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Bulgaria Is Becoming All-Inclusive Destination

Bulgaria is moving strongly in the direction of becoming an all-inclusive destination, stated Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova to Darik radio.

Business » Tourism | September 17, 2016, Saturday // 15:34 | Viewed: 6717

Hoteliers Obliged To Maintain Tourist Register

The Bulgarian Parliament has made it mandatory for all hoteliers to have a register of tourists.

Business » Tourism | September 14, 2016, Wednesday // 19:12 | Viewed: 4136

Tourism Minister Declares 2016 Most Successful Year in Last 25 Years

2016 is expected to be the most successful year for the tourism industry in the last 25 years, announced in Plovdiv Tourism Minister, Nikolina Angelkova.

Business » Tourism | September 10, 2016, Saturday // 12:12 | Viewed: 5688

Competition for New Tourism Logo for Bulgaria To Be Announced

Minister Nikolina Angelkova announced to journalists that she will reveal details about the new competition for a tourism logo for Bulgaria in two weeks when the new appraisal methodology will be ready.

Business » Tourism | September 7, 2016, Wednesday // 19:01 | Viewed: 6171

Plovdiv To Receive Most Prestigious World Award for Tourism

As of today until September 11, Plovdiv will host one of the most prestigious events in the tourism sphere – the annual awards of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers – FIJET.

Business » Tourism | September 7, 2016, Wednesday // 17:59 | Viewed: 85415

Visits to Bulgaria Up 14.7% Y/Y in July

The numbers of arrivals from abroad to Bulgaria increased in July compared to the same month of last year, national statistics show.

Business » Tourism | August 29, 2016, Monday // 13:34 | Viewed: 7569

Thosands of Passengers will Spend the Night at Vienna Airport

All flights to and from the airport in Vienna have been cancelled, the Bulgarian National Television reported.

Business » Tourism | August 28, 2016, Sunday // 20:47 | Viewed: 8644

Russia Certifies Ural, Yamal to Fly to Bulgaria’s Burgas, Plovdiv from Moscow’s Zhukovsky Airport

Two Russian airlines have been certified for regular flights to two Bulgarian cities from Zhukovsky Airport near Moscow, the Federal Air Transport Agency in Moscow has said.

Business » Tourism | August 22, 2016, Monday // 19:59 | Viewed: 2871

Tourist Trips by Bulgarian Residents Increase 10% Y/Y in Q2 2016

The number of Bulgarian citizens making tourist trips increased by 10.3% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2016, reaching 909,100 people, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) announced on Monday.

Business » Tourism | August 22, 2016, Monday // 11:37 | Viewed: 9688

Bulgaria’s Revenue from Hotel Overnights Up 29% Y/Y in June 2016

Bulgaria’s revenue from overnights at hotels, motels and other short-term accommodation facilities increased by 28.

Business » Tourism | August 10, 2016, Wednesday // 15:53 | Viewed: 2208

Tax Officials Find Skyrocketing Revenues at Bulgaria's Black Sea Resorts

Turnover of the tourism industry in Bulgaria's Black Sea resorts has been at a historic high for a second month in a row, tax authorities say.

Business » Tourism | August 3, 2016, Wednesday // 17:47 | Viewed: 4179

Bulgaria Going Through Best Tourism Year Since 1998

The number of tourists to Bulgaria was 15% bigger between January and June compared to the same period of last year, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova announced.

Business » Tourism | July 31, 2016, Sunday // 13:18 | Viewed: 17308

Daily Mail: Thomas Cook Says Bulgaria, Cuba Emerge as ‘New Hotspots' for British Tourists

Britain’s largest tour operator Thomas Cook believes that Bulgaria and Cuba are set to become the two new hotspots for UK holidaymakers following the recent terror attacks in Europe, the Daily Mail has reported.

Business » Tourism | July 30, 2016, Saturday // 10:49 | Viewed: 5018

Trips of Bulgarians Abroad Rise 21% Y/Y in June

The number of trips of Bulgarian residents abroad increased by 20.7% year-on-year last month, reaching 565,200, the country’s statistical office NSI announced on Wednesday.

Business » Tourism | July 27, 2016, Wednesday // 18:51 | Viewed: 12594

Bulgaria Expects 10% Rise in Tourist Numbers in Summer 2016

The number of tourists visiting  Bulgaria in summer is expected to increase by 10% this year, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova has said.

Business » Tourism | July 24, 2016, Sunday // 11:20 | Viewed: 3097

Number of Turkish Tourists to Bulgaria Rising

The number of visitors from Turkey has been growing since the beginning of the winter season, Tourism Minister Nikolina Angelkova estimated on Sunday.

Business » Tourism | July 18, 2016, Monday // 07:41 | Viewed: 12915

Bulgarian Resorts to Start Hiring Seasonal Workers from Abroad

One of the proposals made by the newly established tourism council is to start immediately hiring seasonal workers from abroad in order to improve the quality of service offered in Bulgaria’s summer and winter resorts.

Business » Tourism | July 10, 2016, Sunday // 12:58 | Viewed: 13841

Nearly Two Million Foreign Tourists Visited Bulgaria in Jan-May 2016

Nearly two million foreign tourists visited Bulgaria in the first five months of this year, which represented an increase of nearly 14 % compared to the same period in 2015.

Business » Tourism | July 7, 2016, Thursday // 17:41 | Viewed: 12651

Bulgaria Reports Congestion at Crossings on Border with Greece  

A line of motor vehicles as long as three kilometers formed at Bulgaria’s Kulata border crossing as traffic from Bulgaria to Greece increased, the Interior Ministry in Sofia announced on Saturday.

Business » Tourism | July 2, 2016, Saturday // 14:54 | Viewed: 3313

Authorities Begin Large-Scale Tax Inspections Along Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast

Starting from Friday, Bulgarian authorities begin large-scale tax inspections along the Black Sea coast.

Business » Tourism | July 1, 2016, Friday // 11:06 | Viewed: 2903

Bulgaria Calls for Extra Vigilance in Travel to Turkey

Bulgarian citizens wishing to visit Istanbul must exercise increased caution and strictly follow the orders of security officers in case of crisis situation, the foreign ministry said on Thursday in the wake of the deadly terror attack at Istanbul’s Atatu

Business » Tourism | June 30, 2016, Thursday // 22:15 | Viewed: 12014