in Plovdiv, Bulgaria's second largest city.

Politics » Domestic | May 3, 2016, Tuesday // 08:47 | Viewed: 1689

Election Rules: Bulgaria President to Decide on Veto in Days

Bulgarian President Rosen Plevneliev on Monday said he is to announce within days whether or not he will veto the most recent changes to the country's Electoral Code.

Politics » Domestic | May 3, 2016, Tuesday // 07:57 | Viewed: 1389

Bulgaria's Socialist Leader Lashes Out at 1-Day Contracts

One-day contracts introduced for agricultural work contravene labor legislation, the head of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) said on Sunday.

Politics » Domestic | May 1, 2016, Sunday // 16:57 | Viewed: 1873

Author of Cartoons Taken Off Bulgaria TV Station Joins Slavi's Show

Chavdar Nikolov, a cartoonist whose contract with private NOVA TV station was terminated and his video cartoon of Bulgaria's Prime Minister removed, has signed with Slavi's Show, one of the most watched evening talkshows in the country.

Politics » Domestic | May 1, 2016, Sunday // 12:23 | Viewed: 1952

Bulgarian PM Slightly Lifts Veil On GERB’s Presidential Candidate

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov slightly lifted the veil on his party’s candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections which are scheduled to take place in the autumn.

Politics » Domestic | April 29, 2016, Friday // 12:40 | Viewed: 2314

For First Time Woman Will Head Bulgaria's Penitentiary System

For the first time a woman will head the Bulgarian penitentiary system.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 21:48 | Viewed: 2045

Bulgaria's Stara Zagora Also Bans Wearing of Face-Covering Veils in Public Places

The municipal council of the Bulgarian city of Stara Zagora banned on Thursday the wearing of accessories concealing the face and hampering recognition in public places.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 18:00 | Viewed: 2898

Bulgarian MPs Keep Provision Allowing Simultaneous Holding of Referendums, Elections

The Bulgarian parliament reversed its decision on one of the amendments to the Electoral Code it had adopted last week, which stipulated that referendums and elections should not be held simultaneously.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 17:06 | Viewed: 1767

Electoral Code: Bulgaria Eases Restrictions on Polling Stations Abroad

Bulgarian lawmakers have backtracked on a blanket ban on opening polling stations outside of Bulgaria's diplomatic missions to other countries.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 15:21 | Viewed: 1805

Bulgaria to Test Online Voting in 2018

Remote online voting will have its first experimental introduction starting 2018, Bulgarian lawmakers decided on Wednesday.

Politics » Domestic | April 28, 2016, Thursday // 09:46 | Viewed: 1704

Bulgaria’s Pazardzhik Bans Wearing Full-Face Veils in Public Places

Pazardzhik became the first Bulgarian city to ban the wearing of veils covering the face in public places, BNR public radio broadcaster reported on Wednesday.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 20:29 | Viewed: 3177

Bulgaria's Govt Enables Granting of Statelessness Status

The Bulgarian government has approved draft amendments introducing a status of statelessness in the legislation.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 13:07 | Viewed: 1803

Bulgarian MPs Appoints New Members of Media Watchdog

Two members of the Council for Electronic Media (CEM), the broadcast media watchdog of Bulgaria, have been elected by Parliament, local media report.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 12:31 | Viewed: 1472

Bulgaria's Parliament OKs Resignation of MP over Public Tender Row

Lawmakers overwhelmingly backed the move of their colleague Irena Kotseva to leave Parliament after her name was involved in a public tender scandal.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 11:54 | Viewed: 1676

Man Detained in Protest over Bulgaria Election Rules

The Bulgarian Interior Ministry has confirmed that a man was arrested on Tuesday evening as a demonstration was ongoing against proposed amendments to the Electoral Code.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 09:05 | Viewed: 1801

Bulgaria's GERB Warns Compulsory Voting Will Be Challenged by Top Court

The governing coalition of Bulgaria must prepare for a challenge to the recent introduction fo compulsory voting from the Constitutional Court, Parliament Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva said on Tuesday.

Politics » Domestic | April 27, 2016, Wednesday // 08:52 | Viewed: 1615